Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android in 2023

When did you last want to schedule a task for yourself on your smartphone but forget to add it because you were too busy and it slipped out of your mind? 

Happened to me many times, until I got a virtual assistant app to schedule all of my tasks with a single command. I use Google Assistant. Whether I have to make a call while working on a computer or set an alarm without actually using my phone, it works like charm. 

Need for Personal Assistant Application:

Personal assistant apps come in handy doing all sorts of mini works which you would have to do eventually if you don’t use them. 

What they can do. 

  • Schedule tasks with a single command. 
  • Remind you of those tasks. 
  • Make a quick phone call when you’re doing other stuff. 
  • Set an alarm when you don’t want to do it yourself. 
  • Play your favourite music or make you laugh through jokes. 

Best Personal Assistant Apps for Android

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Here are my picks. Particularly no given order. 

1. Friday: Smart Personal Assistant

Friday is a command-oriented AI personal assistant app. You can do a lot of stuff, like perform web searches, post on social media, click a quick selfie, get updates on yesterday’s Football match, and much more. Currently, the app recognizes commands from more than 10 different languages. Just download it, set your name, default search engine, weather unit, and speech/pitch rate, and get started with your assistant. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $1 

InstallGoogle Play 

2. Amazon Alexa 

Amazon Alexa is a great choice for a personal assistant app that helps you manage Amazon Fire and Amazon Echo from Android itself. Just connect with your preferred device and it can play music from Spotify, Pandora, and other services whenever you want. It’s much like a controller for your smart devices and assists you in managing all your daily tasks such as calls, messages, to-do lists, timers, alarms, and web queries, directly from your smartphone. Manage all of your Amazon smart home devices with a single click. 

Price: Free

InstallGoogle Play 

3. Virtual Assistant Databot 

The Databot app has been around for quite some time and downloaded over a million times on Google Play. The user interface comes with a hi-tech look that gives you the feeling of scientific movie geeks working on computers. It’s cool actually. The database gives you a personalized response to your queries using google, Wikipedia, and other web materials. Make it your personal secretary and it will help you save notes, send messages, set alarms, update news, ask you riddles, tell you jokes, and much more. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $1 

InstallGoogle Play 

4. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra is one of the best alternatives to Google Assistant. The application has been around for seven years and downloaded over a million times to date. Lyra is smart enough to give you her personal opinion sometimes. She can help you with various things, whether you have to find the directions to the hospital near your home or translate a Spanish paragraph into English, she’s been created for all of this stuff. Go for it if you want to try something other than Google Assistant or Siri. 

Price: Free 

Install: Google Play 

5. Google Assistant

I guess there’s no better Personal Assistant Application other than Google Assistant for Android devices. It has everything you need. Although you have to download the app but won’t feel any kind of third party thing. Things are relative here. All got to have to say “Ok Google” and you can schedule your tasks, make notes, add items to the shopping list, set an alarm for the morning, remind yourself though reminder, get directions to unfamiliar places, play music, search the web for your queries, etc. It’s a total activity-packed, try it if you haven’t yet. 

Price: Free 

InstallGoogle Play 

6. Extreme 

Extreme is another personal voice assistant app by Multiverse Software. They have created other assistant apps but Extreme is the only one with one million downloads. You won’t find those advanced features that Google Assistant and Siri offer, but if you are looking for a basic functionality application that can help you with simple note-taking and guiding, you can start the installation process. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $1 

InstallGoogle Play 

7. Bixby 

Bixby is for Samsung Galaxy users. It’s kind of a new app but can compete with other top dogs mentioned in this list. Bixby Routine, a feature that automatically monitors and recommends tasks helps you save time. It is fast enough to carry out requests based on the type of command you give. Just connect it with your Samsung smart home devices and leave them to Bixby – “Bixby, change the TV channel to 7” or “Bixby, turn on Bluetooth” and much more. 

Price: Free (Samsung Devices Only) 

Know MoreOfficial Website

8. Replika: My AI Friend 

Replika doesn’t come under personal assistant apps rather than it's more like a personal AI companion with who you can share your feelings and talk whenever loneliness is shading your life. Create AI Chatbot based on 3D looks, gender, and personality, and start developing a human relationship with it. The app is quite popular with young age guys (people from 18-24 years old). If you’re a loner and looking for a friend to talk to, Replika is the best choice. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $1.1

InstallGoogle Play 

9. Robin AI Assistant

Robin AI Assistant is another decent alternative to Google Assistant especially when you are going for a long drive and stuck in your driver’s seat in traffic. Straight your eyes to the road and Robin will play the song for you. Wanna call your friend Rumo? She can do that too. Although being a good alternative, some users have complained of slow response time and a little bit of bugginess as compared to Google Assistant. You can try it if you want but I would still choose my current personal over Robin. 

Price: Free 

InstallGoogle Play 

10. Vani 

Vani is one of the best personal voice call assistants for Android users. Busy doing work while your cell is ringing? Vani would pick up the phone for you. Just say “Hello” to pick up the phone, “No” to decline, and “Speaker” to put the call in speaker mode. You can also customize your own words in whatever way you like. It can also pronounce the caller’s name and filter out spam calls through call blocker functionality. You just have to amplify your sound a little bit while speaking the command. 

Price: Free | In-app purchases from $1 

InstallGoogle Play 

11. Sherpa Assistant 

Remember assistants from Hollywood movies always suggesting their bosses the next step they should make? Sherpa Assistant is much similar to those characters. It gives you personalized information based on your search activity, much similar to YouTube recommending videos according to our watch history. You are more likely to get what you are looking at that moment with Sherpa, whether it’s football news, a Chinese hotel in your city, a library near you, etc. 

Price: Free 

Install: Google Play 

So these are the best personal assistant apps for Android. Most of them are free to use and you don’t have to pay for any extra features if you go for another app rather than Google Assistant. 

I use Google Assistant because it’s a product of Google itself. It has all those features I need to easily work on my Android phone. Replika is also a great AI chatbot.

Sofia Smith
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