Are Dating Guides Really Useful

Are Dating Guides Really Useful? 6 Simple Facts to Know

Dating can be hard. No one denies that fact. Actually, everyone seems to be so aware of just how difficult dating can be that there are dating guides of some sort everywhere you look. These things sell like hotcakes, too.

The problem is that most of these dating guides aren’t worth the space they take up online to advertise them. If you think about it honestly, can there really be that many dating gurus and experts around that are taking the time to write books?

Our search for healthy love is one of the most defining missions of our lives.

Are Dating Guides Really Useful?

Many people do purchase these online ebooks. They also order the physical books that promise to help get that man or woman you want. Most people who author these books should be sued for false advertising because the only thing they’re an expert in is making passive income. The books themselves are very often a huge disappointment to the people that buy them.

Expectations About Dating and Finding Love

The majority of people who begin looking for a long-term partner or enter into a romantic relationship do so with a predetermined set of (often unrealistic) expectations, including how the person should look and behave, how the relationship should progress, and the roles that each partner should fulfill.

It is possible that your expectations are based on your family history, the influence of your peer group, your past experiences, or even ideals depicted in movies and television shows.

Maintaining many of these unrealistic expectations can make any potential partner appear inadequate, and any new relationship can be disappointing if these expectations are not met.

Dating Guides Really Useful? Yes or No?

Are Dating Guides Really Useful
Dating Arena – Are Dating Guides Really Useful?

So, are these dating guides handy? The answer to this question is yes and no. For people who always seem to have bad luck with picking the wrong people to try to date or simply too shy to deal with the dating arena, these guides can be helpful. There can be some useful advice in these books by the real experts on dating in this new age.

The problem is that many of the so-called “dating gurus” aren’t actually experts at all, as readers will notice almost from the first page of the book.

Instructions for Men

Many dating guides instruct men to behave in such a way around women that they’re more likely to be slapped than dated. Unless men are in a certain part of town and around a particular type of woman, they’re not going to be successful by using the “tips” in ebooks written by men that have bedded a significant number of women worldwide.

Of course, you may want a series of one-night stands. If so, by all means, take the advice these Lotharios are handing out.

Know What You Really Want

When you know exactly what you’re looking for, dating is the most successful. You’ve expressed an interest in finding a long-term relationship. Or are you more interested in casual dating and sex with no strings attached? Or perhaps you’re just looking to meet some new and interesting people?

Make a clear statement about what you want and what you don’t want. It may even be beneficial to sit down and write in a journal a little bit about the type of relationship you want and who would be the ideal person to have that relationship with before you meet someone.

Devious Books for Women

Are Dating Guides Really Useful
Books for Women – Are Dating Guides Really Useful?

On the other hand, there are just as many of these devious books for women as men. Women aren’t going to get a lot from them unless they’re completely new to the dating game.

However, is a 16-year-old girl really going to buy a dating guide that caters to women that are “legal?” If so, it’s only going to confuse her more than ever.

Ask Help from Friends

If you feel that you need a bit of help with dating, you probably have friends that will be more than happy to offer advice. Many times, that’s the best route to take. However, if you’re really serious about the advice you need, do your research before ordering just any dating guide online that looks useful.

Pro Tip: Are Dating Guides Really Useful?

Looking for similarity is founded on the belief that you won’t have problems if you share things in common. But over the course of a lifetime, every couple has problems.

Dig into Author’s Background

Dig into the author’s background and find out what their qualifications are for handing out dating advice. Also, keep in mind that helpful advice doesn’t always have to come from someone with “Dr.” in front of their name. Lots of times, someone with “real life” experience can be even more helpful because they’re real and have lived everything they’re telling you.

Common Questions: Are Dating Guides Really Useful?

  1. What does a man want in a relationship?

    Even though he may never verbally say so, your man wants you to be happy, interested in his interests, and to show you want him by initiating sex at times. He also deeply wants to be praised, acknowledged, and respected by you, encourage him to adventure, and be confident in himself and his abilities!

  2. What a girl should look for in a relationship?

    Loyalty is important in almost any relationship in a girl’s life. Sometimes, if a guy has had lifelong friendships, it’s a sign of loyalty and trust, and girls love that. She’ll also look to see what kind of guys you’re hanging out with-you are who you associate with.

  3. Do girls like shy guys?

    Shy guys are typically considered great listeners when it comes to romantic relationships. That is another reason why girls might find you irresistible despite your inability to approach them. So, don’t always fight it – being quiet and reserved could serve as a bonus for you.

The choice is yours as to what you feel is going to help you the most.

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