Childcare Tips for the Mother-to-Be

Childcare Tips for the Mother-to-Be

The search for childcare ideally should begin when you discover your due date. It gives you plenty of time to research your childcare options. Depending on the type of childcare you choose, several items are essential to consider before selecting a childcare provider, so we are here with childcare tips for the mother-to-be.

Be careful choosing the type of childcare

Do you need in-home care in which a single caregiver comes to your home? If this is the type of care you need, be aware that many of these providers are not licensed, nor are they required to be licensed. In this case, getting references from previous employers for at least 5 years is essential.

Ask for names and phone numbers; don’t hesitate to call the parents who have used their services. If the provider refuses or cannot provide this information for you, move on. In-home caregivers may be left alone with your child. They may be unlicensed and are often costlier than other types of childcare; caution should be exercised when choosing this type of childcare.

Family childcare

Another option is family childcare, a more casual environment with a limited number of children enrolled and usually less expensive than daycare centers. This type of childcare requires you to drop off and pick up your child at the person’s home.

If you are late taking up your child, the caregiver may charge you; the caretaker operates more like a nine-to-five business and may severely enforce this rule. These childcare providers should be licensed, and the type of care provided depend on the individual, so again, references from other parents are crucial.

Daycare center

Still another option is a daycare center, which must be licensed. Your child will be among more children, receiving less individualized care than the previous two types of childcare mentioned. However, there are many benefits to this type longer hours of operation, less stringent rules on pick-up and drop-off times, and more activities with more children to interact with.

The downside may be the more children your child is exposed to, the more chance of illness and other problems resulting from interacting with many young children at once.

Childcare Tips for the Mother-to-Be Checklist

Before you have your baby is the best time for you to visit your prospective childcare providers. Take a notepad with you; make notes of any positive or negative items you want to check into later. Checklists provided by several websites can be printed out, using your notes for comparison.

If you return to work after maternity leave, having several providers lined up will make your intro back to work less stressful. If you work out of your home or part-time, having a childcare provider on call for emergencies is still beneficial.

It would be a drop-in provider who can be called at the last minute and is an on-call provider. Having a drop-in childcare option will also give you time to get back into the routine post-baby.

Even a few hours a week can provide you with time to do the grocery shopping, keep doctor’s appointments, have lunch with a friend or get out of the house for an hour.

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