Top 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2023 for Better Experience

What are the top best Google Chrome extensions in 2023? Today we are here with the details about the best Google Chrome browser extensions and what is a Google Chrome extension.

Regarding web surfing, Google Chrome is the best browser till-to-date worldwide. And using the google chrome extensions makes it better. Undoubtedly, Google always offers the best, but using these extensions from our top best list will make you enjoy surfing and help you with many things like sync, load time, and performance.

As millions of google chrome extensions are available at the web store, finding the best extension for you is always challenging. Here is the list of the best Google Chrome extensions tested by our team and probably the best extensions available.

The Top Best Google Chrome Extensions in 2023

Note: Chrome extensions will slow down your browser performance. So please make sure only to use extensions that are needed for you and remember that many hackers have developed malicious and unethical extensions, so make sure before using them.

Let’s look closely at the Top best Google Chrome extensions we came across. Use these wisely and transform your online experience.

1.AdBlocker Ultimate
2.Better History
3.Evernote Web Clipper
7.Privacy Badger
10.Wiki Wand
Best Google Chrome Extensions

1: AdBlocker Ultimate

Advertisements are always disturbing, especially while surfing your favorite blog or website. As the name suggests, AdBlocker Ultimate is a new chrome extension that helps you block ads.

AdBlocker Ultimate is a free and improved version of advertisement blockers, and this will help you block all types of ads and makes it possible for you to focus more on the content you want. This extension blocks malware from malicious websites, disables sneaky tracking and improves browser performance.

From Text ads to Banner ads, Pop-up to Pop-down ads, video to webmail ads, and whatnot, this will block all with an easy installation process.

2: Better History

Who doesn’t like having quick access to their search or watch history, especially when searching for research work or your favorite article you missed? The Better History extension exactly makes that easy for you.

After installing this on your browser, you can always look better at your browser history. It also offers an extraordinary interface with the most valuable and powerful filters. It gives you more control over managing the browser history.

You can always merge your visits and downloads in one easy view with a single click. It also has a dark mode that is very beneficial in low-light conditions. It integrates the history from all of your devices, and the best part is it allows you to access the download history without any glitches.

3: Evernote Web Clipper

You may have seen Evernote many times over the internet, but what exactly is Evernote? Evernote is an app that helps many people organize their ideas, time, daily schedules, and many more. And the Evernote Web Clipper does precisely the same for you, but this is for web searches.

With the help of the Evernote Web Clipper extension, you can permanently save things you like on the web to your Evernote account. It acts as a clip that can help you clip all sorts of web pages, annotate, take screenshots, and even highlight what’s essential for you.

The best part about Evernote is that you can log into any device and save all you need into one Evernote account.

You can easily save web page URLs, images, and descriptions to your relevant Evernote notebook and keep all your related content in one easy-to-find place.

Best Google Chrome Extensions

The best part is to clip a particular web page selection, mail threads, and attachments.

4: FoxClocks

FoxClocks is a well-optimized yet simple chrome extension developed by the FoxClocks team. It looks pretty straightforward, but it’s brilliantly executed. This extension gets you a fully customized world clock on your desk and your browser’s status bar.

By enabling this, you can have a world clock with you. It shows you time from different countries at the bottom. It might not sound helpful, but many crazy freaks wish to stalk other countries’ time. You must pick a timezone or search the city you like and add it to your status bar.

This even accounts for daylight time, which is helpful for entrepreneurs, people in business, and many people. You can always stay confident that you will not miss any important meeting or deadline because FoxClocks always have your back.

5: LastPass

Remembering passwords has always been hectic for many, and LastPass makes this easy. LastPass is an online password manager that helps you save your passwords on your PC, Mobile, or other devices. Simply put, this allows you to manage your critical information, like passwords and usernames, with utmost safety and security.

There is an additional feature for this chrome extension that lets you fill forms with ease. It saves your info like address, credit and debit card numbers, insurance cards, and more. It will make it easy to fill forms with the required data with just one click.

LastPass allows you to use this data on any device you are logged in to, which doesn’t cost you a single penny. But the only thing you need to be concerned about is to look over your google account because the device with your account logged has all your info.

Millions of people around the world trust LastPass, they don’t get any of your info, so there is nothing to fear about LastPass.

6: MailTag

If you are a businessman, a small company, or a startup, then MailTag is just for you. MailTag will help you manage your emails by providing the best features like email scheduling, real-time email tracking, and automated email follow-up. It will give you pings and popups to make your work easy.

All these features are unlimited and are entirely free for two weeks. Anyone can get more sales quickly with email tracking by MailTag because they even offer a feature of Signature Generator that helps you generate signatures on the go.

Well, the only thing that concerns us is, MailTag isn’t a free service; you need to pay a decent amount to get this extension on your device. But you can always have the free trial of 2 weeks, that too without a debit or credit card, and decide later.

7: Privacy Badger

Everyone is concerned about privacy when it comes to browsing because many hackers and malicious websites will always try to steal and misuse people's data. And this caused havoc to many, especially the businesses that just are running online. For this, the Electronic Frontier Foundation developed the Privacy Badger idea.

So what can Privacy Badger do? Privacy Badger blocks invisible trackers and protects your privacy. It is an automatic tool, so you need not select the things to be blocked. Privacy Badger will automatically detect and stop hackers. Privacy Badger is baked by the Global Privacy Control department and sends signals to them not to track your data.

It will ask for your data to protect you from hackers. The company is always dedicated to not sharing your data with anyone; remember that they are not spying on you. The best part we liked was the Widget Replacement tab, which helps to have a list of widgets to be allowed from specific sites you wish.

8. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is the app you never knew you needed. Pushbullet is more like a notification tool that gives you push notifications of SMS, Social media messages, calls, and many more. It helps you to stay connected with people all the time.

You might think, what is so good about this feature? When you are on your system doing some work, and you are getting notifications on your mobile and need to attend it, this is made simple by Pushbullet. You can see all notifications from your android mobile on your computer’s browser, including phone calls.

The best part we liked is if you dismiss the notification on your computer, it will do the same on your mobile. Not only this, you can even text from your computer. Pushbullet has a spot in the TNW’s Apps of the year list. It is safe and end-to-end encrypted.

9. Screencastify

Screencastify is believed to be the #1 screen recorder available for Google Chrome. It will help you capture screenshots of your screen, edit them, and share videos in no time. It is one of Chrome’s most trusted screen recorders. One can record the desktop and browser tab, and you can even add your voice as narration to the video by using your microphone’s audio.

Note: Use the extension as per your requirement and never fill your browser with unnecessary tools, as this may interfere with your browser activity.

The best part is all the recordings are done in HD quality. You can even edit the video after it’s recorded. It will save the videos to your google drive in the background, and you can always share the videos with just a single link using the copy shareable drive link with just one click.

You can even share the video directly to YouTube and export it as GIF, MP3, or MP4. All these features are free for up to a time limit of 5mins per video. But to have a more extended recording, you need to pay for the premium version.

10. Wiki Wand

Wiki Wand is a modernized Wikipedia that keeps Wikipedia always near your search bar. It will optimize the content of Wikipedia for quick access and gives the user a significantly improved experience.

It is helpful for many researchers and college students who require Wikipedia. Wiki Wand will redirect you from Wikipedia’s article to the same article from its database and gives you a clean and stirring reading experience.

Simply put, Wiki Wand will make the Wikipedia stuff look better than its usual boring and unattractive interface. And this is available for multiple language searches. If you wish to go with Wikipedia for specific articles, you can click on the logo and go with it.

Thoughts on Best Chrome Extensions

So this brings us to the end of our topic, and we hope this was helpful. The above best Google Chrome Extensions are used by millions of users worldwide, and the working team always has continued efforts to provide a quality service.

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