Complete Google AdSense Guide: Everything You Want To Know

This page is your one-stop destination for learning everything there is to know about AdSense, a complete google AdSense guide. You will learn the basics like creating an AdSense account & you will learn advanced tips on how to earn more from AdSense.

But, first, let’s start with the basics so that you have a complete picture.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is one of the best contextual advertising networks available for publishers, webmaster/website owners, Youtube Channel Owners & Content writers. It is an advertisement program started by Google. When you place Adsense Code on the website, Contextual ads appeared on your website/blog & publishers get paid when anyone clicks on these ads placed Ad Networks

This advertisement Service by Google is designed to display targeted text, Video, or Image Advertisements on the publisher’s website pages & get paid when visitors click on those ads or view them. It is one of the most popular options to monetize your content. Please read more further to know more about Google AdSense.

What are the steps to the Google AdSense approval process?

Google AdSense approval process has been changed & it is super easy for new publishers. Here is the new account approval process. Here are the steps to do the same.

  1. Ensure your website is compatible with AdSense
  2. Sign up for an AdSense account
  3. Login to your AdSense account
  4. Add the AdSense code to your blog
  5. Wait for one or two weeks to get final review & approval from Google Adsense/Ad network.
  6. Adsense team lets you know the status of your Adsense application.
  7. Now, You can implement ads on your website.
  8. That’s all. You start making money.

Usually, it would take up to 48 hours to review your application. Your application approval is notified on your email-id. Meanwhile, the website would start showing ads on your blog. You will start making money. The Google AdSense approval process was simple.

What are the pre-requisites for getting the approval of Google AdSense?

There are a few minimum pre-requisite requirements to get your Google AdSense account application approved. These must be meet by publishers before you can apply for Google AdSense.

Here are the pre-requisite requirements to get your Google AdSense account application approved.

  1. First, one needs to have a website/blog.
  2. You, Your website & all of its content must comply with AdSense policies & terms and conditions.
  3. The website or blog must be at least 6 months old.
  4. The applicant of AdSense must have 18 years old, else, apply using a parent or guardian name.

Please note, Google AdSense reserves the right to decline your Adsense application even if your application meets all the requirements of Adsense.

Does the blog of allow you to add Google AdSense?

No. does not allow Google AdSense code to be added to your website. It allows only when you upgrade your plan to the business plan.


Google AdSense Vs Google AdWords

Advertisers widely use AdWords, whereas, on the other hand, Google AdSense is the most popularly used by Content Publishers.


AdWords enable anyone to advertise on While AdSense allows the publishers to monetize their websites or blogs. All of this is for earning a valuable sum of money from the relevant AdWords ads. These ads are found to be displayed next to their content.

Google AdWords allows people to advertise on the publisher’s websites. It also includes those participating in the Google AdSense program.

Google AdSense allows publishers to show ads on their website. It helps to make money from your website.

What are the most popular ad sizes of AdSense?

The most popular AdSense Ad sizes do not necessarily the best in terms of revenue & user experience. But, they often have the largest competition for advertisers to fill space.


These includes:

AdSense AD-Sizes           Description of Ad

  1. 336 x 280                       Large Rectangle
  2. 300 x 250                       Medium Rectangle
  3. 728 x 90                         Leaderboard
  4. 300 x 600                      Half Page
  5. 320 x 100                       Large Mobile Banner

What are the optimization guidelines of Google Adsense?

Here are the optimization guidelines for Google Adsense if you wish to drive up ad competition for space on your website. The Google AdSense optimization best practices are according to Google,

  1. Publishers excel to blend, complement, contrast ads &content on the webpage of the website.
  2. While customizing ad styles, use colors that already exist on the site. But don’t match backgrounds and borders. Choose colors that stand out against the background.
  3. Maximize your ad space with multiple ad units. There exist a large inventory of ad types, styles, & sizes that may be displayed.
  4. Don’t Limit the selections to what you think works best. It is because it limits ad earnings, & also impacts negatively for visitors.
  5. Consider more than what ad sizes advertisers are seeking to place most.
  6. Showing fewer ads can actually increase revenue.
  7. Display both text and image ads.
  8. Show certain visitors an image ad and others a text ad is an optimal way to approach the issue.
  9. Usually, text ads load faster. Best for certain users/devices, but not for others.

How To Add Google Adsense To a Website?

To add the Google Adsense Ads on your website you need to do the following things.

  1. Go to Adsense Website
  2. Login to Google Adsense
  3. Go to Create Ads
  4. Create All types of ADs and Save code.
  5. Copy that code and paste it on the Website where you want to place those ads.

What is the process for Google AdSense approval?

Here is the process for Google AdSense approval.


1. click on
2. Register for an AdSense account
3. Provide all the correct information about:

  •   Your Name
  •   Address,
  •   Website URL

4. log in to your AdSense account creates AdSense codes.
5. Place the AdSense codes in your website/blog sidebar.
6. Ads will shows as blank until the final approval process is done. It may usually take up to 2 weeks for approval. Make sure you don’t remove the ads.
7. After the final AdSense approval, you will get a confirmation email.
8. Once your AdSense earning reaches $10, AdSense will mail you a PIN to your address.
9. log in to your AdSense account, and enter the Pin once you receive it.


Congrats you have completed all the steps of Google AdSense Login With Account Sign-Up. Further, As soon as your AdSense account reaches $100, Google will send you via wire transfer. For all AdSense payments, It is recommended you to enable direct bank transfer for AdSense payments.

What exactly are the steps to make a Google AdSense account?

AdSense account approval process includes the following steps:

  1. SignUp Google AdSense
  2. Add AdSense code to your web blog.
  3. Wait while your account is reviewed & either accepted or rejected

Further, it is important to ensure that your website is abiding by AdSense guidelines before applying it. Also, make sure to go through the terms and conditions pointed out on the signup web page to learn more.


What is the very best AdSense Ad Size?

We all know ad placement is usually a key factor. Other than that, It is discovered that the very best sizes are 336×280 and 300×250. These advertisements tend to fit on all screen sizes & also have the best pay rate as well.

What is the very best AdSense Placement?

Usually, It depends upon your layout of the theme. The aim is to get even more clicks. It means you want to put your advertisements in a far more prominent spot. It is discovered that advertisements within post content near the top of the screen tend to get many clicks from the audience.

While analyzing it further, always make sure that you don’t violate Google Adsense TOS. If you violate TOS, then your account may get banned from Google Adsense.

May I click on my own AdSense Ads?

It is highly advisable not to do this as Google’s algorithm is very smart and detect all invalid clicks made on your own advertisements. This can get you banned from the Google Adsense program.

What is Page RPM?

RPM is Income per Mille. It means income per thousand impressions (as 1k impressions). It is calculated by multiplying the total number of clicks & CostPer Click (CPC) and divide that by the total number of page views.


What is Page RPM in Google AdSense?

Revenue Per Mille (RPM) means revenue per 1k impressions. It is calculated by multiplying the total number of clicks & price per click and divide it by the total number of page views.

Can I make use of my blogger or youtube AdSense accounts with WordPress?

Yes, you can do that by following the below steps.

  1. Go to your AdSense account.
  2. Under ‘My Ads,’ select the ‘Other Products’ option.
  3. You should click ‘Upgrade Now.’
  4. Fill up the application form.

What are the things you must do before applying for Google Adsense?

The things you must do before applying for Google AdSense are:

  1. Always Write High-Quality Articles as Google loves High-quality articles beneficial for people.
  2. Create Privacy Page, About Us Page, Contact Us Page, for Your Website
  3. For Best Performance Optimize & Improve Website Design
  4. Use A Top Level Domain
  5. Remove any other Ad Networks.
  6. Unique & Fresh Content consumable by the audience
  7. Organic Traffic (Not mandatory)

When and how does Google AdSense pay publishers?

Every month, Google AdSense calculates your prior month’s earnings and shows them on your “Transactions” page. If your profits match the mandatory threshold, in that case, your payment is prepared & released by the 21st of this month.

There are multiple payment methods available, including direct electronic transfer, wire transfer, check, Western Union, and other options.


Why my application for Google AdSense rejected?

Google Adsense rejects your application if your website doesn’t meet the AdSense program policies And/Or their terms & conditions.

When does Adsense Send Verification Pin?

Google sends a verification pin only when we make $10 and display it in our Adsense account. After that, Adsense sends PIN simply by velocity post or courier.

How to Verify Google Adsense Pin?

As soon as the publisher’s AdSense account reaches 10$ & displays it on the AdSense account, the Google Adsense team sends PIN either by speed post or courier with 30days.

What If We don’t get Adsense Pin?

Let’s assume; if you don’t get a PIN in the first attempt, you can apply it three times for PIN verification.

If Still, you don’t get a PIN on our mailing address, you fill-up the online form on our Adsense account and submit it to Adsense along with ID proof. Within 2-3days, your account to get verified online from Google Adsense.


Can I have more than one account of Google Adsense?

No, You can not. According to the Adsense Policies, only 1 account can be created by a publisher. It strictly means that one cannot create multiple accounts with the same name and/or information.

Of course, A new account can be created with your family information.

Can I operate multiple Adsense accounts with the same laptop or computer?

Yes, you can do this as long as all the accounts are different from one another.

What Should be Maximum CTR be?

Usually, From 1% to 5% is a great CTR. However, It is also possible to get more than that. Once you get it, you should focus on making it a great CTR for youtube or blog pages.


When & How I get Adsense Money?

Any publisher makes 100$ on a Google Adsense account; Adsense sends money via wire transfer.
For non-hosted accounts such as blogs/websites), payment will be updated on the 1st of every month.
In the case of a hosted account such as YouTube, your payment will be updated on every month’s 12th date.
Further, Google finalizes earning & send them to you on the 22nd of every month by wire transfer. Depending upon the bank, you will receive your payment as specified around 5 to 6 days of the time.


What are the reasons to suspend Google Adsense Accounts?

There can be n number of known reasons to either block or suspended Google Adsense account. The most typical one out of it is usually “invalid click.”

Therefore, always ensure that you follow Google Adsense terms & conditions & keep a tab on changes to the policy. Else, you can get yourself a penalty/suspension from the Google Adsense program.

Wrapping Up

While there are now several ways to make money online, like starting your own online store but monetizing your website with AdSense is a quick and easy way to start earning a profit from your content. If you’re running a blog with a large following, it won’t be long before AdSense starts paying off for you. But, be aware that not every internet user likes to see ads on the websites or videos they visit – especially if they’re large and overall in the way of the user experience.

You won’t earn money on ads, no matter how many you place, if your hard-earned readers or watchers turn away immediately. Monitor user reactions to your website’s ads and work to provide the best experience while still making a profit.


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