History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3
Some years went by and Sai ji was now a young boy. It is said, that ‘to tread the path of God, there is need for a Guru’. Although, Baba Murad Shah ji’s eternal blessings and spiritual strength were always with Sai ji, yet to illuminate the spiritual quest, there was need of a true satguru.

Sai ji left home in search of a guru. Sai ji went to several places, sometimes to Kashi, sometimes to Haridwar; once, he even wore a gaatra (a ribbon worn around the neck by Sikhs) around his neck. He searched far and wide, but did not find the one who could open his third-eye (spiritual eye). Then one day, Sai ji reached Bapu Brahma Jogi ji’s place, at Nakodar. Bapu ji used to worship Gugga Jahar Pir and was completely surrendered to Guggajahar Pir. Sai ji reached the dera and sat faraway.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji

Bapu ji called him aloud by the name of ‘Laadi’; then calling him nearby, asked: “Do you wish to become Murad Shah?” Sai ji answered, saying: “Yes, I do”. Bapu ji said “Alright then now we will send you only after making you Murad Shah!” Bapu ji made Sai Ji his mureed (disciple) and kept Sai ji at his place.

Every day, Bapu ji used to put Sai ji to the test – and went on making him spiritually robust and ripe. Another boy, by the name of Mohan (who was Bapu ji’s relative) also lived with Bapu ji. Mohan too, desired to be Bapu ji’s disciple and wished to take forward Bapu ji’s lineage. However, only the one whom the Guru himself chooses, and whose commitment and surrender to the Guru is total, treads this path.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3

Every day Bapu ji was applying an ointment on his body because once, when Bapu ji was pressurized (by their parents) to get married, bapu ji had set his body aflame. Bapu ji often called out to both Mohan and Sai ji, and bid them come to him. He first asked Mohan “Who are you?” Mohan answered saying, “I am your child” – he prided himself on being Bapu ji’s relative. Bapu ji said: “then, lick this medicine which is on the hand and show me.” Mohan became afraid and refused. Then Bapu ji asked Sai ji “Laadi, who are you?” Sai ji answered “The Darvesh of your door.” Bapu ji then said “lick this medicine”.

Sai ji started licking it and felt as if he were eating an ice-cream! Whenever Sai ji went out of Bapu ji’s dera, he used to seek Bapu ji’s permission, and upon returning, he called out saying “Bapu, I have come back.” Until Bapu ji said “Come in” Sai ji used to keep standing outside – whether night came on, or the morning! Sometimes during summer, Bapu ji set-up a wooden ladder against the roof and get sand spread out underneath. The sand was hot because of the heat.

Dera Baba Murad Shah ji is Located in Nakodar (District Jalandhar). The city is almost 24 km from Jalandhar and about 114 from Amritsar.  This Place Have a Great Specialty.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3

“Kehnde Ne Ishq De Mareyan Nu Ithe Aake Navin Rah Lab Jandi Hai”

Then he first called out to Mohan and asked: “Mohan, who are you?” Mohan answered: “Your child” – Bapu ji then said to him “Climb the ladder – but it must be climbed backwards” Mohan fearfully replied “I will fall” and refused to do so. Then Bapu ji asked Sai ji “Laadi, who are you?” Sai ji replied “the dervish of your door.” Bapu ji then said to him “Climb this ladder, but backwards.” Sai ji first bowed his head to his Guru (Bapu ji) and then, taking his legs behind and entangling them in the rung, started to climb the ladder backwards.

When he had climbed right up, Bapu ji kicked the ladder and Sai ji fell down on the hot sand. When Sai ji tried to raise his body, Bapu ji shouted: “Keep lying!” Sai ji, in obedience to his guru’s command, kept lying there. On seeing this, people felt it was an act of atrocity – but to Sai ji, it felt as if he was lying on the cool grass…!

The tomb is built in a muslim structural way and photographs of Baba Murad Shah Ji, kept at a couple of places

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 3

Sai ji belonged to a family of eminent Zaildars and once, he arrogantly happened to mention this to someone. Bapu ji, on hearing this, broke a glass bottle in the courtyard by hitting it on a stone.

The glass splinters lay scattered all over the ground. Then calling to Sai ji, Bapu ji said “Come Laadi, let us see your dance today.” People prayed to Bapu ji, pleading him to forgive Sai ji; but Bapu ji only said: “I am taking out the stench of Zaildari from him.” How must be – the one who was making him dance; and how must be the one – he who was dancing! Fakiri is extremely arduous and only one among a million is able to walk on the path of the guru – but one who does walk the path, gains all!

Time went by and once Sai ji’s eyesight became a little weak. A doctor brought a machine to check the eyes and get him a pair of spectacles. Bapu ji said to the doctor “Take the machine away – this eye belongs to the beloved (meaning God). It is his wish to allow him to see (outside); it is his wish to allow him to see from inside.”

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