12 Best Copyscape Alternatives to Fight Content Scrapers

11/20/2022 Update
This article will review and recommend the best Copyscape alternatives to fight content scrapers, including free and premium ones.

Do content scrapers websites or blogs outrank your original content? Don’t know how to deal with content scrapers? Well, Copyscape is the best tool to deal with content scrapers. However, it is a premium tool. If you’re running low on budget, then Copyscape may not be for you.

So this article will introduce some of the best Copyscape alternatives to help you catch content thieves.

Most tools not just help you with plagiarism but also with grammar, syntax, and sometimes even how your article “sounds.”

So, here are the best Copyscape alternatives for you. These are your best options if you’ve got content you’d like to check for plagiarism.

The Top Best Copyscape Alternatives to Fight Plagiarism

These are the best replacements for Copyscape.  Each of these options will let you detect plagiarised content.

What makes one better than the other? The database a tool uses to compare your articles against additional features like file uploads, exclusion features, third-party integrations, etc., and their pricing.


Grammarly - Best Copyscape Alternatives
Grammarly – Best Copyscape Alternatives

Primary features of Grammarly:

  • Checks on the ProQuest Database.
  • It has over 19 billion+ indexed web pages.
  • Checks for grammar.
  • Fluency and sentence structure fixing.
  • MS Word, WordPress integration, and a browser extension.
  • Desktop and mobile (iOS + Android) apps are available.
  • 100% free trial.

Grammarly compares against 19 billion+ webpages and the entire ProQuest database, which makes Grammarly one of the best alternatives to Copyscape.

Grammarly provides a paid premium plagiarism checking service that is much more comprehensive.
It flags words, sources references, provides advanced feedback, and assigns an originality score.

You can paste your text on its web-based plagiarism checker or upload entire files directly. It displays the overall percentage of copied text and the source.

Moreover, Grammarly is a complete writing solution. Its most notable feature is its spelling and grammar correction. It can fix sentence structure, suggest better words, help you improve the “tone” of your articles, and more.

It can also be integrated with MS Word, WordPress, and other text editors. There’s even a browse extension so you can check almost everything on your browser, and yes, it works in real time.

All this is for the client side. Meaning Grammarly doesn’t share your text or article with any third parties. It stays original and private. No one else sees what you’re checking, ever.

You can sign up for a free Grammarly trial today. Paid plans start at just $12.00 per month as well.

Everyone Can Write with Confidence With GrammarlyBeyond grammar and spelling


Quetext - Best Copyscape Alternatives
Quetext – Best Copyscape Alternatives

Primary features of Quetext:

  • DeepSearch technology (context/ word placement detection).
  • Spun-content detection.
  • Citation generator.
  • URL exclusion feature.
  • Forever free plan.

Quetext is one of those Copyscape alternatives which goes the extra mile to check your content’s uniqueness.

For starters, it uses DeepSearch technology to check plagiarism. It is the ability to check word placement and contextual analysis instead of just “sentences.”

It also is capable of detecting “spun” articles. In other words, software changes words for their synonyms to avoid Plagiarism. Those can be seen using Quetext.

It color-codes plagiarised content for easy recognition, just like Grammarly.

Best Copyscape Alternatives

Moreover, it also has an in-built citation generator. Similar to Grammarly, it shows you the source of the copied text. But then, it also automatically cites the source. It lets you keep the copied content without the risk of being sued or having plagiarised content, and those aren’t random citations either.

There’s this neat feature that even lets you “exclude URLs.” In other words, maybe you’ve got your blog or an article somewhere then you can tell the tool to ignore specific URLs so you don’t get those marked as plagiarised content.

Quetext has a free and paid plan, depending on your needs. The free plan is a great place to start, with plagiarism checks on 1 page (500 words), ColorGrade feedback, contextual analysis, fuzzy matching, and conditional scoring.

Do Original Writing and Make it Easy With QuetextQuetext is reliable, safe, and highly effective


WhiteSmoke - Best Copyscape Alternatives
WhiteSmoke – Best Copyscape Alternatives

Primary features of WhiteSmoke:

  • Checked against billions of web pages.
  • Fixes grammatical errors/ spelling mistakes/punctuation.
  • Native apps for Microsoft/macOS.
  • E-mail templates and language translator.
  • 100% free trial available.

The WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Checker is here to help you make sure your text is unique. The Checker can detect plagiarism in your blog posts, articles, research pages, and websites. WhiteSmoke offers a fast, accurate and reliable service that scans billions of websites online to ensure your text is authentic.

The tool, in general, is a grammar and sentence checker. It’s capable of detecting grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and, obviously, punctuation.

However, as a tool, it lets you check plagiarism. It’s worth a peek. The source of these checks is said to be “billions of webpages online.” The exact number isn’t mentioned publicly, though.

It has an in-built translator and “e-mail templates” if needed. The translator we just mentioned can translate from over 50+ different languages.

You can use the software across most, if not all, browsers. It includes Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Edge, and others. Native apps for Microsoft and macOS are available as well.

It offers an entirely free trial. All its paid plans include 500 credits for the plagiarism checker, and You can purchase more. Plans start at $5.00 per month and go up to $11.50/per month.

Check Your Text Against Billions Of Web PagesWhiteSmoke plagiarism checker


Primary features of Duplichecker:

  • Browser-based only.
  • One-click “plagiarism remover.”
  • It detects plagiarism in 8+ languages.
  • Check plagiarism on web pages directly.
  • File-upload supported.
  • Deep scan technology.
  • Free forever plan available.
  • Capable of detecting basic plagiarism techniques (spun articles).

Duplichecker is probably the best free Copyscape alternative on the world wide web.

DupliChecker is for everyone. Whether you are a website administrator, blogger, freelance writer, SEO professional, marketing manager, etc., DupliChecker offers many things.

It’s a web-based tool, which means you can use it from within your browser only, and no native apps are available. It uses a copy-paste interface. Paste the text you wish to analyze, and it’ll give you the results simply.

It also lets you directly upload files containing your text. .txt/.rtf/ .docx/.doc/ .tex/ .odt and .pdf files supported. It even enables you to enter URLs to check for plagiarized content directly.

It, too, uses DeepScan technology (not the same as Quetext) to detect plagiarism. Duplichecker can also advance detection, such as those with re-arranged words.

Duplichecker has a unique “make it unique” button. It will remove any plagiarised sections from your content and keep the content private. All checked content is deleted once a check is complete.

It’s multi-lingual, so it’s capable of detecting plagiarism in 8+ different languages (Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic, and Spanish).

The other basic grammar fixes, too, are suggested. Its free forever version lets us scan 1000 words/search. There’s a “Pro” version starting at $10.00 per month, and dozens of other plans available, depending on the number of searches and total words allowed.

Duplichecker Detects Plagiarism More AccuratelyNo limitations to document formats


Primary features of CopyLeaks:

  • Comprehensive plagiarism scan against billions of sources online.
  • Download the Similarity Report as a PDF.
  • Compare student assignments against one another.
  • Scan up to 100 documents at a time.
  • Detect identical, similar, and paraphrased text.
  • Scan images with text using OCR.
  • Scan text in more than 100 languages, including source code.

If you’re a professor, teacher, or supervisor of some kind, CopyLeaks is for you. It’s more suited for “institutions” than individuals.

It is AI-powered. In simpler words, this means the tool can detect paraphrasing, synonym replacements, and spun articles.

You will receive complete and accurate results from the CopyLeaks plagiarism checker in the form of a PDF report. You will see a full breakdown of word matches, side-by-side text passages, a similarity percentage, and more in any language.

It’s even explicitly trained to detect the two most commonly used plagiarism techniques- White Ink and Character replacement.

As for the UI, you can paste text, import files, or even scan text on images as it’s loaded with OCR (detecting text on photos). It’s not limited to English. Plagiarism in over 100+ different languages can be detected and reported.

One of its “professor-friendly” features is its AI grading feature. It grades essays for you in seconds. Furthermore, its CodeLeaks feature lets you check “source codes” for plagiarism.

It even has this SiteCompair feature which lets you compare two sites against each other, and this extends to every single webpage on each site, not just the exact domains you enter.

You can even compare data against specific files that are private to you. It’s one of the few alternatives to Copyscape that lets you specify or filter your plagiarism scans.

Its free plan has ten pages per-month-limited trial. The paid plans start at $24.99 per month (for 25K words) and can go up to $679.99 per month for the 10,000 pages you wish to scan.

Check for Plagiarism Through the Power of AI Detect plagiarism in seconds with Copyleaks

Plagiarism Detector

Primary features of Plagiarism Detector:

  • Forever free.
  • Check by URL.
  • Exclude URL.
  • Dropbox support.
  • Deep Search technology.

Another web-based plagiarism checker that lets you find copied content. You paste your content on its web dashboard, and it gives you the results.

It lets us scan up to 1000 words per scan for free. It is unlimited if you adhere to the 1K words per scan limit.

It supports direct file uploads and Dropbox files if you have files. It even has a “check by URL” feature, which lets you enter URLs and check how unique the content is.

Despite being a basic plagiarism checker, it still has the exclude-URL feature. It helps you avoid getting flagged for your content.

It does claim to have the “Deep Search” technology; however, details are thin on this one. The tool checks for word choices, lexical frequencies, and matching phrases.  It shows sources of flagged content and provides downloadable PDF reports for the scans.

It has optional paid plans. The cost is set to $1= 3000 words. It increases as you increase the no. of words, and the cheapest package costs $20 for 72000 words.

Plagiarism Checker is a Trustworthy Plagiarism ToolUser-friendly interface with plenty of features


Primary features of ProWritingAid:

  • One billion+ content and academic papers database.
  • Desktop app/ Chrome + Google Doc extension/ MS-word integration.
  • Grammatical fixes.

ProWritingAid is one of the most popular writing assistants on the planet. Whether you’re writing a short email, an A+ essay or the next bestselling novel ProWritingAid real-time AI gives you a second set of editing eyes at any time.

The only reason we haven’t listed it higher on this list of Copyscape alternatives is that Its primary focus is to help you write better, and the plagiarism checker is more like an optional paid extension.

It does check your content against “over a billion web pages, published works, and academic papers.” It means they don’t simply use Google dorks or sentence matches; instead, they have an advanced database to run your content through.

You can paste your content directly on the online dashboard. ProWritingAid also has an MS-word plugin and extensions for Chrome and Google Docs.

Other than checking for plagiarism, it helps fix grammatical errors, choose better words, and improve your content.

It has a forever free plan which offers basic writing suggestions with a 500-word count limit. Paid plans start at approximately $3.99 per month because rates may vary slightly depending on your country’s currency conversion.

ProWritingAid is a Proofreader and Writing CoachTransform your writing in a few clicks


Primary features of Plagium:

  • Few free “Quick Searches.”
  • Deep Scan is available but is paid.
  • Document sharing with team and colleagues.
  • Google Doc extension available.
  • Document upload + URL scans possible.

Yet another tool you can use instead of Copyscape to check for plagiarism. It’s web-based, although they recently did launch their Google Doc extensions.

Once you paste your text, it shows all the sources from which it is copied. It also offers a “similarity score,” which tells you how similar your text is to the original. It has two modes; the “Quick Search” mode is free but isn’t as detailed as the “Deep Search,” which requires signing up.

It also has a feature labeled “Analyze URL,” which lets you check plagiarism on websites.  You can also upload files directly to check content uniqueness. Both these features require registration.

Once an account is created, you must top it up with “credits.” Monthly plans, too, are available for subscription.

This collaborative feature lets you share files with others or vice-versa. You can even compare content to your documents from the dashboard.

Plagium Helps You to Ensure the Originality of a TextGet an in-depth plagiarism check


Primary features of EasyBib:

  • Check for unintentional plagiarism.
  • Strengthen your writing.
  • Find and fix grammar errors.

EasyBib has the plagiarism checker and grammar checker working together to indicate duplicate text and grammar errors.

Using the tool is easy: click on ‘check your paper,’ paste the text in the text box or import a file from the computer or Google Drive. The software will conduct plagiarism and grammar checks simultaneously and display the results.

The results are in three categories: grammar, plagiarism, and expert check. You can click on each option to see the errors and edit.

For a try, we uploaded a random file from our Google Drive and ran a check. The results appeared after a few seconds. We could only see part of the grammar errors and were prompted to sign up for a free trial to see all grammar and plagiarism errors.

There’s an option to choose the English language for checking your document. You can select U.S. English, UK English, CA English, and AU English.

While Copyscape only checks for plagiarism, EasyBib checks for plagiarism and grammar mistakes, making it an impressive alternative.

EasyBib has a free account and two paid versions at $9.95 per month and $19.95 per month.

Double-check for Plagiarism and Grammar ErrorsThe best papers start with EasyBib


Primary features of Plagiarisma:

  • Google and Bing databases.
  • File upload and Google Drive are supported.
  • Free forever.
  • Very basic interface.
  • URL-checks allowed.

This one’s a mostly free Copyscape alternative. It’s primarily web-based but does have native apps for Windows, BlackBerry, and Android.

Like most other apps, you paste your content, and it gives you results, simple. You can also upload various files (.docx/ .pptx/ .HTML/. PDF and many others). One other option is to load files directly from Google Drive.

We must say, though, it’s one of the slowest replacements for Copyscape on this entire list. Its privacy policy is pretty straightforward. It doesn’t store anything permanently.

Now, it’s not very advanced. You get to choose either from “Google” (requires registration) or “Bing” (open for all).

It shows the plagiarised lines, no. of results (sources) they were found on, and the domains (this requires registration). The lines which aren’t copied are marked “unique” in yellow for easier recognition.

It does allow URL-checking if you wish to check the content on websites. You can download a PDF report with the results if you want to.

Optional paid plans start at $8.00/day or $15.00/month.

Free Plagiarism Checker for Teachers and StudentsCopyscape and EasyBib alternative


Primary features of PlagScan:

  • It comes as software only.
  • Very detailed reports.
  • Collaboration and comments are allowed on reports.
  • PDF/MS Word formats are available for reports.

PlagScan is the most unique of all the other options because it’s not an online tool. It’s only available as software. Also, it doesn’t offer a free trial.

We love its reports as it categorizes the “sources.” You can filter for internet sources, your documents, the organization archives, the plagiarism prevention pool, etc. It lets you ignore the other sources if that’s what you want.

These reports can be downloaded as PDFs and MS Word documents (containing annotations).

It also is capable of advanced detection. So, it marks “possibly altered text,” “marked as quotation,” and obviously “exact matches.” It even allows highlighting the text directly on the dashboard, showing the sources for the selected text (if any).

The dashboard also allows collaboration on these reports. You can leave comments (and others can reply), so other teammates can see and rectify the mistakes.

Its plans start from $5.99. It’s a credit system. PlagScan bases its package calculation on a default quantity of 250 words per page. Credit usage is calculated based on the number of words in an analyzed document. For this, PlagScan has devised a credit system in which one credit point is expended for the analysis of up to 100 words per document (e.g., 1-1000 words = 10 credits, 1001-1100 words = 11 credits, 1101-1200 words = 12 credits, etc.).

The Plagiarism Detection Software for all File FormatsOne of the most efficient plagiarism detection tools


Dustball is not the most feature-rich alternative to Copyscape. However, it does get to job done to an extent.

It’s browser-based, so no downloads are available or required. Paste your text, and it shows you what’s copied and what’s not.

The problem? It’s free, but it’s not. It’s only free for 1000 searches per day worldwide. If 1000 people have used it for the day, you can’t use it for free.

The reports look basic, if you want us to be honest. It breaks down the sentences and shows the total number of sources and the exact text where it appeared. Clicking on the “X sources” link takes us to a Google search page.

We believe it uses the basic Google dork to find plagiarism, mainly with Google as its source.

The Typical Plagiarism Checker, Available From 2002Simple but efficient plagiarism detection tool

FAQs About Best Copyscape Alternatives

  1. Is Copyscape better than Grammarly?

    Grammarly allows you to check your work for grammatical errors and ensures your writing is engaging, all while detecting plagiarism. However, if you're writing content in different languages and need a specialized plagiarism checker, Copyscape is a better option.

  2. Can a plagiarism checker be wrong?

    Of course, any plagiarism tool can miss small elements. However, companies nowadays work hard to provide an extensive plagiarism checker that checks your work to ensure 100% authenticity.

  3. Is Quetext reliable?

    Quetext is reliable, safe, and highly effective for quickly verifying original work. Rigorous testing is involved with every update made to the product, and the comprehensive plagiarism score users receive backed by billions of internet sources. Students, teachers, and content writers rely on Quetext for fast and accurate verification.

Final Words on Best Copyscape Alternatives to Fight Content Scrapers

Grammarly is the best alternative to Copyscape in terms of comparison database, features, user interface, and pricing. Quetext or CopyLeaks is our second-best recommendation.

The other options, while pretty acceptable, do lack a few features or are just a bit pricey. However, it all comes down to your requirements.

Almost each of these best Copyscape alternatives offers a free trial anyway. So, try these Copyscape alternatives and see which fits your budget and requirements the best.

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