Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History

Kuldhara Village is located at a distance of 18 kilometers from Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan. Never very rich, it has turned into ruin village today. The mysterious and bizarre activities it is called the village of ‘ghosts’. Cursed, Abandoned, Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History.

Kuldhara History
Why did all of the residents of Kuldhara flee one night under the cover of darkness?

History Kuldhara (Kuldhara Village History)

Some 300 years ago, it used to be a prosperous village of Paliwal Brahmins under the state of Jaisalmer. According to the legend, the evil eyes of Salim Singh, the powerful and debauched prime minister of the state, fell on the daughter of the village head and he desired to marry her by force.

He threatened the village with grave consequences if they did not adhere to his wish. Instead of submitting to the order of the tyrant, the Paliwals held a council and people of 85 villages left their ancestral homes and vanished. But this was not all; before leaving, they put a curse on Kuldhara that no one will ever be able to settle in their village thereafter. To this date, the village remains barren; left almost the same as its inhabitants had left it centuries ago. It is also said that people who have tried to stay there at night have been chased away by strange paranormal phenomenon.

Is Kuldhara a ghost town ?

Many stories floated around. Some say the “chudails” or ghosts walked around in the night, haunting the place. Others say that no body lived here anymore as mysterious deaths have occurred. The silence was not comforting . And then the voice of the old man floated in the air .“No one knew anything about them, some say they came from Pali in Jodhpur, some say they went back to Pali but only their souls now rest in Kuldhara .”

While a daily flock of bewildered tourists besieges the village during the day, no one is allowed to stay in the area after 6pm or sunset — one of the pre-conditions of the visit enforced by tourism officials.

This story was narrated to by the old man (Babaji) who keeps the village, he is interesting man and his two sons too. Some time when you met him mind his takiya kalam ‘baba ji badhiya hai’. Foreign girls are fan of him and he of them.

We don’t believe in ghost out there in Kuldhara and neither Babaji and his sons but you can feel something different..

Many claim this Indian village is haunted, with mysterious disappearance of an entire community

Cursed, Abandoned, Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History

Kuldhara is a desolate place with a forlorn look and bring sadness to the heart when one thinks of those unfortunate people who were forced to leave the land of their forefathers. However, the place doesn’t seem to be spooky for any reason other than the legends themselves, and for our own perception based on those stories. Though there is sadness in the air, there is hopefully nothing cursed about it.

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Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History

Kuldhara village is a haunted location and it is believed that it is impossible to spend an entire night in the village. Recently, one of Paranormal society Delhi decided to unravel the mystery behind the village of Kuldhara’s spirit.

Delhi’s Paranormal Society of Delhi reached Kuldhara under the leadership of Gaurav Tiwari on Saturday.
A brave team of 18 members decided to spend an entire night inside the village along with 10-12 other people.

The team spent 12 long horrifying hours inside the village and experienced some strange activities.

Cursed, Abandoned, Haunted Ghost Town Kuldhara History

The team equipped with their high-tech electronic equipment scanned the entire village and encountered really strange activities. From moving shadows, haunting voices to hand imprints of children on cars; the team members lived through one of their scariest nights.

One of the members revealed that he felt someone touching his shoulder from behind. When he turned back to see who it was, he found no one.

Many strange and unnatural activities that keep on happening at this place has gathered eyeballs of many ghost hunters and intrepid paranormal societies.

Sudden rise and drop in the temperature. Kuldhara History

The team had a K-2 metre device which is used to measure change in surroundings temperature. The device recorded a temperature of 41 Degree Celsius at one location and as it was moved a few steps ahead, the temperature instantly dropped to 31 Degree Celsius.

The team used LASER rays and found unexplained moving shadows.

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Because of all these, people makes rumour that it is haunted, ghost are there.

The Evidence:

Many people do not believe in this story and wave it away with a huff. Some believe that these makeup stories are created to attract tourists. However, in the year 2010, a team of 18 members of paranormal researchers led by Gaurav Tiwari decided to explore the land of Kuldhara. After spending the night in the village, they assert that there are some spirits in the village. They said that they saw moving shadows, heard voices and some other extrasensory activities. These evidential events cannot be shunned.

The village of Kuldhara is now a tourist place and many curious travellers visit it to experience something they don’t even know what it is.

So what do you think ? Is Kuldhara haunted ? Would you like to visit the abandoned village ?

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