How To Cut Onion Without Tears

Onion is one of the main ingredients of daily cooking, but while cutting onions, the eyes get irritable, the eyes get water. There are some methods for Cut Onion Without Tears. Well, why the water comes to the eye while cutting the onion?

How To Cut Onion Without Tears – 5 Easy Ways

To cut onions without tears, first sit back the whole onions within the freezer for 10-15 minutes to reduce the acidic, tear-producing enzyme they launch while cut. Then, use a totally sharp knife to cleanly slice through each onion, since the enzymes are launched when the cells are crushed.

Cut Onion Without Tears – Actually what happens is After cutting, onion cells are broken. Sulfonic acid, which emits from inside, responds with another enzyme onion. A chemical reaction produces an unstable sulfur gas. That is, the gentle breeze of the air comes in our eyes. Eyes get irritable due to sulfonic acid and water in the eyes.
One more thing, after the onion cut, there is a smell in hand. These sulfur components are also responsible for it. But this enzyme becomes inactive during cooking. As a result, it does not burn the eyes. Let’s come to the original context. 

How To Cut Onion Without Tears.?
Simple Ways Cut Onion Without Tears

Cut onions by sitting in the fan or under the air.Sulfur gas was flown in the air. The result does not come in contact with the eye.

How To Cut Onion Without Tears – 5 Easy Ways – A most effective ways to cut onion without tears

Leave the onion refrigerated 15 minutes before cutting. The reaction of the onion chemical becomes slow and the chemistry will be changed. 
The high-temperature onion makes the chemicals active. Because of which the eyes burn after cutting. But the onions can not be refrigerated for a long time. It will soften it.

Pro Tip For Cut Onion Without Tears — Wear goggles. the onion oil gets in the air and that’s what makes your eyes water.

Use a sharp knife to Cut Onion Without Tears. Because the sharp knife will less damage onion cells.

To Cut Onion Without Tears, Cut off the base of the onion and throw it

How it works?: People think the base of the onion is main cause for sulfur in the onion, and by chopping it off first, you can avoid the crying.

Enzymes are concentrated in onions of onion. Cut the part of the bud before cutting.

If you already start to tear up while or after cutting, please don’t rub your eyes. The onion juices are on your fingers.

To Cut Onion Without Tears, use a burning stove or candle, the cuddle is destroyed. Because the sulfur material is exhausted by the heat of fire.

More Tricks To Cut Onion Without Tears

Keep onions in water for 15-20 minutes. The sulfur compounds have contracted. In this case, though the onion outflow becomes slippery. So be careful while cutting.

Chef’s advice- Onion split, cut portion of the cut part on the cutting board can not come directly from the eye.

 Cut onions while chewing gum

Sounds funny, right? Well, it works like magic! The theory behind this is that having something in your mouth encourages you to breathe through your mouth, sucking in the droplets before they hit your eyes. Simple isn’t it.?

Always Use a very, very sharp knife. This stops any squashing of the onion and consequent squirting of stinging liquid droplets. Please Watch your fingers.

Cut Onion Without Tears Tricks

Whichever method you use, remember to use a sharp knife and peel and cut from the top of the onion to avoid burning and tearing. Enjoy Your Cooking.

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