How To Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

How To Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

Daily, we can see a lot of Facebook accounts getting hacked. People were confused about what to do when their accounts get hacked.

Nowadays, even elders are using Facebook a lot. But they might not have some technical knowledge about this hacking stuff. So we decided to write a simple procedure about how to recover a hacked Facebook account which might help all people. Just follow these simple recovery steps which are written below.

Quick Steps For Recovering a Hacked Facebook Account

Recover a hacked facebook account in 3 days.

You can always drop an Email to and let them know about the issue. Due to the high volume of such cases, it might take hours or days to respond from the Facebook team.

  1. STEP: 1

    From your browser, go to this link and click My Account is Compromised.

  2. STEP: 2

    Type the same phone number or email address you used when you were creating your Facebook account.

  3. STEP: 3

    Enter your old or recent password. If you forgot your password, you could reset by clicking forgot password link.

  4. STEP: 4

    Check “Someone else got into my account without my permission” and click Continue.

  5. STEP: 5

    Click Get Started to secure your account.

  6. STEP: 6

    You will have to wait a while as Facebook will be searching for recent changes to your account. When it’s finished checking, you will be asked to enter a new password.

It was kind of sad to see that there is no contact number or support number where any user can get in touch with the Facebook representative and report the issue.

Try to do the recovery process from a device you usually use (or) a location (Ip Address) you usually use for your Facebook account. If you perform the process from a recognized device or location, Facebook will think that you’re the real owner and help you more easily gain back your account.

How To Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

Even if you don’t care about your Facebook account, we strongly recommend changing the respective logins or tightening your Facebook security to secure these third-party accounts.

What is My Account Is Compromised?

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

First-of-all, you have to visit the “My Account Is Compromised” page on Facebook. So click here to visit that page. Now click, “My Account Is Compromised” button, and you’ll be redirected to the ‘Find Your Account’ page. Now you have to identify your Facebook account either by entering your email id or username or phone number or your profile’s full name.

Pro Tip To Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

If the hacker has changed your email id or phone number in your account to prevent you from recovery, then try to search by entering the username. 

The hacker can change email id, mobile no but he cannot change your username which you already set. So we hope that you understood our logic. Or even try searching by your profile name.

Then what if you don’t know what is your username? or forgot?

You can ask any of your friends to go to your profile in his friend’s list and ask them to tell you what is your username, which you kept earlier.

As of now, unless you successfully identify your account, you cannot recover your hacked Facebook account. So first try to identify your account using all the tips mentioned above. 

Reset Your Password To Recover

So once you’ve identified your account, it will ask you to ‘Enter a Current or Old Password’. Of course, if you know the current password, you won’t be here on this page. So enter your old password which you kept for that account.

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

Now when you enter your old password, it will ask you to ‘Reset Your Password’. So click it. So, now you should be on ‘Reset Your Password’ page. 
Well, here there are 2 cases:

If you can see your email id or mobile number and access them, then use any of those options to reset the password. So follow the next steps on the screen, and you’ll successfully gain your account. That’s it. Now you can leave this post.

If the hacker has also hacked your email account or maybe he removed the existing email id or cell no in your Fb account, then click the option “No longer have access to these?“.

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

So when you click ‘No longer have access to these?‘, you’ll be redirected to the ‘How can we reach you?’ page. Now enter your new email id or phone no so that Facebook will send you further details about your account recovery process.

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

Why Can The Recovery Process Be Different For Everyone?

Now, when you enter your new email id or mobile number, you’ll be taken to a page with any one of the 4 cases below depending upon your profile settings; we mean, it varies from profile to profile.

Recovery Process Case A:

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

Ask your trusted contacts for help” (If you have already set “Trusted contacts” to your Facebook account)

Recovery Process Case B:

Ask your friends  for help” (If you haven’t set “Trusted contacts” to your Facebook account)

Here, in this case, some random 5 friends in your account will be automatically selected by Facebook on its own. So you should contact any 3 of them to collect the codes. If you don’t know any of those 5 friends, we mean If you haven’t got their phone number’s to call or email IDs to ping them, it will not work for you.

Recovery Process Case C:

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

“Filling the Form – I Can’t Log In ” (If you haven’t set “Trusted contacts” to your Facebook account (or) If you haven’t set email address)

Recovery Process Case D:

UPDATE: Facebook has stopped this option at present. We haven’t seen this case running any more!

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

Answer Your Security Question” (If you had set “Security Question” to your Facebook account before, as of now we can’t find any option of “Security Questions” in our ‘Profile Settings’)

Create New Strong Password

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

If you get either Case A or Case B, then after recovering your Facebook account, you’ll be asked to choose a new password. So, create a new strong password.

Or if you got Case C, then after submitting your ID picture, Facebook staff will review it, and you’ll get a message from them to your new email inbox of which you have submitted.

How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account
How To Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

There in the mail, based upon on the ID picture which you submitted, they will respond and guide you the next recovery steps.

Security Question Option is Disabled to Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Let’s assume that if you got Case D, Which is no longer provided by Facebook officially, but even though we were guiding this case too just for our readers’ safety,

So when you have successfully answered your security question, then you’ll be asked to choose a new password. So, create a new strong password.

After you choose a new password, you’ll get a message to your new email inbox of which you have submitted. So in that message, there will be a link which will be given by Facebook to confirm your identity. So click it.

When you will click that link, you have successfully recovered your account. Now all you need to do is, – to come back after 24hrs. After 24 hrs, just log in to your Facebook with new email id, new password.

What To Do When Your Facebook Account Hacked?

The easiest way is, to go to your email inbox and open the mail about which Facebook sent you when someone logged in or changed your password, and click the link in that email and follow the guidelines mentioned in it.

It works in all situations even if the hacker has changed the mail address and anything else. Always remember to keep your email Inbox secure at high priority than anything else. Never use the same password for your Facebook account and e-mail account. 

Some FAQs About How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Which are urgent steps to take when your Facebook account gets hacked?

If you can’t log in, report it to Facebook, and change all of your passwords. Double-check all your permissions and tighten your login access. Let your friends know and review all your privacy settings.

Can I get my hacked Facebook account back?

In most cases, yes, you can get back your hacked account. We assume that you still have access to your e-mail and mobile device.

How long will it take Facebook to recover my account?

Facebook will respond to your request within 1 to 3 days, and you will recover your account back easily.

Final Words – How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

We hope you’ll find this tutorial helpful for you to regain your hacked Facebook account. If you have any doubts or problems regarding this recovery process, you can ask in the comments below, and we will try our best to answer you.

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