Tips For Happy Married Life

Tips And Advice For Happy Married Life. A happy married life constitutes of those who love each other significantly and square measure committed to conveyance out the most effective in one another. A good wedding conjointly has an surroundings of positive energy, wherever feeling and appreciation for every different square measure freely flowing.

Remember that listening and hearing are not the same things. Listening involves our hearts. Open yours, hear what she says, look at her while she speaks, paraphrase even, and reassure. Listening is the real key to a happy marriage, for that matter, to every relationship.

For parents, marrying their son or daughter at the right age is one of the biggest responsibilities in their life. As soon as kids start to grow and reach at marriageable age, parents tirelessly start to search “the best suitable” match.

Useful Tips For a Happy Married Life…

Say I Love You Daily. It’s Just Simple

It can be very difficult to say I love you when you have had an argument with your loved one. By saying these magical words everyday, if the occasion arises and you are upset, things soon change when you must say I love you to them. Before you know it you are on loving terms again.

  • Do not tell the difference between husband and wife, unless the problem is bigger.
  • If ever there is a fight between you, do not delay in celebrating your partner without obeying and if your partner is celebrating you then leave the anger and accept it.

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  • Do not discuss any of the intimate moments between each other.
  • Do not fall in the dilemma of the show, because the splash can satisfy Ego, but can raise other problems.
  • Give proper freedom to your partner, do not try to shape his life accordingly.
  • Accept the same as your life partner, just like that. Yes, both of you can do this to make sure that some of your bad habits can be left for the happiness of your marriage.
  • Do not quarrel in front of anyone else or insult each other in front of someone else.
  • Make each other special feel. Surprise each other and give gifts from time to time.

No one is perfect, including yourself. If me messes up and forgets your birthday or any other occasion, let him know that you are hurt and upset, but give him room to make it up to you next year. This will make your relationship stronger.

How To Live a Happy Marriage Life

  • Do not quarrel by saying negative things about maternal or in-laws.
  • Take time out for each other in a runaway life too.
  • Do not be possessive towards your life partner. Let it take time out for others too.
  • Do not compare your spouse with someone else’s spouse
  • It takes a few months and many years to adjust to a new person. So if you are having difficulty in relationship, then be patient.
  • Both make decisions together. Do not impose a one-sided decision on the front.
  • Exit the Dream Life or Dream Life partner’s happiness. Because life is different from dreams.
  • Make the bedroom Stress free Zone where love is only love.
  • Be loyal to each other, do not have any affection for any other.
  • Help each other’s work.
  • Spend time in solitude with each other in a week or a month. Go to Long Drive Go somewhere to roam.
  • Make fun of each other.
  • Do not doubt your life partner inadvertently.
  • Asking for forgiveness does not make anybody short and forgiveness is good for the relationship.

Tips for Marriage & Happy Married Life

Marriages are made in heaven” and it can’t be truer than this. A marriage, undoubtedly, is a very special bond that not only the bride and groom but even their families share for a lifetime.

Touch your partner at mealtime

When you’re eating dinner together, make it a point to touch your partner. You might touch their hand or arm, or your legs might touch.

  • Appreciate one another and always remember those stunning days you spent along.
  • Love respect and create surprises.
  • Make quality time for every alternative.
  • Never hide one thing. you do not need him to cover you!
  • Maintain a balance with alternative relationships.
  • Don’t tell him/her concerning past relationships. it’s possible to upset them.
  • Love, respect and courtesy ar basic ingredients of happy married life.
  • Be honest and show sincere appreciation.
  • Understand one another.
  • Share everything…no secrets between you. Be open along with your spouse equivalent. If you’re feeling that one thing isn’t right otherwise you disagree tell your spouse equivalent no matter you’re feeling.

A happy married life doesn’t just happen. It takes time and dedication to achieve. So, try these tips for a happy married Life.

Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

There isn’t a wonder why single people are more successful and healthy in the long run but Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones. Today we have brought some facts that actually are proven in terms of science that a long and healthy life is the key to being single.

We have brought Facts about why single people are happier than committed ones. These facts of why single people are happier than committed ones will blow your mind and surely will give you enough of the reasons to be single soon.

No Formality, No Guilt and No Judgement.

While it is always so difficult to maintain a standard and have good etiquette to be with someone who admires you, another freedom is to be single and live life just the way we want. That means we don’t have to act like the way the other person wishes us to be but being truly real with ourselves.

Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones – FACTS

Either Groom or Don’t.

Now it is all upon us to either get waxed for the weekend or just to stay in pyjamas all Saturday because we are however going to spend the day with our own self. I have seen people getting slouchy for a weekend in PJs with a packet of chips and some apple juice watching NETFLIX all the fu*king time. Aaah! That’s relaxing.

The Bed is YOURS.

Well, I find it quite relaxing to have a bed of my own without a hassle of sharing it with someone. You are all free to lay down in the middle of the big damn bed with all your space.

Be a Homemaker or don’t be.

It’s all upon you to either do laundry or clean home because you are free to live the way you want. No Double standards-The End. Simple Reason Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones.

Wear it or Not.

Now you are all free to be in your inners all day without the stress of someone watching you. It’s totally relaxing out of this way to be in your pair of lingerie and do some work with a glass of wine.

No Dramas and No Fights.

You don’t have to stoop down to the mellow drama and act as if you care. To be honest, I don’t. There isn’t a better thing than being stress-free and drama-free from the terrible dialogues gets encountered with.

Shopping for yourself and No one else.

Here you are totally free to shop for your own self than of your other part. You can go on a journey or buy as much as clothes as you wish to. No Boundations are Given.

Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

Dating without Guilt.

Now you can go on as many dates as you want without feeling guilty because life is a rollercoaster and dates are a part of it. It’s all a part of adulthood and some emotions if you are yet left with any.

No Link? No Problem.

Because we are super carefree to be with someone who is also carefree. Got that? Neah? Me too. It’s all about your own self without hesitating.

Live the Life as You Want.

You are all free to live life as you want to without the judgment, comments, and remarks of someone. I know I am awesome and you are NOT needed. There’s no saving money for Valentine’s Day because there are more important things like Doughnuts and KFC. Yes, I love myself.

There isn’t a doubt of how much compassion we SINGLE give to ourselves. We groom, become confident, shop and are who we want to be. There isn’t faking or being untrue with our own selves. It is all you have to be to your fullest potential.

”If you are not happy being single, you will never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life first, then share it.”

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Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians

Meeting In-laws for the First Time can be nerve-wracking. When it comes to meeting in-laws for the first time it’s like a very risky job. As people say, you just don’t marry a person, but you marry their whole family.

The situation gets worse with each of these points when Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians:

  • You are Indian. The in-laws are Indian.
  • You are a non-vegetarian. The in-laws are vegetarians.
  • You think yourself as the right mix of modern and traditional. The in-laws think they are moderately traditional.
  • You agree to meet them alone. And the in-laws come as a family.
  • Finally, the icing on the cake and the cherry on top is that the boy chose you. And not the in-laws.

My situation included all the above.  And to top it all, he was not with me to signal when I was digging my grave or to just hold my hands.

This post is to share the wisdom I gained from meeting the in-laws for the first time and messing it up in every possible way.

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians.?
Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for the bride-to-be:

  • Don’t seek advice from your boy. Unless he has taken at least ten girls home saying she is the girl he wants to marry. He has your best interest at heart, yes. But poor thing.. he is so much in love with you that he can’t think straight. So let him be and use your judgement.
  • Wear a saree. Don’t even think about it twice. You want to impress Indian parents? Just wear a saree. And guess what… you will look your most beautiful self in a saree.  What more can you ask for? 
  • Don’t talk much. When you talk too much and you are a blabber-mouth like me, then you will end up saying things you will regret later. Too much information is always bad. 
  • Smile a LOT. I know you will be unbelievably nervous. But tell yourself to smile more. Pleasant smile. Not this ridiculous ha-ha-ha laughter. That will just scare them away. You wouldn’t want to do that. Be the coy bride-to-be.

I did all the above mentioned things exactly opposite and it did show all possible effects. But then, they are sweet and generous and SD was patiently adamant about me (he already regrets it). So it all worked out good!

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time.? Compliments Make Thing Easy

Who also doesn’t just like compliments? Ensure you compliment his or her mother adequate, as they say mums and daughter-in-laws need to get alongside. His daddy could be previously charmed simply by you since he feels you’re sufficient to have produced his child settle down. May go overboard with all the compliments. Folks, through their particular experience, realize enough concerning fake flattery. So , a couple of genuine kind comments should do the key.

So in case you are going to meet your fiance’s parents for the first time… best of luck to you! May it take only a look for them to fall in love with you! 

@ Feminists: Please don’t be mad at us. We are just being practical here.

Long Distance Relationship Secrets For Couples

So This Post Is For Those Couples Who Are in Long Distance Relationship. Here Are Some Of Best Long Distance Relationship Secrets For Couples

  • You have problems?
  • You are depressed?
  • You are elated?

Talk to Him. Tell Him. Share it With Him. 

Do it over the phone. Do it over the internet. Or do it the good-old way using hand-written letters. If you have do not share enough with each other, then you are digging a grave for your relationship. It need not be 24×7 constant talking/chatting. It can just be one hour or thirty minutes each day. But fill it with all the love in the world and tell him everything you want to tell. And listen to everything he has to say. Sharing has to be two way. If you do all the talking and he doesn’t tell you a thing, then it means something is wrong.

Set a time when you will both sit down in front of a webcam to have dinner, chat, and watch a movie together.

Long Distance Relationship Secrets For Couples

Have Long Distance “date nights.”

Set a time when you will both sit down in front of a webcam to have dinner, chat, and watch a movie together. It’s a simple, but effective way to connect. And if you want to turn up the heat, incorporate any of the other sexy surprises already suggested in this list into your nightcap!

Try To Quit Whining.

Right now. Even when you are in a normal relationship, whining can get very very irritating. At least the boy can distract you with make-outs. In a long-distance relationship, he can’t do that too. He just has to listen to you. And if you go on whining about how he never gives you time, about how busy he is always, about why you think he doesn’t love you anymore like he used to… you will not have to go through the pains of long-distance relationships anymore. In fact, you will not have to go through the pains of a relationship. Do you get it? Whining is a deal-breaker.

Don’t Go to Bed Without Resolving a Fight or An Argument.

It’s sad to go to bed knowing that you’re both hurting just because no one is strong enough to admit their own mistakes. Don’t let your pride or your ego decide what will happen to your relationship. Sure, you can always sleep it off and just face the problem the next day, but how do you think will it affect your relationship in the long run?

Always Be Intelligent.

Even when you do not talk all the time, you should know his schedule/routine. You should be able to understand when he is in the office, when is at home and when he is out with friends. Someone tells me that many of his friends who are long-distance relationships two-time easily. There can be only two reasons why this happens… either the other one in the couple is dumb or naïve. Or the other one in the couple is also happily two-timing that he/she doesn’t care.

More Long Distance Relationship Secrets For Couples

Talk Dirty With Each Other.

Sexual tension is undoubtedly one of the most important things between couples. Sexual desire is like a glue that keeps both parties from drifting apart. Not only is sex a biological need, it is an emotional one as well.
Keep the flames burning by sending each other teasing texts filled with sexual innuendos and provocative descriptions. Sexy puns work pretty well too.

Develop a Shared Action and Do it Aside.

A great way to create a strong feeling of love and working towards something together is to find something that you both enjoy and do it together and sometimes apart. This could be anything from reading a book or watching a new film or something which you both want to try.

Very few people are okay with being in an LDR forever. If you’re one of those people—great. If not, think about how long you’re willing to do the long-distance thing.

Long Distance Relationship Secrets For Couples

Trust Blindly and Follow Your Instinct.

This is a magical combination is long-distance relationships. You are not there with him. You have to go by what he is saying. So trust him with all your heart. But when your instinct says something is going wrong, then immediately act on it. Do not ignore your instinct and continue trusting. If you do… then you are unintentionally watching the ship sink and not running for a life-boat. That is pretty stupid, isn’t it?

Keep the Boy Happy. 

You do know how much physical stuff matters for boys, don’t you? It is said that he is away with no action. To compensate in every way you can. Send photos, lots of it. And no, it is not your face that they want to look at always. Do crazy stuff in video chats. Keep showing him what is waiting. Keep showing him what is his.

Sometimes, Your Partner Doesn’t Need a Lover But a Friend.

Sometimes, they just need someone to listen and be their friend especially when things are not going their way. Be there as a listener and as a supportive best friend. Let them know that they are not alone and that you’ll always be there for them when times get tough.

Try To Send Gifts.

Irrespective of the distance, send gifts for him. If the courier charge is high, then save up and send. It matters. You are not there. But when your gift reaches him, he will feel your presence.

Like a couple, to get love in existence while residing in different towns or nations isn’t simple. But it is possible to make a long-distance relationship function.

Long Distance Relationship Secrets For Couples

Don’t be sad that is a long-distance relationship. A relationship is what you make of it. It can be delightful if you put in a lot of effort. Nothing good ever comes easy. The long-distance relationship is no exception. Love with all your heart and cherish him with all your being. If this is the real deal, then you are going to be with each other forever. So be happy!

Easy Ways to Solve Your Family Problems

Every family is unique but one thing is common, that is family conflicts or you can say family problems. The family issues may break you. But, handling them is not as hard as it may seem. You may face the problem due to finances, misunderstanding, competition, and disagreement about thoughts or any other reason.

Sometime, some issue might crop up from somewhere out too. Let it be the issue with your spouse, parents, children, in-laws or any other relatives.

Practical and Effective Ways to Solve Your Family Problems

You can view the family problems and solve them in step by step process, nothing is impossible. But remember, it is family, so add the element of love as you resolve.

Easy Ways to Solve Your Family Problems

Analyse First

As the issue crops up, just keep calm and put your thinking caps on. First, think why the issue came into existence. This is very important step because you are finding the root cause.

Life is too short to waste time bogged down with negativity towards the people you love.

Easy Ways to Solve Your Family Problems

Always Try Talk to The Rest of The Family

Explain to other trusted family members what your intentions are. If you’ve followed the rest of the steps and changed your perspective on the situation, let them know.

Easy Ways to Solve Your Family Problems

Explain them that your only goal is to make things better. This is especially important if your family can be gossipy and tends to take sides. If you communicate your intentions genuinely, this may help them stop from being a bit vindictive and make them adopt your peaceful goal as well.

Accept everyone’s faults, including your own

Understanding that family members have faults, but you can still love them, is the first step toward addressing family problems. Try to understand why they might act or think the way they do, as it can be a reflection of themselves rather than you.

Accept your own faults, too. Always accept blame when you deserve it. Try not to see family issues as all or nothing equations where someone is wrong and someone else (perhaps you) is right.

Place the Problem Before Your Child

Once you have identified a recurrent problematic situation and made some effort to understand its causes, the next step is to place the problem before your child. Say, for example, “We have a problem in the morning, when it’s time to get ready, and I often end up yelling at you,” or “I think we have a shower problem,” or “A lot of times, we have a problem when I tell you that it is time to turn off the television.”

Understand Things With Calm

You can’t think of a solution in the swift moment. So take some time to understand the issue completely. Understanding is tough, but as you do it planning is easier. Most of the time, the problems become great due to the less understanding, so be carefull.

Avoid assuming things without prior analysis. Most relationships become hard due to the assumptions held without proper understanding. Understanding is not hard as you know the person well and is related to you emotionally for long.

Pro Tips to Solve Your Family Problems

  • Wait until you’re not angry to discuss this problem.
  • Family problems can be very painful, especially around family-centered times, like holidays.
  • If your family members are arguing, waiting until everyone is calm can help keep the argument from escalating into a full-blown feud.
  • Don’t discuss the family problem when you’re still feeling upset or emotional. If you wait even a single night, the intensity of the emotion is likely to subside somewhat, even if you’re still unhappy.
  • Waiting allows you to approach the issue logically, rather than emotionally. If you take a step back and give yourself some time to think before dealing with the issue, you won’t deal with it so reactively.
  • Approaching someone when you are angry will heighten the intensity around an already tough situation.
  • There’s no reason you can’t wait to make your point tomorrow, so control your instant impulse.

Plan Everything Properly

Planning is easier as you have analysed and understood the root issue. So, now plan on how to act with love and affection to resolve the issue. Do not act before a careful planning. Plan on how you would react and create a script in your mind.Take your own time for the plan. Do not try to be fast, diligence is important.

Act Wisely

The best way is to ask, listen and then speak. First, ask the perspective of other person and be careful while listening. Chose to speak, while keeping their words in mind. Be sure, they listen and together bring out the solution.

Some More Ways to Solve Your Family Problems Easily.

  • Come up with some solutions – ask everyone in the family for them.
  • Act on the solution. Divide out responsibility amongst the members of the family.
  • Appoint someone to monitor the action. For less serious issues, children can be responsible monitors too.
  • Evaluate the whole thing, and within a reasonable time, ask if the solution is working? If not, pick another one to try.
  • Talk about what you all learnt from the situation.
  • Remember that is not your job as the parent to ‘fix’ life. Empower your children to make decisions and be responsible.

Resolve Method

The solution always involves a mutual concern. It is good if both parties win, but if another one is too stubborn after all your effort, just step back and allow the other to act as per their wish. Remember, as time goes issues will be either solved or forgotten.

Be happy with the initiative you have taken. Be calm and go on. After all, happiness is the primary element which binds a family together. Do not hold any grudges. Let you all prosper as a family.

All families go through tough times. Having a conflict once in a while is normal, but if the family issue becomes too overwhelming, it may be time for an intervention and it’s your duty.

These points are time tested to Solve Your Family Problems. Always remember these tips and apply them in your family to overcome conflict. Conflict is a natural phenomenon, but you have to learn how to manage conflict to live a better life in the family. This is life.

Solve Your Family Problems Is Your Duty

Five fingers in our hand are not equal. So, it is obvious, the members in a family have different attitude and thoughts and perceptions. You have to deference for other people’s point of view. Always be open minded to overcome conflicts in the family.

How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship Safely

So, How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship Safely.???
When we first get into a relationship, everything seems loving, caring, romantic and beautiful. We will be mad at our partner’s love to such an extent that we ignore the little initial red alert signs as protectiveness, affection or care. It is very obvious that no one can forecast the future of any relationship.

Numerous factors makes it difficult to abandon an oppressive relationship, which include financial limits, pregnancy, contributed children along with feeling that your particular abuser demands you. Deciding on to end these kinds of relationship is amongst the toughest judgements you can make―and one of the best. Nonetheless you should take good care to go away from the connection as safely and securely as possible.

It could be a successful and happy relationship with minor disagreement. Anger, detachment is part of every relationship but when this goes beyond the limit, it is must to acknowledge and accept the abusive relationship and should look forward to getting a solution to it.

Abuse is categorized into different types of emotional, physical, mental, sexual and verbal.

How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship Safely

Some times it is very difficult to come out of such a terrible relationship, it is majorly due to the unwillingness of another person. So here are few ways.

Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship Safely

Identify the Initial Warning Signs

Abusing can take several forms, a number of the major sorts include:

The initial step is to identify and accept that you are in an abusive relationship. You may feel that your partner is a possessive person and not that bad.It is important to identify the behavior as abusive and one must be motivated to take timely necessary action. If the individual is in charge of all your earnings and wants you to get his/her permission for almost everything, threatens to break the relationship, forces you to behave out of your comfort zone are few warning signs that should not be ignored.

Physical abusing – Your lover commits chaotic acts, for example pushing, pinching, biting, sloshing, beating, throwing or choking. He might back again you right into a corner, flag you straight down, throw points or draw your hair. Actual physical abuse may also include securing you outdoors, leaving a person in harmful places, maintaining you from consuming or resting, or declining to help you for all those sick, hurt or expecting.

Verbal abusing – Your lover can screen abusive conduct without being actually violent. Spoken abuse consists of degradation, title calling, shouting, insulting, embarrassment, blame as well as questioning your own sanity.

Emotional abusing – A few victims regarding emotional misuse don’t identify what’s occurring to them, so it is important to the actual signs. You may be experiencing psychological abuse if you think as if there is something wrong together with your relationship, however you’re not certain what. Or even, you feel as if your partner handles your life, or if your partner accuses you involving cheating or even becomes upset and envious often. However, maybe this individual says which no one otherwise would want a person, and if you’re lucky to get him. On the other hand, perhaps your lover insists upon having sex to create up for quarrels.

How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship Safely

Financially Independence is Must

If your partner is abusive and controls finances then this is the worst situation. It is always advisable to create a secret account, find a secret place away from the house to hide your money maybe with some close friends whom you can trust.Do not deposit money into the joint account. Many financial dependent people continue to stay in an abusive relationship.

Always Plan in Advance

Always have an advance safety plan and involve people who you can trust your family and friend that will let them know if you are okay at the moment or if it’s a serious situation.Carry a safety kit ready and always make sure to inform your neighbors, friends, and families.

Do not hesitate to Get Help

Victims prefer to stay in abusive relationships because they are too embarrassed to tell their folks about the trauma they are going through. Majorly all the abuser behave extremely loving and caring in public. The fact is the problem won’t be solved magically, it is important to get help try to get help as soon as possible.

Never take a ‘U’ turn

It is important to accept the fact that your relationship has not turned out the way you would have wanted it to. It is best to get out of it before it becomes a nightmare and threat to your life.If you have decided to move on, never ever return to your partner hoping everything will be alright.

How To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship Safely

Time Heals Everything

Once you get out of an abusive relationship it is important to focus on your recovery. Don’t hesitate to consult specialist and therapist who can help you come out of it. Visit your friends and family, they will be helpful in bringing your life back on track. You are broken and will require help to bring your life on track.

Differences Between Indian And Western Woman

A Thought is something which makes a man to a great human and from a great human to a mere being. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman, Often thoughts are categorized as mean, self-centered, helpful, pure, pervert etc. It is the process of thoughts that a man begins to act and become a diverse personality.

All these people with different thoughts make a society which is so unique that every person tends to behave differently. When it comes to society, each society and each country have got their own mindset which changes the person whosoever shifts there. Today I have brought you some interesting facts about the mindset of a western woman in comparison to an Indian woman. This mindset will blow your mind and will make you feel either too back with the generation or too modern. Analyse the minds and feature yours.

Differences Between Indian And Western Woman

1. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – Are Women Free?

Whereas in India women are treated as a laborer who has to do everything from raising the child to household activities, It is entirely different in the west. Western Women are much freer and got no boundation on them. No doubt they are mothers and also look after the house, but yet, they always have a choice to opt for the lifestyle they wish to live.

2. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – The Respect:

When it comes to the factor respect, Indian women are judged a lot based on their interest and lifestyle, the only handful of people yet in India do understand the meaning of Respecting Women no matter what. Now when it comes to the West, there aren’t any single ifs and buts for the respect of a woman. If a woman does not have a right or she feels her respect is threatened by somebody, she can appeal easily.

3. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – Dreams are not Just Dreams:

When it comes to Indian content, girls and women yet have to leave their desires and become something that their family wishes for them to be because Indian mindset yet revolves around the government jobs and doctors rather than the fact that we make dreams and fulfill the reality of success. When it comes to Western culture, women are free there to opt for any dream they wish to be. From a pilot, actress or writer, they get all equally.

4. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – Liberty:

Those who say people are too extrovert in the west are wrong. They might be explorer and achiever but judgment over the liberty of lifestyle won’t be right. In the west, women are socially, professionally and personally free from the society. They not just have the right to vote or achieve dreams but rather got much more rights than common in India. Women in India are not as liberated as western women yet because they are rather a puppet of their families or rather puppet of the socially backward mentality of society. If anyone of them dares to be such liberal as compared to the west, they are often mistreated.

5. Education Freedom and Rights:

In India, Women are yet facing the right to decide their own career streams. A girl in her high school is often forced by her parents to choose the desired subjects that their parents wish for because it’s their parent’s dream more important than her owns. If we compare the west in this field they are freer because girls are given rights to choose their education in whichever field they choose, be it dance or science.

6. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – Styling to Dressing:

Now, this is quite a goal for women when it comes to choosing a desired dress or style. If we look in the west, women are quite free to welcome whatever dress or style they wish to achieve. Be it coloring hair red or blue till wearing a cleavage they are always given a freedom to dress and style according to their wish. While women in India are yet dependent on their parent’s permission often to dress or even get tattooed due to the Indian idiotic judgmental taboo.

7. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – Working with Respect:

Women however in the west do not often worry about their respect for the constitution already has given a lot of rights to them for their safety and self-esteem. They do not even have to worry to think about the freedom of speech or right to be protected as they are much more guarded. While women in India yet have to face the male domination and exploitation sometimes to move ahead in their life whereas women in the west very rarely face such instances and often move ahead without compromising with their pride.

8. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – Politically Strong:

While political issues are yet a matter of debate in India, women are warmly welcomed in the west in the Political sphere. Western Women rarely doubt the subject of Politics and cheerfully take part in politics. Still, Women in India who dares to take part in politics for the betterment of society and help needy are not supported by their nearest one, which makes the entry into the politics for them a hassle. Either if they are allowed to enter into it, most probably the political work will be handled by the male person of that family, so there is no active role played by that female participant in the politics. 

Although, some female figures in India did manage to reach the top of political sphere yet the society in India always think of a Woman as a Home Maker. But there isn’t a doubt that India always had been the land of queens and kings then why stereotyping?

9. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – Moving out:

Moving out after the age of 18 has been part of the Western Society for ages. Women in the West are given the right to choose whether they wish to acquire their own independent home or stay with their parents. Women, there are given more space and are respected for it. While in India, We only have the right to move out after marriage or if luckily we get placed in a metro city for a job. Again, thanks to society.

10. Differences Between Indian And Western Woman – Free Lifestyle:

Now it is a debatable point since ages in India. While women in West are treated free and given respect for whatever is their choice of lifestyle, women in India are yet in a barrier with their parents, then friends and finally society’s mindset to set a lifestyle in hidden darkness because we are not even mature to be true to ourselves.

Main Differences Between Indian And Western Woman

There’s no doubt why people are so addicted to moving to the West nowadays. I am not saying India is not developed, but the society is yet in the middle of backward society, whereas the young generation is moving ahead with the years. There’s no doubt why clashes are much on the pinpoint these days in every home between the child and the parent. In my view, every parent should have a session of counselling which is facing difficulty in being open and understandable with their children. This helps, I know it does.

Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History

Kuldhara Village is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. Never very rich, it has turned into ruin village today. The mysterious and bizarre activities it is called the village of ‘ghosts’. Cursed, Abandoned, Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History.

Kuldhara History
Why did all of the residents of Kuldhara flee one night under the cover of darkness?

History Kuldhara (Kuldhara Village History)

Some 300 years ago, it used to be a prosperous village of Paliwal Brahmins under the state of Jaisalmer. According to the legend, the evil eyes of Salim Singh, the powerful and debauched prime minister of the state, fell on the daughter of the village head and he desired to marry her by force.

He threatened the village with grave consequences if they did not adhere to his wish. Instead of submitting to the order of the tyrant, the Paliwals held a council and people of 85 villages left their ancestral homes and vanished. But this was not all; before leaving, they put a curse on Kuldhara that no one will ever be able to settle in their village thereafter. To this date, the village remains barren; left almost the same as its inhabitants had left it centuries ago. It is also said that people who have tried to stay there at night have been chased away by strange paranormal phenomenon.

Is Kuldhara a ghost town ?

Many stories floated around. Some say the “chudails” or ghosts walked around in the night, haunting the place. Others say that no body lived here anymore as mysterious deaths have occurred. The silence was not comforting . And then the voice of the old man floated in the air .“No one knew anything about them, some say they came from Pali in Jodhpur, some say they went back to Pali but only their souls now rest in Kuldhara .”

While a daily flock of bewildered tourists besieges the village during the day, no one is allowed to stay in the area after 6pm or sunset — one of the pre-conditions of the visit enforced by tourism officials.

This story was narrated to by the old man (Babaji) who keeps the village, he is interesting man and his two sons too. Some time when you met him mind his takiya kalam ‘baba ji badhiya hai’. Foreign girls are fan of him and he of them.

We don’t believe in ghost out there in Kuldhara and neither Babaji and his sons but you can feel something different..

Many claim this Indian village is haunted, with mysterious disappearance of an entire community

Cursed, Abandoned, Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History

Kuldhara is a desolate place with a forlorn look and bring sadness to the heart when one thinks of those unfortunate people who were forced to leave the land of their forefathers. However, the place doesn’t seem to be spooky for any reason other than the legends themselves, and for our own perception based on those stories. Though there is sadness in the air, there is hopefully nothing cursed about it.

  1. History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5
  2. History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 4

Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History

Kuldhara village is a haunted location and it is believed that it is impossible to spend an entire night in the village. Recently, one of Paranormal society Delhi decided to unravel the mystery behind the village of Kuldhara’s spirit.

Delhi’s Paranormal Society of Delhi reached Kuldhara under the leadership of Gaurav Tiwari on Saturday.
A brave team of 18 members decided to spend an entire night inside the village along with 10-12 other people.

The team spent 12 long horrifying hours inside the village and experienced some strange activities.

Cursed, Abandoned, Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History

The team equipped with their high-tech electronic equipment scanned the entire village and encountered really strange activities. From moving shadows, haunting voices to hand imprints of children on cars; the team members lived through one of their scariest nights.

One of the members revealed that he felt someone touching his shoulder from behind. When he turned back to see who it was, he found no one.

Many strange and unnatural activities that keep on happening at this place has gathered eyeballs of many ghost hunters and intrepid paranormal societies.

Sudden rise and drop in the temperature. Kuldhara History

The team had a K-2 metre device which is used to measure change in surroundings temperature. The device recorded a temperature of 41 Degree Celsius at one location and as it was moved a few steps ahead, the temperature instantly dropped to 31 Degree Celsius.

The team used LASER rays and found unexplained moving shadows.

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Because of all these, people makes rumour that it is haunted, ghost are there.

The Evidence:

Many people do not believe in this story and wave it away with a huff. Some believe that these makeup stories are created to attract tourists. However, in the year 2010, a team of 18 members of paranormal researchers led by Gaurav Tiwari decided to explore the land of Kuldhara. After spending the night in the village, they assert that there are some spirits in the village. They said that they saw moving shadows, heard voices and some other extrasensory activities. These evidential events cannot be shunned.

The village of Kuldhara is now a tourist place and many curious travellers visit it to experience something they don’t even know what it is.

So what do you think ? Is Kuldhara haunted ? Would you like to visit the abandoned village ?

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 7

Dera Baba Murad Shah Ji is a Sufiyana Darbar located in Nakodar.

Rurka is near Jandiala, where the shrine of Baba Chinta bhagat ji and Baba Ammi chand ji are located. Like Sai ji, Baba Ami chand ji was also a great saint who also came to Bapu Brahma Jogi ji for his spiritual learning. Every year, on 26th January, a fair is held at Rurka Kalan, where since 1988 Gurdas Maan ji has been coming regularly to sing. At that time, Gurdas ji had not fully recovered after the accident; yet he came there for a short time to mark his presence.

Every year two Urs melas (anniversary fair) are held, one in the memory of Baba Murad Shah Ji and the other for Sai Laddi Shah Ji. Gurdas Maan leads these auspicious events by visiting the grave of Baba Murad Shah and Sai Laddi Shah by offering prayers. He also conducts the Jhanda Rasm (Flag Ceremony) in which the green flag is replaced which symbolizes Sufism.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 7

The second accident took place on Jan 20, 2007, near Karnal and this time, his driver, Ganesh was driving the car. The accident happened in Karnal; while Sai ji was getting himself massaged at Nakodar. Kala, on seeing the blue marks on Sai ji’s body, asked “Sai ji, how come, overnight your body has developed these bruises?” Sai ji said: “I will just tell you. You keep doing the massage.” He then said “Now switch on the TV.” Kala did so and the news on the TV was reading “Gurdas Maan has met with an accident”.

The guru always takes on the misfortunes and sufferings of his disciple onto himself.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 7

Just two days after the accident, Gurdas ji came to the dera to meet Sai ji, and tried to sit near him. But, being very badly bruised on the knees and legs, he was unable to sit properly. And even as Gurdas ji tried to sit, Sai ji said to him: “Gurdas, fetch me a glass of water.” Gurdas ji did so; but again, each time when he tried to sit, Sai ji had asked him to go and fetch one thing or another.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 7

The onlookers found it all very strange; but Gurdas ji later told them that by making him get up again and again, Sai ji had straightened out all the twisted limbs and sprains of his body. When Gurdas ji finally got up to take leave, Sai ji said: “Tomorrow is the Rurka Kalan mela; if you wish, go and sing a little – but do go and pay your homage there.

Gurdas ji recounts that he had gone there with the intention that he will sing only for ten minutes; but his guru’s blessings transported him into such a trance that despite the hurts and bandages, he sang for over an hour and a half! When Sai ji became very old, he came to the fair only once or twice, to give darshan to the devotees who thronged to the mela.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 7

Once, Sai ji was climbing the stairs with a very bent back when a sevadar (volunteer) with folded hands, requested him saying: “Sai ji walk a little upright.” Sai ji answered: “Beta, whatsoever we have gained, we have gained only because we bowed down.” In a single sentence, he had said it all!. At every bend, Sai ji imparted some words of wisdom.

Many came to test this fakir and each one bowed down before him. On one occasion, a man questioned Sai ji, asking him “Baba Ji what is the ‘matlab’ (meaning) of love?” Sai ji said “where there is ‘matlab’ (implying motive), there is no love!” Gurdas Maan ji became the most favourite disciple of Sai ji. In 2006, Sai ji took-off his pagri (turban) at the fair and placed it on the head of Gurdas Maan ji. To give the pagri thus to the mureed (disciple) means that the guru is offering his all to his disciple and is making him his very own for all times to come.

After Sai Laddi Shah Ji left this world, Gurdas Maan now leads the melas (fairs) in memory of Sai Laddi Shah Ji and Baba Murad Shah Ji.

Before leaving his body, Sai ji had dug his place inside the earth. Ordinary people go on building their houses upwards; it is only a satguru who can make his place inside the earth. He knew he was to leave and Sai ji was heard saying “Whenever I look, every day, only this comes to the mind – ‘let us go, the remembrance comes, let us go, the remembrance comes.’” Leaving aside the attachments of this world; awaiting the moment to meet the beloved; and yearning to meet his Guru, on Thursday, the first of May 2008, Sai ji left his body.

His shrine was also made inside Dera Baba Murad Shah. “Mera Likh Le Ghulama Vich Naam” – was Sai ji’s favourite qawwali. Sai ji always signed his name as ‘ghulam’ (slave). Each year, Sai ji’s anniversary is celebrated on 1st-2nd May with great fanfare, where lakhs of devotees reach in large groups, to bow down their heads on the holy shrines of Sai ji and Baba Murad Shah ji. Each one brings his murad; each one’s murad is fulfilled; each one carries back the blessings of Two Murad Shahs!.

The anniversary of Sai ji is celebrated every year on May 1-2, with great enthusiasm, where millions of people reach the place.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 7

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5

Five years elapsed and Gurdas ji did not visit to Nakodar because of his hectic work schedule. During those days, Gurdas ji remained very worried and anxious because his wife, Manjeet Maan, due to a dysfunctional thyroid, had gained much weight and her eyes looked swollen. In desperation, he went around showing her to a number of doctors; he even got her treated everywhere – but to no avail.

Then a friend of Gurdas ji, Davinder Shayar, called him saying that he knew a very famous astrologer and that Gurdas ji should come there immediately. At the time, Gurdas ji and Manjeet ji lived in Patiala and the very next day they left for the place.

Baba Murad Shah Ji became a disciple of Baba Shere Shah Ji. He opted Fakiri at the age of 24 years and returned back to God at the age of 28 years.

On reaching there, they immediately met the pandit who told them that they were smitten by rahu-ketu, and then proceeded to prescribe a long list of various remedies! Utterly disappointed, they were about to return to Patiala, when Gurdas ji said “Manjeet, there is still one place left.

Let us go there, too – the place where I had gone five years back – Nakodar.” Manjeet ji immediately agreed and said “let us go.” During the course of the journey, Gurdas ji was contemplating on what he is going to offer to Baba Ji, because in sheer hurry, he had not even taken prasad for Baba Ji.

Gurdas ji suddenly realized that he was wearing a wrist watch, studded with small diamonds. In his mind, he decided to offer this watch to Baba Ji. Gurdas ji was still on his way when Sharda ji and a boy were sitting with Sai ji in Nakodar and Sai ji was asking them: “Have you ever seen a diamond-studded watch?” Sharda Ji said: “It is all your leela (play) – you can show us anything.” Sai ji said: “Alright then. Today we will show you a diamond watch.” At that time, a Saint from Mandhali, had come to invite Sai ji for the Mandhali fair.

He said “Sai ji, almost all the artists have come to our fair at Mandhali; but Gurdas Maan has not yet come there.” Sai ji replied: “Gurdas too, is just about to come.” Mandhali Saint had no clue as to what Sai ji had just said, nor did he realize the full import of Sai ji’s words. Then Mandhali Baba Ji left and soon Gurdas ji reached the darbar.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5

When Gurdas Maan ji entered the darbar, Baba Ji was sitting, facing the other side. Gurdas ji started to bow down to him when Sai ji said: “First go and bow your head to Baba Murad Shah ji.” Gurdas ji did as told and then came and sat down near Sai ji. Sharda ji said “Sai ji, Gurdas came to us only once; he did not come again.” Sai ji said “how does he come to us? He is caught in the rahu-ketu mesh.” Gurdas ji started to weep and silently kept repeating inside: “forgive me, forgive me”, while Sai ji simultaneously started to say aloud: “you are forgiven, you are forgiven.” Guru is he, who without our having spoken a single word knows what the matter is.

This is why the elders have said: ‘Drink water after filtering it and make a guru after knowing him.’ That day Gurdas ji saw that Sai ji is a true satguru; nothing is greater than him; in Sai ji, he saw a reflection of God personified.

Sai ji then took out a handful of money from his pocket, and handing it to Gurdas ji asked: “There is a fair at Mandhali – will you go and sing?” Gurdas ji replied: “As you command.” Then, as Gurdas ji began to take leave, Sai ji called out to him and said: “Watch??…” Gurdas ji smiled and started to take off his watch. Sai ji said “No, keep wearing it.” But Gurdas ji kept on insisting, saying “Sai ji, please accept it”; while Sai ji kept saying “keep wearing it.” Sai ji Said “Haath per baandhi aur dil pe bani – ek he baat hai.” So when he repeated his request, then finally Sai ji accepted it, saying: “Alright, then I will wear it.” When the bhakt ties, how can the guru untie?

Sai ji spent most of his time in reading the Heer.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5

Waris Shah ji was a fakir who wrote the granth Heer, which was read by every fakir, in which there is talk about that ‘string of true love which unites one with God’. Once, Sai ji gave a book of Heer to Gurdas Maan ji, and on the first page he wrote the words: “Eternal Blessings of Baba Murad Shah shall be upon you – Sevadar Gulam.” Sai ji signed himself as Ghulam. When Gurdas ji was leaving, Sai ji gave him the book, saying: “Read this only from in between, because whoever has read the heer, has become a fakir.” Then one day, Gurdas ji was doing riyaz (practice) and during the riyaz, Gurdas ji usually sang the Heer. Just then, Manjeet Maan ji called him from the office to ask: “Shall we make the film Waris Shah?”

Gurdas ji saw that the book Heer, was right in front of him in his hands, and that the very same page on which Sai ji had written ‘Eternal Blessings of Baba Murad Shah shall be upon you – Sevadar Ghulam’, lay open front of his eyes. Gurdas Maan ji understood that this was an indication and a direct hint that it was his Guru’s blessings, and said: “Manjeet, go ahead.” Then, on a certain day, the couplets of Heer was to be recorded for the film.

The recording had to be done at Chandigarh city, at eleven in the morning. Gurdas ji, without having informed anybody, went off to Nakodar to see Sai ji.

Sai Ghulam Shah Ji also known as Sai Laddi Shah Ji became the head of the darbar after Baba Murad Shah Ji left this world.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5

Everyone was very annoyed at this, because prior to the recording, a rehearsal was also due. Sai ji was aware of everything and so, when Gurdas ji reached Nakodar, Sai ji said “Gurdas, he is a fakir who does as he wishes and gets done what he wishes.” Gurdas ji took Sai ji’s blessings and reached Chandigarh. He was asked to rehearse and was handed over the pages from where he needed to read in order to record the couplets of Heer. Gurdas ji, however, without having rehearsed or even looked at the pages, recorded the entire Heer.

Everyone was stunned to see that without reading from the pages, he had recorded the complete Heer, and in fact, what he had sung was so perfect that it did not need re-recording! In a way, Sai ji had made him memorize the entire Heer.

This is what gurukripa (guru’s blessings) can accomplish! When the film was completed and everything had been done, Sai ji said: “Gurdas, even to make a memorial for such a big fakir is a great task! May God bless you!”

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 4

Sai ji lived with Bapu ji for sixteen years and by complete obedience to the guru, became his favourite. Once, Bapu ji got a 30-feet deep well dug and made a seating space inside. He first asked Mohan “Will you sit inside the well?” Mohan had always been afraid of such tasks and he refused.

Where there is Faith in the Guru, no fear resides therein; and such tests are not atrocities but are meant only to examine and test the disciple. He then asked Sai ji, “Will you sit inside the well?” Sai ji answered, saying “Yes, I will.” Bapu ji made Sai ji sit at the very bottom of the well; Bapu ji seated himself at 20 feet, and closed the top of the well.

The Padwi of Baba Murad Shah Ji was offered to Shri Gurdas Maan Ji but he declined it saying he wasn’t big enough for this.

After staying like this for some time, they came out. Then, Bapu ji went inside and sat down alone in the well and shut the top. Several days passed but Bapu ji did not come out. Then even months passed by and yet Bapu ji did not step out of the well. Sai ji, however, kept remembering Bapu ji, and continued to lead a disciplined life – as he had always lived in Bapu ji’s presence.

After a year and a quarter, Bapu ji emerged from the well. There was an ongoing fair on that day.
Bapu ji came in his ecstatic state and hailed out “Laadi” to Sai ji. Then calling him near, handed him a pair of ghungroos (anklets worn by dancers) and said: “A lioness has only a single cub who can overpower even lakhs, you have become Murad Shah. After this day, the world will know you by the name of Laadi Shah. Go now, and sit on the seat of your Master, Baba Murad Shah, and fulfill all murad (wishes) of the people.” Soon after, Sai ji started the construction of Baba Murad Shah Dera and started to live there.


After a few years, a very beautiful darbar stood at the place where earlier there had been only a desolate forest. The architectural plan for the shrine had been lying with Sai ji for a long time, proclaiming that the coming times will be like this. Each year, Sai ji celebrated the urs of Baba Murad Shah ji and qawwalis were sung at the Darbar. The qawwali mehfil always began with the qawwalis sung by one ‘Karamat Ali & Party’ from Malerkotla, whose succeeding generation has been coming here from the time of Baba Murad Shah ji.

Even today, the same lineage of qawwals opens the session of qawali at the fair. On one occasion, Sai ji gave these qawwals a heavy sheet which was filled with money, and said: “Karamat Ali – our credit-debit balance is clear.” This he did, because Baba Murad Shah ji had once promised the qawwals saying that “Laadi Shah will settle your accounts with your sons and grandsons.” Thus, to fulfill the words of his Guru, Sai ji made the amount manifold and gave it to them. It is said that the one whom the guru chooses, himself one day reaches his Guru.

Sai Ghulam Shah Ji also known as Sai Laddi Shah Ji became the head of the darbar after Baba Murad Shah Ji left this world.

The one whom Sai ji chose, he too, thus came to the Darbar by the name of Gurdas Maan (world-renowned singer – a very simple-hearted and pious man). It so happened, that Surinder Shinda ji and Puran Shah Koti ji were seated next to Sai ji. Sai ji said to Surinder ji: “That young man, who roams around playing the dafli – where is he?” and further added, “he must certainly be meeting you…Tell him ‘You are roaming the world over; but, there is also a place which is awaiting you’.” In 1982, during the shooting of the film “Ucha dar Babe Nanak da”, Shinda ji spoke with Gurdas Maan ji and said “Our Sai ji of Nakodar, remembers you often and awaits your arrival at the Darbar.” In utter humility, Gurdas ji replied “Whenever he so desires, we will certainly go.” Then one day, Gurdas Maan ji dreamt of a darbar where there stood a water-pond and a mela (fair) was being held. When he awoke, Shinda ji called him up to say “Today is a Thursday. If you have the time, shall we go today?” Gurdas Ji said “Yes, let us go; Even I had a dream today.”

Thursday’s are the most crowded day to visit this place and about more than a thousand devotees visit this place on Thursday’s. This is because Thursday’s are regarded as special days within Sufism.

During the journey, Shinda ji was explaining to him saying that “If Sai ji gives you anything, do not refuse, but accept it.” On reaching the darbar, Gurdas Maan ji saw that it was exactly the same darbar that he had seen in his dream. Gurdas Maan ji sat near Sai ji.

And when he started to leave, Sai ji said: “Gurdas, what did you see?” Gurdas ji said “I had already seen this Darbar in my dream.” Sai ji cut him short saying: “Enough, enough! Do not open too many veils.” Then Baba Ji took-off the dark glasses he was wearing, and putting them on Gurdas ji’s eyes, asked: “See, is it alright?” Maan Ji answered: “It is a little loose.” That very moment, Sai ji snatched back the sunglasses and said – “The day it fits you – take it!”

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3
Some years went by and Sai ji was now a young boy. It is said, that ‘to tread the path of God, there is need for a Guru’. Although, Baba Murad Shah ji’s eternal blessings and spiritual strength were always with Sai ji, yet to illuminate the spiritual quest, there was need of a true satguru.

Sai ji left home in search of a guru. Sai ji went to several places, sometimes to Kashi, sometimes to Haridwar; once, he even wore a gaatra (a ribbon worn around the neck by Sikhs) around his neck. He searched far and wide, but did not find the one who could open his third-eye (spiritual eye). Then one day, Sai ji reached Bapu Brahma Jogi ji’s place, at Nakodar. Bapu ji used to worship Gugga Jahar Pir and was completely surrendered to Guggajahar Pir. Sai ji reached the dera and sat faraway.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji

Bapu ji called him aloud by the name of ‘Laadi’; then calling him nearby, asked: “Do you wish to become Murad Shah?” Sai ji answered, saying: “Yes, I do”. Bapu ji said “Alright then now we will send you only after making you Murad Shah!” Bapu ji made Sai Ji his mureed (disciple) and kept Sai ji at his place.

Every day, Bapu ji used to put Sai ji to the test – and went on making him spiritually robust and ripe. Another boy, by the name of Mohan (who was Bapu ji’s relative) also lived with Bapu ji. Mohan too, desired to be Bapu ji’s disciple and wished to take forward Bapu ji’s lineage. However, only the one whom the Guru himself chooses, and whose commitment and surrender to the Guru is total, treads this path.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3

Every day Bapu ji was applying an ointment on his body because once, when Bapu ji was pressurized (by their parents) to get married, bapu ji had set his body aflame. Bapu ji often called out to both Mohan and Sai ji, and bid them come to him. He first asked Mohan “Who are you?” Mohan answered saying, “I am your child” – he prided himself on being Bapu ji’s relative. Bapu ji said: “then, lick this medicine which is on the hand and show me.” Mohan became afraid and refused. Then Bapu ji asked Sai ji “Laadi, who are you?” Sai ji answered “The Darvesh of your door.” Bapu ji then said “lick this medicine”.

Sai ji started licking it and felt as if he were eating an ice-cream! Whenever Sai ji went out of Bapu ji’s dera, he used to seek Bapu ji’s permission, and upon returning, he called out saying “Bapu, I have come back.” Until Bapu ji said “Come in” Sai ji used to keep standing outside – whether night came on, or the morning! Sometimes during summer, Bapu ji set-up a wooden ladder against the roof and get sand spread out underneath. The sand was hot because of the heat.

Dera Baba Murad Shah ji is Located in Nakodar (District Jalandhar). The city is almost 24 km from Jalandhar and about 114 from Amritsar.  This Place Have a Great Specialty.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3

“Kehnde Ne Ishq De Mareyan Nu Ithe Aake Navin Rah Lab Jandi Hai”

Then he first called out to Mohan and asked: “Mohan, who are you?” Mohan answered: “Your child” – Bapu ji then said to him “Climb the ladder – but it must be climbed backwards” Mohan fearfully replied “I will fall” and refused to do so. Then Bapu ji asked Sai ji “Laadi, who are you?” Sai ji replied “the dervish of your door.” Bapu ji then said to him “Climb this ladder, but backwards.” Sai ji first bowed his head to his Guru (Bapu ji) and then, taking his legs behind and entangling them in the rung, started to climb the ladder backwards.

When he had climbed right up, Bapu ji kicked the ladder and Sai ji fell down on the hot sand. When Sai ji tried to raise his body, Bapu ji shouted: “Keep lying!” Sai ji, in obedience to his guru’s command, kept lying there. On seeing this, people felt it was an act of atrocity – but to Sai ji, it felt as if he was lying on the cool grass…!

The tomb is built in a muslim structural way and photographs of Baba Murad Shah Ji, kept at a couple of places

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3

Sai ji belonged to a family of eminent Zaildars and once, he arrogantly happened to mention this to someone. Bapu ji, on hearing this, broke a glass bottle in the courtyard by hitting it on a stone.

The glass splinters lay scattered all over the ground. Then calling to Sai ji, Bapu ji said “Come Laadi, let us see your dance today.” People prayed to Bapu ji, pleading him to forgive Sai ji; but Bapu ji only said: “I am taking out the stench of Zaildari from him.” How must be – the one who was making him dance; and how must be the one – he who was dancing! Fakiri is extremely arduous and only one among a million is able to walk on the path of the guru – but one who does walk the path, gains all!

Time went by and once Sai ji’s eyesight became a little weak. A doctor brought a machine to check the eyes and get him a pair of spectacles. Bapu ji said to the doctor “Take the machine away – this eye belongs to the beloved (meaning God). It is his wish to allow him to see (outside); it is his wish to allow him to see from inside.”

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 2

Baba Murad Shah ji then started to live at that very place where Shere Shah ji used to live. At that time, the place was only a forest with a water pond nearby; where today stands a beautiful Darbar (Place with the holy shrine of Baba Ji).

Baba Murad Shah ji always used to read the holy book Heer and keeps on remembering his Master. Baba Ji also had a monkey and a toombi (a stringed, musical instrument) with him. One day, Baba Ji was sitting, when he saw an elderly woman carrying a box of rotis and going somewhere. Baba Ji called out to her and asked: “Mother where are you going?” The woman answered “My sons are to be hanged – I am taking the rotis for them.”Baba Ji said: “They have been acquitted !” The woman felt he was only joking.

Ongoing further, a policeman standing there, said to her “Your sons have been acquitted and they have already left.” The woman was speechless and she rushed back to Baba Ji. She, thereafter, often fetched tea for him and washed his clothes and placed them neatly.

Baba Ji looked upon her as his mother. One day Baba Ji said to the woman: “Mother shall we send your sons to England?” She answered saying “We are very poor – how can we send them there?” Baba Ji said “I have called you my ‘mother’; ask your sons to go to Delhi and meet a certain person. They will certainly go abroad.” And this is exactly what happened – after some time both the boys reached England. Every year Baba Murad Shah ji used to organise a mela (fair) in which qawwalis, (religious sufi songs) were sung. Very few attended the fair.

This pilgrimage site baba murad shah ji is a Sufi paradise which is very peaceful.

Each year during this time, qawwals from Malerkotla came here and sang at the fair. According to those times, whatever money Baba Ji had with him, he offered it to them, and also told them that “after me, Laadi Shah ji will come here to clear your account with your sons and grandsons, and return it to you manifold.” Even today the same Qawwals, generation after generation, have been coming to this place to sing their qawwalis at the opening of the fair.

Time kept passing in this manner. Baba Murad Shah ji always walked barefooted. Baba Shere Shah ji had once said to him: “Murad, the day a thorn pierces your foot, know that I have left the world.” It so happened that one day, while walking, a thorn pierced Baba Murad Shah ji’s foot.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 2

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 2

All at once he remembered the words of his Master, and he knew that his beloved Guru had departed from this world. Baba Ji was not able to bear the separation of his Master and so, he too, at the early age of 28, left his body in 1960. Baba Murad Shah ji had begun his ascetic life at the tender age of 24 and left body four years later.

Baba Ji had always desired that his shrine should be constructed at the very place where Shere Shah ji had lived his ascetic life and where he himself had also lived. But, at that time that land was ‘government land’. People, fearing that if they made Baba Ji’s shrine there, the government authorities might remove it, hence, to avoid disrespect to the place of such a big saint, they made Baba Ji’s shrine in the cremation ground itself.

Baba Ji appeared in a dream to the woman whom he called ‘mother’ and asked: “Why was my shrine not made at the place I had indicated?” Mother said: “Government officials were raising objections.” Baba Ji said “All my clothes and personal items that are lying at your house, take them out and put them in an earthen pot and place it there (the place Baba Ji had indicated) and make that my place, too. I myself shall see who dares to remove it!”. This came to pass – and the place which Baba Ji had himself chosen, was also made into ‘his place’.

Today, we know this place as Dera Baba Murad Shah. There was only a single photograph of Baba Ji and that too, he had once torn to bits; however, his brother had picked the torn pieces of the photograph and stuck them back together and kept it reverentially. Laadi Sai ji was Baba Murad Shah ji’s nephew, whom Baba Murad Shah himself had chosen. Laadi Sai ji was born on 26 September, 1946, and was only 14 years old when Baba Murad Shah ji left his body.

Gurdas Maan is an ardent follower of Sai Laddi Shah Ji and also a frequent visitor. Sai Ji loved Gurdas Maan very much.

As the fakir had long back predicted, that ‘in this family, two persons shall be born, who will take the name of God’ – so, the first one was Baba Murad Shah ji; and the second, Laadi Sai ji. At one time, Sai ji went to live with his paternal aunt, in Rajasthan. It so happened, that while playing with his cousins, his voice changed abruptly. At first the children took it to be a joke, but when he called out to his aunt, they saw that it was the voice of Baba Murad Shah ji, saying: “Sister, my shrine is lying desolate. Return Laadi back in the first train tomorrow.” Laadi Sai ji returned to Nakodar and went on towards the shrine.

His whole body was burning hot and it appeared as though fire was emanating from the body and he was heard saying: ‘I want to become a fakir’. On being brought home, he developed a fever. Sai ji’s father (Baba Murad Shah ji’s elder brother) went near Baba Murad Shah ji’s photograph and pleaded: “If you wish to take this boy, take him; but make him well again.” A voice emerged from the photograph saying: “Lala, did I not tell you, I will watch you raising your hand on the day when your own son, in front of your eyes, will become a fakir? Now, will you not hit him?” His brother apologized saying, “It was my mistake; please forgive me. This boy is now yours.” Soon Sai ji felt better and went to sleep.

Murad Shah ji used to organise annual fair (Nakodar Mela) in which he invited sufi singers from malerkotla (Punjab) and give all his money to them. The ritual continued by Sai Laddi Shah ji after Baba Murad Shah ji and then Gurdas Maan ji till date.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 1

Baba Murad Shah ji Who left everything for True Devotion for Love.

Dera Baba Murad Shah ji, Nakodar is a place which represents great saints known as “Almast Fakeer”.  The city Nakodar, also called the Land of Peers and Fakirs (saints and sages). Nakodar literally meaning – ‘no other door like this one’ – the place where the All-Knowing Enlightened souls (Brahmgyanis) took birth and adorned this earth. The incident took place before Independence.

A sage, Baba Shere Shah ji, came to Punjab from Pakistan, who chose the land of Nakodar, as his abode. He liked to live only in the forests and other secluded places. Baba Ji generally dissuaded people from coming to him so that his worship could go on unhampered; sometimes, he used to even throw small stones so that people, taking him to be a madman and did not come near to him.

This place is symbol of true love. It is said that “People suffered in love get new direction in their life” after visiting this Place.

He spent most of his time in the worship of God and he kept reading the holy book Heer, by Waris Shah. There lived in the city a family of zaildars, who was always eager to serve the pirs and fakirs. Once, a fakir came to their home, who they served wholeheartedly.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 1

The fakir, pleased with their service and said to them: “Ask whatsoever you desire.” They said “God has given us everything; all we desire is God’s Name”. The fakir said: “Not one, but two will take birth in your family, who shall chant the Name of God!”. Soon, a child was born into their family and was named Vidyasagar – whom today we know by the name of Baba Murad Shah ji. From amongst the three brothers, Baba Ji was the youngest.

Baba Ji was very proficient in his studies and even during those times, went in for higher studies. After having completed his education he took up a job. Baba Ji worked as SDO in the Electricity Board, at Delhi.

The holy place baba murad shah ji is so peaceful that we feel relax and get disconnected from external world.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 1

At that place where Baba Ji worked, a Muslim girl also worked with him. Baba Murad Shah ji had spiritual love for her. One day, when her marriage was fixed, she told Baba Ji that if he wished to marry her, he had to first become a Muslim. On hearing this, Baba Ji decided to return home; he quit his job and in a way, his attachment with everything in this world ended. He bought the book ‘Heer’, by Waris Shah, and while reading the book, he started to walk towards his hometown, Nakodar. He passed by several religious shrines, where he paid homage.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 1

He kept on walking and finally reached Nakodar. As he approached his home, he was blessed by the divine vision of Baba Shere Shah ji. Shere Shah ji hailed to him saying: “Oh Vidyasagar, where are you going?” Baba Ji felt ‘this is some divine person’ and he went near him. Shere Shah ji again asked him: “Do you wish to be a Muslim?” Baba Ji answered: “Yes, I will become.” Shere Shah ji further said: “Ok go then, and meet everyone in your house once and come back, and unite the severed string of love, with God. Then there will be need neither for being Muslim nor Hindu”. Baba Murad Shah ji went home.

It seems that life is stopped and there is no hurry and worry. 

Jai baba murad shah ji

After meeting everyone he came back to live with Shere Shah ji and began to serve him. He had to pass several tests that Baba Shere Shah ji put him through; but he passed them all and became very dear to Baba Shere Shah ji.

People, however, started to gossip by saying that ‘the son of Zaildars has quit his job and is now following an old fakir.’ On hearing this, Baba Ji’s elder brother often dragged him back home and at times, even raised his hand to hit Baba Ji.

Several times Baba Ji said to him “Lala, do not raise your hand.” But, the elder brother did not listen to his plea. In the end, Baba Ji said “Okay Lala, you will not understand this way; I will now see your raised hand again, when your own son in front of your eyes, shall become a fakir!” Having spoken these potent words, Baba Ji went back to Shere Shah ji. Time went by and one day, some years after Independence, the son and daughter-in-law of Shere Shah ji came to take him back.

Shere Shah ji said to them: “Before taking me back, ask Vidyasagar.” Baba Ji said “He is your father; how can I refuse? Whatsoever you think, that will be right.” Then Baba Ji said to Shere Shah ji “I will remember and miss you very much.” Shere Shah ji answered by saying: “Whenever you shall remember me, I will come over and meet you”. As Shere Shah ji was leaving, he called Baba Ji near him and said: “The world will remember you after me; your name shall remain alive as long as this world lives; you are the rightful heir of my lineage.

After this day, the world will remember you by the name of Murad Shah and whosoever shall come to your door – shall attain his heart’s desire!”