How to Create and Get Approved Google AdSense Account

Google Adsense is the best ad network for bloggers to earn good money with their blogs and websites.

Whether you are a newbie just starting a blog or experienced bloggers, you’d know that you can earn good money with Google Adsense with a little effort.

Here, we’ll explain step by step process of how to create a Google Adsense account and How to get Adsense approval for your website or blog.

If you are an experienced blogger and have skills, you can also make money with Affiliate Marketing, but more on that later.

Here, We’ll just focus on getting your AdSense account approved.

When we started blogging in 2012, we learned about Adsense and got our account approved.

With the site getting many unique visits daily then, I got good earning from Adsense even though we was a newbie and didn’t know much about Blogging.

So AdSense is one of the best options to earn money for new bloggers.

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To help fellow new bloggers, we share this guide on getting the Adsense account approved, So you can start earning money online with your website.

Before you apply for an Adsense account, You need to have a website, obviously, and you must be above 18 years old. If not, you can apply using your parent’s name.

To get your Adsense account approved, Here are the requirements:

Google AdSense Approval Checklist

Your website must be more than a month old:

You cannot just purchase a domain & hosting and ask for Adsense approval. Your website needs to be at least a month old before you can apply.

Though if you have already added good content, you can get early approval.

The website should have Quality content:

You might have heard many times: Content is the king. I cannot agree more with it. Your website needs unique and rich content. You need at least 15 or more good quality articles before applying.

If you ignore good quality content, Google might reject your application, saying you have Insufficient or unacceptable content on your website.

The website design should be professional:

No matter how great content you have, your website should be easy to navigate, and it should provide a seamless user experience with its design and functionalities. Invest in a good premium theme for your WordPress site.

Design goes a long way to the success of your website.

Add to Google Webmasters and Analytics:

The next thing you should do is add your website to Google Webmasters Tools and add Google Analytics code to your website. That shows Google that you are serious about your website.

You can go and register to Google Webmasters from here and register to Google Analytics here.

Other things to do:

Besides taking care of all the steps above, Create an XML Sitemap page on your website and add it to Google Webmasters. For XML Sitemaps, You can use the Google XML Sitemaps plugin for WordPress.

Create About us, Contact us pages on your website, which improves your website’s credibility.

Also, get traffic to your website from Social Media and other places. It’ll ensure you have a good ranking, and Google will see it as a worthwhile website.

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Apply for Google Adsense Account:

Now that your website is ready to be accepted, We can apply for a Google Adsense account and see if it gets accepted on the first try! Here are the steps to apply:

Go to: Google Adsense Signup Page

You’ll get an option to either sign in with your current account or create a new Google account. Choose according to your preference.

After signing in with your Google account, you’ll go to the next step, where you add your website domain name.

It’s pretty simple. Just add your website address and select your website’s language.

When adding your website URL, make sure not to include HTTP://. Just enter your domain name.

Then click Save and Continue, and you’ll be redirected to the last step. You should pay attention to this one because you have to add details that you might never get to change.

Make sure to add the correct name and address details and that you have a Bank account with the same name.

Google will be sending you payments to your chosen name for the rest of your life. So don’t make any mistakes. If you signup as Business, you’ll be receiving payments to your Business name.

In many countries, Google doesn’t allow changing of Payee name. Here is the list of countries not allowed to change the payee name after signing up.

Next, for some countries, you might need to verify your phone with Google Adsense. They’ll send you a PIN via SMS that you’ll need to enter and verify your mobile number.

After verification, it’ll show you a Google terms and conditions window. Read all the TOS carefully and click accept.

Within a week or so, you’ll receive an email from Google asking you to place ad code on your website.

After you place the ad code on your website, Google will conduct a second review of your account.

After a few days, You will hear from Google regarding the status of your application.

If you get approved, that’s great.

But if you get disapproved, no need to worry, you can make changes to your website according to Google’s disapproval reason, and you can resubmit your application again anytime.

If your application is approved, You’ll receive the following email as shown in the image below:

we had tried four times before my Google Adsense account approved, So don’t lose hope!

Once you have your Adsense account approved, you can increase Adsense earnings and increase your income.


These are the exact steps that we have used many times to get our website, some business entities, or others’ accounts approved to Google Adsense. They are fairly straightforward; but trust me, lots of people never get approved.

This could be for several reasons ranging from low-quality content to suspicious activity. But if you follow the steps that we have mentioned above here, you should get approved without any issues.

And if you need any help regarding your Adsense account, you can contact us anytime.

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