History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5

Five years elapsed and Gurdas ji did not visit to Nakodar because of his hectic work schedule. During those days, Gurdas ji remained very worried and anxious because his wife, Manjeet Maan, due to a dysfunctional thyroid, had gained much weight and her eyes looked swollen. In desperation, he went around showing her to a number of doctors; he even got her treated everywhere – but to no avail.

Then a friend of Gurdas ji, Davinder Shayar, called him saying that he knew a very famous astrologer and that Gurdas ji should come there immediately. At the time, Gurdas ji and Manjeet ji lived in Patiala and the very next day they left for the place.

Baba Murad Shah Ji became a disciple of Baba Shere Shah Ji. He opted Fakiri at the age of 24 years and returned back to God at the age of 28 years.

On reaching there, they immediately met the pandit who told them that they were smitten by rahu-ketu, and then proceeded to prescribe a long list of various remedies! Utterly disappointed, they were about to return to Patiala, when Gurdas ji said “Manjeet, there is still one place left.

Let us go there, too – the place where I had gone five years back – Nakodar.” Manjeet ji immediately agreed and said “let us go.” During the course of the journey, Gurdas ji was contemplating on what he is going to offer to Baba Ji, because in sheer hurry, he had not even taken prasad for Baba Ji.

Gurdas ji suddenly realized that he was wearing a wrist watch, studded with small diamonds. In his mind, he decided to offer this watch to Baba Ji. Gurdas ji was still on his way when Sharda ji and a boy were sitting with Sai ji in Nakodar and Sai ji was asking them: “Have you ever seen a diamond-studded watch?” Sharda Ji said: “It is all your leela (play) – you can show us anything.” Sai ji said: “Alright then. Today we will show you a diamond watch.” At that time, a Saint from Mandhali, had come to invite Sai ji for the Mandhali fair.

He said “Sai ji, almost all the artists have come to our fair at Mandhali; but Gurdas Maan has not yet come there.” Sai ji replied: “Gurdas too, is just about to come.” Mandhali Saint had no clue as to what Sai ji had just said, nor did he realize the full import of Sai ji’s words. Then Mandhali Baba Ji left and soon Gurdas ji reached the darbar.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5

When Gurdas Maan ji entered the darbar, Baba Ji was sitting, facing the other side. Gurdas ji started to bow down to him when Sai ji said: “First go and bow your head to Baba Murad Shah ji.” Gurdas ji did as told and then came and sat down near Sai ji. Sharda ji said “Sai ji, Gurdas came to us only once; he did not come again.” Sai ji said “how does he come to us? He is caught in the rahu-ketu mesh.” Gurdas ji started to weep and silently kept repeating inside: “forgive me, forgive me”, while Sai ji simultaneously started to say aloud: “you are forgiven, you are forgiven.” Guru is he, who without our having spoken a single word knows what the matter is.

This is why the elders have said: ‘Drink water after filtering it and make a guru after knowing him.’ That day Gurdas ji saw that Sai ji is a true satguru; nothing is greater than him; in Sai ji, he saw a reflection of God personified.

Sai ji then took out a handful of money from his pocket, and handing it to Gurdas ji asked: “There is a fair at Mandhali – will you go and sing?” Gurdas ji replied: “As you command.” Then, as Gurdas ji began to take leave, Sai ji called out to him and said: “Watch??…” Gurdas ji smiled and started to take off his watch. Sai ji said “No, keep wearing it.” But Gurdas ji kept on insisting, saying “Sai ji, please accept it”; while Sai ji kept saying “keep wearing it.” Sai ji Said “Haath per baandhi aur dil pe bani – ek he baat hai.” So when he repeated his request, then finally Sai ji accepted it, saying: “Alright, then I will wear it.” When the bhakt ties, how can the guru untie?

Sai ji spent most of his time in reading the Heer.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5

Waris Shah ji was a fakir who wrote the granth Heer, which was read by every fakir, in which there is talk about that ‘string of true love which unites one with God’. Once, Sai ji gave a book of Heer to Gurdas Maan ji, and on the first page he wrote the words: “Eternal Blessings of Baba Murad Shah shall be upon you – Sevadar Gulam.” Sai ji signed himself as Ghulam. When Gurdas ji was leaving, Sai ji gave him the book, saying: “Read this only from in between, because whoever has read the heer, has become a fakir.” Then one day, Gurdas ji was doing riyaz (practice) and during the riyaz, Gurdas ji usually sang the Heer. Just then, Manjeet Maan ji called him from the office to ask: “Shall we make the film Waris Shah?”

Gurdas ji saw that the book Heer, was right in front of him in his hands, and that the very same page on which Sai ji had written ‘Eternal Blessings of Baba Murad Shah shall be upon you – Sevadar Ghulam’, lay open front of his eyes. Gurdas Maan ji understood that this was an indication and a direct hint that it was his Guru’s blessings, and said: “Manjeet, go ahead.” Then, on a certain day, the couplets of Heer was to be recorded for the film.

The recording had to be done at Chandigarh city, at eleven in the morning. Gurdas ji, without having informed anybody, went off to Nakodar to see Sai ji.

Sai Ghulam Shah Ji also known as Sai Laddi Shah Ji became the head of the darbar after Baba Murad Shah Ji left this world.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 5

Everyone was very annoyed at this, because prior to the recording, a rehearsal was also due. Sai ji was aware of everything and so, when Gurdas ji reached Nakodar, Sai ji said “Gurdas, he is a fakir who does as he wishes and gets done what he wishes.” Gurdas ji took Sai ji’s blessings and reached Chandigarh. He was asked to rehearse and was handed over the pages from where he needed to read in order to record the couplets of Heer. Gurdas ji, however, without having rehearsed or even looked at the pages, recorded the entire Heer.

Everyone was stunned to see that without reading from the pages, he had recorded the complete Heer, and in fact, what he had sung was so perfect that it did not need re-recording! In a way, Sai ji had made him memorize the entire Heer.

This is what gurukripa (guru’s blessings) can accomplish! When the film was completed and everything had been done, Sai ji said: “Gurdas, even to make a memorial for such a big fakir is a great task! May God bless you!”

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