How To Enable Mobile Data In Airplane Mode

How To Enable Mobile Data In Airplane Mode

As you all aware that Flight mode, also known as airplane mode, will disable all the connectivity services like Network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth in your smartphone and enable it when the mode is turned off. But, sometimes, you might have felt that it would be good to use mobile data alone when you are in flight mode.

You won’t get unnecessary calls. Unfortunately, there is no option available directly for users to achieve the same. But, you can enable only Mobile Data while you are in flight Mode with a simple secret code.

How To Enable Mobile Data In Flight Mode

Enable mobile data in airplane mode in 13 minutes.

How to block calls and keep Mobile internet running in Airplane mode.

  1. STEP: 1

    Turn on Mobile Data in your smartphone and enable Flight Mode.

  2. STEP: 2

    Once the flight mode is ON, go to your phone dialer and type. *#*#4636#*#*

  3. STEP: 3

    Immediately after dialing, a secret menu screen related to mobile data and Wi-Fi information will open.

  4. STEP: 4

    Now Tap on Phone Information (if you have a dual SIM phone, then please select the appropriate SIM card’s Phone Information)

  5. STEP: 5

    Under Phone Information, check for Mobile Radio Tower/Mobile Radio Power option and Turn ON.How To Enable Mobile Data In Flight Mode

  6. STEP: 6

    Now Under Flight mode, you can access only mobile data.

You Can Use Social Media Apps

This will turn on the mobile radio, enabling the mobile data while the airplane mode is still on.

  • Now open Chrome browser or any app that uses mobile data. Enter the website you want to surf. If you are using any social media apps, refresh the feed.

It’s just simple like sunday mornings.

It Applies To Most Of The Smartphones Running Android

The above steps will apply to most of the smartphones running Android. The above steps will only enable mobile data alone and not the calls. The trick has to be applied whenever you need it since it will be restored to default once you turn off the Airplane mode.

If the code doesn’t work, download and install ForceLTE, then open and the SIM settings, then go down and switch on the radio as we described earlier.

How To Enable Mobile Data In Airplane Mode

Airplane mode on your phone is a shortcut to turn off all radio signals – Wi-Fi, Cellular Data, Bluetooth, etc. However, when you are not flying, you may also use the Airplane mode to toggle off distractions and interruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Airplane Mode

Can I use internet in airplane mode?

You can use airplane mode to avoid roaming charges when traveling. You won’t be able to send or receive text messages or phone calls or use data services, but you could connect to a Wi-Fi network to check your email or browse the Internet.

What can you access in airplane mode?

Airplane mode disables all wireless functions of your phone. You can’t make calls, send text messages, or use mobile data to access the internet. Your device will disconnect from any existing Wi-Fi connections. Airplane mode disables Bluetooth also.

Does airplane mode damage your phone?

No, it won’t hurt your android phone even if you turn on Airplane mode every night. The function of airplane mode is to disconnect all the radio-wave frequency catching antennas to scan for it and function as a non-cellular device.

Conclusion – Enable Mobile Data In Airplane Mode

We’d also like to caution you to be a responsible citizen and keep your mobile data off when on a flight, at times when you are instructed to do so by the flight crew.

Note: This method of using mobile internet on airplane mode can only be applied to android mobile phones.

Feel free to comment on your doubts/clarifications on the same.

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