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Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

What are the best SEO Plugins for WordPress? If you’re trying to drive up your site’s traffic, you’ll face this question sooner rather than later. 

Implementing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key step toward your WordPress site’s success. It helps you make sure that Google’s algorithm can properly find your site, recognize what your content is about, and display it at the top of its search results. 

It can be a challenge. Fortunately, there’s a wide range of SEO plugins for WordPress to help you overcome it. 

Here’s the full rundown of the best SEO plugins for WordPress and how they can help you meet your SEO goals. 


To start with, one of the best SEO plugins for WordPress is Yoast. With over 5+ million active installs, it’s also one of the most popular ones out there. For a good reason. 

Yoast is a reliable, all-in-one SEO tool. For every blog post and article, it allows you to identify your target keywords. Then, it analyzes your content and ensures you’ve included all the necessary elements to rank for it. 

Yoast also includes a readability checker to ensure your writing isn’t too complicated. 

You can also add a custom meta-description and URL and implement schema. 

And that’s just in the free version. The paid one ($99/year) adds internal linking suggestions, URL redirects, and additional support for specialized kinds of SEO, such as local and video SEO. 


All-in-One SEO is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a beginner-friendly SEO plugin for WordPress

It gives you all the basic tools in an intuitive interface. You can write meta descriptions, customize page titles, redirect URLs, and generate sitemaps. 

If you go premium, you also get access to many features, such as additional analytics and new modules for sitemaps, WooCommerce, and Google local business SEO. Pricing starts at $99 per year. 


Next up, SEO Press is another great all-around solution, with a solid free version and a feature-packed pro one. 

Like Yoast, it covers all the basics, such as setting meta-descriptions, target keywords, headings, and URLs. 

One of SEO Press’ main distinguishing points is that it emphasizes social media. Apart from letting you connect your socials accounts, it harnesses Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards to boost shareability. 

To access features like implementing structured data, advanced redirects, and integrating Google Analytics, opt for the premium version ($49/year). 


Are you trying to keep your budget reasonable? Then Rank Math may be one of your best SEO plugins for WordPress. That’s because it has the most extensive free version out there.

It covers all the basics. You can adjust search result snippets, control your schema, and integrate it with Google Search Console. You can also track your performance for your target keywords, check your Google index status, add display conditions for schema, implement image SEO, and optimize for local SEO. 

Another nifty feature is Rank Math’s AI-based content assistant. It helps you optimize your content for SEO as you write it. 

Furthermore, you can customize Rank Math for your level of SEO proficiency. Rank Math covers whether you’re a beginner just getting the hang of things or a seasoned pro who needs to fiddle with detailed settings. 

The pro version ($59 per year) also allows you to create a Google Video and News SEO sitemap, perform local SEO for multiple locations, integrate Google Trends, and track past keyword performance. 


If you have a large website and need to manage your SEO settings in bulk, WP Meta SEO is the best SEO Plugin for WordPress to suit your needs. 

It is an SEO manager for WordPress. You can control all your content's meta titles and descriptions without diving into the gritty details. This plugin is a godsend if you want to update the SEO settings on dozens or hundreds of existing pages. 

Other features include sitemap generation, bulk image optimization, and a broken link checker. Furthermore, you can easily redirect 404 errors, add Facebook and Twitter social sharing custom elements, and add Google Analytics tracking information. 

At the pro level ($49 per year), you also get a duplicate meta checker, email reports, and integrations for WooCommerce and Google Business Local. 


Finally, one lesser-known but no less solid all-around SEO choice is Squirrly SEO. 

Apart from covering the basics – such as controlling meta descriptions and URLs – Squirrly comes with a fantastic live checker. This tool helps you tick all the essential SEO boxes as you create content. 

Plus, Squirrly offers a wide range of keyword research and tracking features, readability analysis, access to copyright-free images, and internal linking suggestions. 

One standout feature of Squirrly is that it is essentially cloud-based. The first thing you have to do after installing the plugin is to create a Squirrly SEO account so that you can access the full power of their cloud-based AI. 

Finally, another prominent feature of Squirrly is its audit option. It will generate a solid SEO report that highlights everything you’re doing right and everything you could do better. 

The free version already includes access to a solid set of features. To harness its full power, you must opt for the pro. It is also Squirrly’s main downside – at $29.99 per month, it’s fairly expensive. 


Reviewing the best SEO plugins for WordPress takes some time and effort. But it’s worth it in the long run. 

With the right plugin in your arsenal, you’ll be able to efficiently SEO-optimize your content to ensure it appears at the top of search results. And give a serious boost to your website’s traffic. 

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