Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android Devices 2023

It is nowadays quite amazing how the personal assistant apps are emerging, where the cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence has now become reality, and which can be used in our normal daily life to help us make things easier and faster. These apps have become so integrated with our lives in so many areas that now living without them seems so unusual. So, let us have a look at the few apps that are considered the best personal assistant apps for an Android device in 2023.

1. Google Assistant

Developer: Google

Google debuted Google Assistant with their new Messaging app which is known as “Allo”. Then it gets integrated with the Android's latest versions on the Google Pixel. The Google Assistant is quite simply the best assistant which is available as of now. It easily beats the Siri, in each and every possible way. Google Assistant can easily handle simple queries about the time, weather and etc. you can also use Google Assistant to call, text set reminders and much more. All the whistles and bells which you expect from a small assistant are there in the Google Assistant. You can even use it to control your Android device’ system settings that is Brightness, Bluetooth, etc.

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2. Cortana

Developer: Microsoft

Cortana which is a Microsoft Virtual Assistant has been now available for the Android from quite a time now. Cortana Voice recognition works very well, and the assistant can easily pull up the weather results for you. The assistant can easily set up the reminders, send text messages and call people. It also does the context based research. However, it can only remember all the context up one level. With the help of Cortana, you can’t change the system settings on your Android device, so you won’t be able to use it for changing the brightness, Bluetooth, and some of the other settings.

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3. Jarvis Artificial Intelligent

Developer: GS tech

Jarvis is another coolest app for Android as a personal assistant. It keeps you informed on almost everything you need on a day to day basis: Weather, Sports, Calls, News and text messages. With the help of Jarvis, you can even perform unique actions such as attaching a reminder to a preferred contact so that you receive alerts at the time of contacting them. With a clear voice command, one can ask the Jarvis to open the Chrome browser or play with screen or activate its camera and interact with the other built-in mobile software.

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4. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Developer: Lyra

Indigo Virtual Assistant, another Virtual Assistant with some of the great recognition capabilities, which can easily handle the time-related queries, weather. Just like the Cortana, it even understands context based weather queries easily. It can set up the reminders for you, can call people, send text messages, and can change the wallpaper of your phone.

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5. Bixby

Developer: Samsung

Bixby is developed by the Samsung and it is only available on the Samsung devices and gadgets. It simply free you to focus on what actually matters a lot. Bixby learns what you like to do and works imply with the favorite apps and services to help you get more work done. To make things happen, all you need to do is to say what you want, and Bixby will deliver. For sure you can even ask the Bixby for a dinner reservation, call a ride or even book a hotel all that with your voice.

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6. Amazon Alexa

Developer: Amazon

Amazon Alexa which is also known as the Alexa, is a virtual assistant developed by the Amazon, which is first used in Amazon Echo Dot Speakers and Amazon Echo. Alexa can do web searches, integrate with smart home stuff, and even order pizza! Its device restrictions are by far the worst part of it. Otherwise, this is right up there with Google Assistant as the best of the best.

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7. Databot

Developer: RoboBot Studio

It is a virtual talking robot, it will respond to your voice on the topics which you are interested in. Moroever, it’s a simpler, entertaining solution for all those people who like it. It ia an app which even tell jokes, riddles, and other goofy stuff like that. The app isn’t bad, but it’s not mind blowing either.

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8. Haptik

Developer: Haptik

Haptik is a 24/7 chat based personal assistant app to book flights, set reminders, books tickets and pay bills. Haptik is a chatbot platform which is based out of Mumbai, India, founded in the year 2013. The application is available on both the platforms of Android and iOS. It is a personal assistant mobile app, which is highly supported and powered by a combination of artificial intelligence and human assistance.

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9. Hound

Developer: SoundHound Inc.

‘Hound is the smartest and the fastest voice assistant’, that’s what they say at least. This is available on Android as well as iOS. Hound is really great to find something which you’re looking for and that too by speaking naturally, which is the main selling point of this app.

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10. Utter

Developer: Utter

Utter which is another virtual assistant which you can use on your Android smartphone. It has a decent recognizing and accuracy speech with almost 95% of the time. Utter can help you with the time, weather. Moreover, it won’t be able to context based on the weather searches for you.
Utter cannot be used to set the reminders, but it can be used to call people or send the text messages. The voice feedback which is supported and provided by the assistant is based on the artificial and machine learning concept.

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