History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 6

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 6

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Jai Baba Murad Shah ji, Jai masta di
It is only one among a million who becomes a true disciple of his Guru – as Gurdas Maan Ji became, and has remained. Once, it so happened that Gurdas Ji was sitting near Sai Ji, and at that time, his song “Boot Polish” had gained much popularity. Sai Ji said: “What is this Gurdas, the whole day, only the song “Boot Polish” keeps playing on the TV?”

Baba Ji’s Blessings

Being the humble person he is, Gurdas Ji only said: “Sai Ji, it is your blessing.” To this, Sai Ji said, “No, it is Guru Ravidas Ji who has showered his blessings upon you.” He then asked Gurdas: “Do you remember that boy with whom you got your photograph clicked?” A program of Gurdas Maan Ji organized at the village, Mullanpur.

It is a Sufi paradise located in Jalandhar District in Nakodar and is only 24 km away from Jalandhar City and 16 km from Kala Sanghian 114 km away from Amritsar.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 6

Heart Touching Story a Boot Polisher Boy With Gurdas Mann Ji

After the program, a large number of people were getting themselves photographed. A boy, who polished boots and was wearing tattered clothes, also wished to get his photograph clicked with Maan Ji; but the volunteers did not let him come forward. As Gurdas Ji’s eyes fell upon the boy, he said to them, “let him come in.”

Several ropes were barricading the stage, so Gurdas Ji said to the boy, “open the ropes and come up on the stage.” For the sake of the photograph, the boy climbed up onto the stage and kept down his boot-polish box. Gurdas Ji immediately said, “No, don’t keep it down; keep this box the way I have kept my daily-( an instrument) close to my heart. It is your livelihood.” The child got himself photographed, and Gurdas Ji asked Jassi to pay the photographer so that the child may later receive the photograph.

Golden Words Of Baba Murad Shah Ji

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 6
History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 6

That made the boy very happy. Sai Ji said, “That child, with whom you have got yourself photographed, is Guru Ravidas Ji’s child – and he has blessed you.” Every single word uttered from Sai Ji’s divine lips held a profound meaning.

Baba Ji Respect Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Once a Sardar, wearing a saffron turban, came to him and started to bow his head. Sai Ji, stopping him short, said: “No, don’t bow down your head.” The Sardar said:” but Sai Ji, I have come with full faith. “To which Sai Ji replied: “This saffron is a symbol of our Lord Guru Gobind Singh Ji who sacrificed his four sons; then the fifth – his mother; sixth – his father; and then seventh – himself!

We cannot make this symbol bow down. If you wish to bow your head, tie a different colored turban – and then come here.” Sai Ji was such a noble fakir that whosoever came to his door, received divine love from him – whether a seeker or an animal.

Sai Ji Loved Everybody

Once, an insect was climbing up on Sai Ji’s body. A man standing nearby saw this and looked around, trying to find something to kill it. Sai Ji said, “What do you wish – that I should kill it?

Sai Gulam Shah Ji, also known as Sai Laddi Shah Ji, became the darbar head after Baba Murad Shah Ji.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 6

He is also His Creature; what right do we have to take his life?” Sai Ji loved everybody, and everybody loved him very dearly. One day, a family from Nakodar came to invite Sai Ji to a family wedding.

Sai Ji Knows Everything

On the day of the wedding, a snake appeared inside their house. The family members caught the snake and left him far away. The next day they went to Sai Ji and asked him: “Sai Ji, why did you not come?” Sai Ji answered them, saying: “You were going to kill me. I came – but you all threw me out.” Only a few blessed ones can understand His Leela (play).

Sai Ji Conveyed His message in Short Form

Another day a woman was approaching Sai Ji. On seeing her, Sai Ji said to Sharda Ji: “This is the same woman who came here to ask for a son last year.” The woman greeted Sai Ji, and Sai Ji asked her: “Mother, did you have the son?” The woman replied by saying, “Yes, Baba Ji, the son was born, but he is slightly feeble.” Sai Ji said, “The kind of bananas you offered resulted in the kind of son you got!”. Sai Ji often conveyed his complete message in a short maxim.

Gurdas Maan Ji met with two accidents – the first one in 2001 and the second, in 2007. Both accidents occurred in January. In the first accident, he got a wound on the right side of the forehead; in the second accident, on the left side. Both the cuts were identical and symmetrical. Gurdas Ji said, “God probably needed to balance some scale, or he had to settle a score and take a burden off me.”

Jai Baba Shere Shah ji | Jai Baba Murad Shah ji | Jai Baba Laddi Shah ji

Gurdas Ji’s first accident took place on Jan 9, 2001. Maan Sahib had started for Nakodar from Chandigarh, along with his driver. Near Roop Nagar, his car crashed into a truck, and his driver Tejpal succumbed to the fatal injuries and died on the spot.

A fakir’s words will always come true, and although Sai Ji wanted to rectify the situation, now it was too late. The moment had lost, and Sai Ji could now do nothing about it.

History Of Baba Murad Shah Ji – Part 6

Gurdas Ji recounts that it was the first time when Tejpal, before the journey, had asked Gurdas Ji to wear his seat belt. Gurdas Ji did that, and soon after, the accident took place. Earlier, Sai Ji forewarned the driver that this car was heavy on him and that he should come and leave the car in the Darbar for two days.

Gurdas Mann Ji became the most beloved of Sai Ji; Sai Ji took off his turban and laid it on the head of Gurdas Maan Ji, giving the pagri to his Murid, means that the master should give everything to his beloved And gives Murid to us forever and ever.

Before his departure to Canada for a music program, Gurdas Ji had instructed the driver to leave the car at the Darbar. Tejpal, however, went off to Delhi along with his friends and forgot, and after some time, left for Amritsar. Before setting out on the journey, they first consumed alcohol in the car. On the way, as they reached Jalandhar, he remembered that Sai Ji had asked him to leave the car at the Darbar.

Sai Ji Knows Everything

On reaching Nakodar, he parked the car outside the Darbar, went in, and said to Sai Ji: “I have come to leave the car.” Sai Ji asked: “Is there alcohol in the car?” Now, who could speak a lie in front of Sai Ji? Tejpal answered, saying, “Yes, it is there.” Sai Ji again asked: “Have you come to drop the car or to enjoy a picnic with your friends?” – meaning to say, “if you wanted to leave the car, you ought to have left it earlier.”

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