5 Best Ahrefs Alternatives & Competitors for SEO Keyword Research

Are you looking for some best Ahrefs alternatives to manage your SEO strategy or some platforms that work even better than Ahrefs or provide something unique and new?

So, here we are to introduce our engaging readers to better, more affordable, and best Ahrefs alternatives. We went through their features, prices, tools, and other factors to determine the best and most competitive ones compared to Ahrefs. 

Let’s not wait further because this article will lead you to explore some platforms that need more uplifting in the market.

What is the Ahrefs SEO Tool?

Ahrefs is an SEO software that helps you rank your web page or website high in the Google Search Engine. It possesses tools that help in the following:

Link building
Competitor analysis
Rank tracking 
Site audits
Content Research

These features help you create content with SEO to get ranked higher, leading the people on the web to engage in it and bringing more traffic and success to your website. 

Hence it’s a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs, especially for marketing professionals.

Benefits of Using Ahrefs Tool for Keyword Analysis

Ahrefs is not just called; it is a one-stop solution for all SEO needs. Let’s look into its features and know why?

  • Discover keyword ideas anytime: Appropriately fill your content with newly discovered ranking keywords. 
  • See key SEO metrics: Search volume estimates.
  • Find easy keywords to rank: Filter your searches to get high organic traffic potential words and low Keyword Difficulty scores for them. 
  • Identify long-tail keywords: With Aherfs, you can effortlessly search long-tail keywords.
  • Analyze the competition: Look into the latest top-ranking pages to analyze your competition and what you will have to do to put up with them or defeat them in the race. 
  • Go beyond Google: Research for keywords in other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, etc.
  • Save keyword ideas for use in the future.

Why Do We Need Ahrefs Alternatives?

No doubt Ahrefs is a great tool, but it has some limitations. If you’ve ever opened Ahref's official website, you must know its high prices for even the basic plans. Ahrefs doesn’t offer a free trial as well for a person to try out the services and figure out whether or not it’ll be a helpful addition.

It makes it difficult for beginners and freelancers just starting in this field to research data and create better content than the competitors. If money is not the barrier, you must have also noticed that Ahref sometimes offers incorrect details jeopardizing the competitor analysis and SEO strategy.

Not just this, but Ahrefs has many other limitations that can hinder your work, and hence, you must always have a backup plan, i.e., Ahrefs alternatives ready to try out. 

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Top 5 Best Ahrefs Alternative Tools

There are some other platforms have into the market that offers great assistance in creating SEO strategies and analyzing competitors and websites to know those factors, let’s proceed ahead:

1: SE Ranking

SE Ranking - Best Ahrefs Alternatives
SE Ranking – Best Ahrefs Alternatives

With simple handling and an easy-to-use platform, SE Ranking offers the same services with excellent efficiency regardless of the level of expertise one should have to function it. 

With 700,000+ users, SE Ranking has already made it to the top of the charts by providing services like:

SE Ranking SEO
Get real-time ranking positions of your website’s keywords across major search engines.
$18.72 $27.95
Discover the keywords and ads your competitors use in their paid and organic search campaigns.

With tools like these, SE Ranking is a one-stop solution for all SEO needs but with a more straightforward outlook to work efficiently. 

Сheck keyword rankings on different search engines with SE Ranking:

Google: Are you want to outrank the competition and boost your performance in the most popular search engine? With SE Ranking keyword rank checker, you can monitor your keyword position in Google over time and monitor competitors.

Bing: Do you want to track keywords in the second-largest search engine besides YouTube? With Its rank tracker tool, stay on top of your activities in Bing and drive traffic with lower competition.

Yahoo: Don’t want to put all your SEO eggs into one search engine basket? You can diversify your audience with the SE Ranking keyword position tool, track keywords in Yahoo!, and get more organic traffic from alternative markets.

Features of SE Ranking: What makes 700,000+ users choose SE Ranking?

  • Analyzation of core keyword parameters through:
    • Difficulty Score
    • Search Volume
    • CPC and paid competition

White Label: Let your clients access the Keyword Rank Checker labeled with your brand and shared via your custom domain. Bring the relationship with your clients to a new level, winning their respect and trust simultaneously.

API: This option is available for those who need more than a rank tracker with admin area access. All SEO data can be easily extracted from the keyword rank tool and used for your purposes.

Collaborative use: Are you working with many clients and partners? Organize your SEO workspace by creating sub-accounts with different access levels to keyword rank data and projects.

2: Serpstat

Serpstat - Best Ahrefs Alternatives
Serpstat – Best Ahrefs Alternatives

Serpstat was founded in 2013 using in-house software, and by 2016, it had evolved into an all-in-one SEO platform. The remarkable tools they offer give them renowned clients like Uber, Philips, and more.

The tools Serpstat provides: 

  • Marketing
  • SEO
  • PPC (Pay-per-click)
  • Domain and Keyword Analysis 
  • Content Marketing 

Technical Website SEO Audit Online Tool: Serpstat online SEO audit tool performs SEO analysis and scans websites for technical SEO issues. You can find errors that hold your site back in one click.

You can also export the audit summary report and get the issues for all pages in a single file. You can schedule a weekly/daily/manual SEO audit online, and Serpstat will automatically start crawling your website. You'll get a notification in your inbox when it is finished.

Online SERP Website Rank Checker Tool: You can also monitor sites' positions with global and local SERP checkers in mobile and desktop search results daily in real-time to increase visibility and boost the traffic of agencies and enterprises.

Serpstat's unique filtering option allows you to target and fine-tune separate pages and even categories on your site. Combine that with the monitoring data of your competitors, and you'll get valuable insight into which area to focus on.

Competitor Backlink Analysis Tool: You can quickly check your backlink profile with that of your competitors and tap into their most profitable backlink sources.

Open Backlink analysis and enter a competitive domain in the search area. Check out the top pages report, how many referring domains are placed on the website, which has unique IP subnets, and what is the domain authority.

Keyword Research Tool: Serpstat has the most significant regional databases of keywords and website keyword suggestions for Google search engines. These are 6+ billion keywords that your audience is looking for in search engines.

Easily explore your niche with a niche research tool and SEO site analyzer to get the best results. You no longer need to use multiple analysis services — Serpstat includes everything. The obtained data will help your audience to come to your site.

They have specialized their services for digital marketing agencies, in-house SEO terms, Small-medium businesses, and enterprises like Ahrefs specializations in specific fields like these. 

Features of Serpstat: Serpstat is all about saving time.

  • Keyword Research Tool 
  • Keyword Trends
  • Batch analysis of Keywords and domains
  • Rank tracking tool 
  • Competitor analysis tool
  • Analysis of contextual advertising
  • Backlink analysis tool
  • Site and page audit tool
  • Text analytic tool
  • Ready-to-use detailed checklists 
  • Custom reports
  • Team management 
  • White-label reports
  • APU and Integration 

You can quickly analyze competitors' sites in SEO and PPC to discover their traffic sources. Research all the competition for any topic, ad, or keyword with the Serpstat competitor analysis tool. Discover your competitors' traffic sources using competitor research and tap into them for your growth.

Then review all your competitors' keywords in organic search and track the growth dynamics of competitors and find valuable solutions for yourself. Make a detailed domain comparison to find a ranking gap, get all your competitors' top-ranking pages, and analyze what makes them so successful.

3: Semrush

Semrush - Best Ahrefs Alternatives & Competitors for SEO Keyword Research
Semrush – Best Ahrefs Alternatives

SEMrush, a 50-in-1 SEO tool, helps grow organic traffic with complete and easy SEO tools and workflow. How does it differ from Ahrefs? If the company finds any of these functionalities in any other similar platform, SEMrush's CEO promises he will eat his hat:

  • Over 23+ billion keywords from 130 countries are available.
  • Conduct a comprehensive website audit based on 130+ checks.
  • Get suggestions on how to improve your content to boost your search rankings.
  • Competitor websites and marketing methods should be monitored and analyzed.
  • Create and track your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and create, schedule, and share content on social media.

So why won’t one choose SEMrush?

Semrush Keyword Research: Find the best keywords to supercharge your digital marketing strategy. Discover any keyword's organic and advertising value based on search volume, intent, keyword difficulty, number of results, CPC, competition level, SERP Features, variations, and more.

You can easily find ways to rank for your rivals’ most profitable keywords. Optimize your organic keywords, find new ways to win SERPs relevant to your target audience, generate thousands of keyword combinations from one seed keyword, and explore a keyword toolbox with over 23 billion.

Content Marketing Tools: Easily create and execute a powerful data-informed content strategy based on your audience's needs. Combine creativity and analytics at each step of your workflow, from ideation to creation, optimization, and measurement.

With this tool, discover dozens of content ideas to create engaging content that resonates with your audience. Find popular topics, headlines, and questions asked online to draw up a successful traffic-driving editorial plan. Manage content strategies, plan editorial calendars, and collaborate with your team. Be on track with all your content marketing activities at every level, from a campaign to each of your colleagues' tasks.

Technical SEO Tools: You can check your site's health, analyze its crawl ability and issues, and get fresh ideas to boost rankings with Semrush’s technological SEO tools. Process your pages in minutes with a high-speed crawler and get actionable solutions to fix your website’s issues. Apply flexible crawling settings and run our highly detailed on-page and technical SEO checks.

You can improve the ranks of specific website pages with an exhaustive list of ideas. Receive tips on link building, content writing, SERP feature targeting, tackling structural and navigational issues, and finding new ideas for managing bot activity and crawl budget optimization. Analyze your access logs and get a clear picture of how a Google crawler interacts with your website.

Features of Semrush: With the tools that SEMrush offers, there are also some unique and creative features.

  • On-page SEO and Competitor Analysis.
  • Content Marketing with Local SEO.
  • Rank Tracking and Social Media Management.
  • Link Building and Competitor SEO Analysis.
  • Content Creation and Distribution and Content Optimization.
  • Content Marketing Analytics and Paid Advertising.

You can also analyze your competitors’ ad strategies and see their bidding keywords. View ad copy examples from the industry leaders, see what months of the year they were run, and discover new advertisers in Google Ads. Also, analyze the performance of other Google Shopping advertisers and learn search queries that trigger their PLAs to appear and their positioning. Explore your competitors’ most successful ads in detail.

Semrush website monetization tools provide the exact action points needed to improve your website. The recommendations are based on the analysis of your competitors (those in Google's Top 10 results) and your site.

These intuitive tools subtly provide optimization ideas for your text just as you bring it to life. Get recommendations about readability, words to use, title, word count, and tone of voice.

4: GrowthBar

GrowthBar - Best Ahrefs Alternatives
GrowthBar – Best Ahrefs Alternatives

With GrowthBar, make SEO content that Google appreciates and dominates your niche. Powered by billions of data points, Growth Bar offers unmatched tools that ensure growth.

Earn Higher Rankings with GrowthBar’s SEO Audit Tool: Are you wasting time and money on blog posts that don’t rank? GrowthBar does all the work for you. With a single button click, GrowthBar imports any article on the internet into our convenient text editor.

From there, follow GrowthBar’s step-by-step instructions for improving your article. Plus, use GrowthBar’s AI writing to add to or rephrase elements of your article for readability and comprehensiveness.

Keyword Ranking Tracking Tool: What good is great content if your keyword rankings don’t go up? That’s what this is all about. The GrowthBar Keyword Rank Tracker enables you to track thousands of keywords across multiple websites.

GrowthBar scrapes the Google search engine results page (SERP) thousands of times per day, so you know your exact keyword ranking at any time. Add thousands of keywords and update as many times as you like. This feature works in any language and promises to give you valuable insights as you develop your perfect content SEO strategy. Oh, and export to a CSV for easy parsing and analysis.

Competitor Research: One of the pillars of excellent content SEO is spying on your competitors. With GrowthBar, you can get all the crucial insights to guide your blogging and SEO strategy.

Competitive research is a foundational part of digital marketing, mainly SEO. If you knew which paid and organic keywords your closest foes care about, you could replicate some of their strategies or create new, better plans.

Which Metrics You’ll See?

Knowing what competitors are up to is helpful as you plan your content strategy. For instance, you can take it to the bank if they’re bidding on a keyword in paid ads. It’s a profitable keyword. With GrowthBar, you’ll get thousands of results for:

→ Organic traffic: Get the keywords, search traffic, and your competitors’ rankings for each.

→ Google Ads: Uncover competitor keywords, search volume, and cost-per-click keywords with their Google Ads keywords.

→ Backlinks: See your competitor’s backlinks so you can garner coverage from the same high authority sites as them.

If you want to get your webpage or site ranked on Google in minutes, It’s time for you to choose GrowthBar.

AI Blog Idea Generator: Having run multiple blogs ourselves, we know how difficult it is to develop new topics. Create incredible blog ideas in seconds using AI. Writer’s block no more with GrowthBar’s AI blog idea generator.

Enter a keyword, and GrowthBar will surface 100% unique blog ideas with Google-ready titles. Then, when you’ve found your desired topic, enter it into the Content Generator and create your masterpiece in minutes.

Features of GrowthBar: Other features and tools offered by GrowthBar SEO.

  • AI blog posts with AI outlines.
  • 20+ writes to create content in a few days.
  • Keyword research and keyword tracking.
  • Analyze competitors and on-page SEO audit tools.

GrowthBar has five stars on Capterra and 4.9 stars on G2 for a reason. It generates AI content with superior algorithms that practically write and optimize your blog posts for you. Even more, GrowthBar does keyword research, rank tracking, and backlink research like the great SEO tools you've heard of. Bottom line: if you want a tool to increase your web traffic, try GrowthBar.

5: BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo - Best Ahrefs Alternatives
BuzzSumo – Best Ahrefs Alternatives

Ahrefs is an excellent tool for keyword analysis; however, if you’ve explored it properly, you’ll know that you can analyze competitors and viral and trending content. As a substitute, you can also use BuzzSumo in this situation.

Millions of marketers rely on BuzzSumo to reveal the truth about what content works and what sinks without a trace.

Buzzsumo helps you find articles that are trending on any keyword. This way, you can research and discover the top content and ensure that your content is better than the rest. 

Competitor Intelligence: With BuzzSumo, study the competition more efficiently. BuzzSumo easily tracks the key metrics around your competitors’ activity. With BuzzSumo, you can quickly answer questions like:

  • What content works?
  • Which networks perform best?
  • Who is sharing their content?
  • How does our content compare?

You can enter a competitor’s domain to find their most shared content. Analyze what works for them by filtering according to networks, formats, and authors and get detailed competitor performance reports. BuzzSumo reports show you what works for your rivals, including average shares by the network, content format, length, and publication date.

Content Strategy: A solid strategy starts with statistics. With BuzzSumo, you can go deeper into the performance of any content and inform your strategy with data. Surf the tsunami of content and filter the stories that resonate with audiences, trending content, and the stuff that’s about to go intergalactic.

You can find the most shared content in the last 12 months or 24 hours. Get a snapshot of a moment, or analyze changing trends. With BuzzSumo, search like a pro to remove certain words and pinpoint the precise content and metrics you need.

Digital PR: You can upgrade your outreach efforts with BuzzSumo because this platform tells you which headlines get shared, who writes the big stories, and which influencers make a difference. With BuzzSumo, you can tag your campaign articles to share them with clients and colleagues, complete with aggregated metrics to showcase your success.

You can easily find influencers with authority. BuzzSumo helps you identify project collaborators, experts for comment, and journalists for outreach. Use filters to browse millions of influential social accounts across Twitter, Instagram, blogs, news sites, and YouTube. Search the 500,000-strong journalist database to find the right journalists for your campaign.

Features of BuzzSumo: PRs can do more with BuzzSumo.

Not only content, but BuzzSumo also helps in generating keyword ideas that you can use for your work. All in all, it is an excellent Ahrefs alternative that you must consider. Here are some Buzzsumo features that you must have a look at:

  • Keyword generator with content research.
  • Content discovery and content distribution tips.
  • Content trends and backlink analysis.
  • Alerts for authors and outlets.
  • Find influencers to promote your brand.

Videos are expensive and time-consuming; take the risk out of a film flop using BuzzSumo’s video marketing features. You can optimize the media in your marketing and research practical video ideas and formats across YouTube to ensure your message resonates.

Find the best ideas in your niche, answer your customers' questions through video, and build content to keywords. Know the formats that work, the length of videos that get the views, the titles that titillate, and the best point to hit publish.

You can easily compare how different topics stack up regarding views, engagements, and audience appreciation. Quickly move forward to creating with confidence in your strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Ahrefs Alternatives

  1. Which tool is best for keyword research?

    Except for Ahrefs, SERanking, Serpstat, and Semrush are some practical keyword research tools you can try. They offer detailed research analysis that can help you publish content that ranks. 

  2. Which is the best free tool for keyword research?

    Companies mentioned in this article, like Semrush, BuzzSumo, and others, offer free trials. As a beginner, that will help you analyze competitors and do keyword research for your projects. 

  3. Is Ubersuggest suitable for keyword research?

    UberSuggest is a good enough tool for keyword research, but after personally testing the web app, Afrefs, and its other alternatives look better for analyzing keywords. 

  4. Which is better, Ubersuggest or Ahrefs?

    Compared to Ubersuggest, Ahrefs is much better for various SEO research purposes. You can analyze keywords, competitors, content, and backlinks. 

Conclusion on Best Ahrefs Alternatives

Through the article, we have established that even though Ahrefs is great for keyword research and competitor analysis, however, due to its limitation, you might need some Ahrefs alternatives. 

Many companies provide keyword research data and competitor analysis that you can explore. However, if you are short on time and want to get started, you can choose any fantastic companies mentioned in this article. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. 

If you have any suggestions or additions to our list of best Ahrefs alternatives, you can leave a comment in the section below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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