First Selfie In Space By Buzz Aldrin

First Selfie In Space By Buzz Aldrin

Selfie In Space.? Are you serious.?
What do you do when nobody is around to take your picture? You take a selfie. Self-portraits have a long history in the art world, and with the rise of smartphones, selfies captured by cameras have become very popular. Since 2014, the United States has celebrated June 21 as National Selfie Day to honor this style of high-tech self-portraiture.

First Selfie In Space in History

Decades before the word “selfie” exploded into popular culture, NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin shot the first selfie in space. While on a spacewalk during the Gemini 12 mission on November 12, 1966.

That was Aldrin’s very first space flight. Three years later, Aldrin and Neil Armstrong became the first two humans to walk on the moon.

First Selfie in Space

The first selfie in space was taken (in November) by the NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin. It is also known as EVA Selfie. Extravehicular activity (EVA) is an activity done by an astronaut or cosmonaut outside a spacecraft beyond the Earth’s extraordinary atmosphere, which is also known as the spacewalk.

The first known selfie in space, (during an EVA – an earlier shot inside the capsule was taken on Gemini 10 by Michael Collins), was taken by Buzz Aldrin during the Gemini 12 mission.

First Selfie In Space By Buzz Aldrin – Source: Wikipedia

The extra-vehicular activity (EVA) equipment used by astronauts during spacewalks contains a specially designed camera for photography in outer space. The primary purpose of the EVA camera is to take pictures of the subjects related to the missions.

Words Of Buzz Aldrin

“I took a few pictures of things as we went over. And then I thought, I wonder if this could take a picture of me with the ultraviolet film. So I turned around, clicked the camera and it turned out pretty good!”

Aldrin took the shot during NASA’s 1966 Gemini 12 mission, which was his first spaceflight and focused on an extravehicular activity (EVA). In 2015, a vintage print of the selfie sold for around $9,200 at an auction in London.

More About First Selfie In Space

During the Gemini 12 Space Mission in 1966, Buzz Aldrin took this photo using an invisible film over the camera, which was fitted on the spacecraft.

He took part in the more famous Apollo 11 mission – during which he became the second man to walk on the moon and the first to urinate there in 1969. 

Aldrin was part of the NASA missions Gemini 12 and Apollo 11. According to Wikipedia, he has spent 12 days 1 hour and 52 minutes in space during his missions.

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