How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results – 4 Easy Ways

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Do you want to know how to show breadcrumbs in google search results and on your site also? Google already made breadcrumbs change in search results with each tag having a link to the page; that is, you can click on each tag on breadcrumbs.

In this post, We will be sharing how to show breadcrumbs in Google Search Results.

If you are still wondering what breadcrumb is, here is the answer for you.

What is Breadcrumbs?

How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Result
Search Console – How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results

A breadcrumb trail on a page indicates the page’s position in the site hierarchy. A user can navigate all the way up in the site hierarchy, one level at a time, by starting from the last breadcrumb in the breadcrumbs trail, but how to show breadcrumbs in google search results?

Enable breadcrumbs in your blogs, which will help Google bots to understand your site’s hierarchy better.

How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results

Required properties to show breadcrumbs in google search results:

itemThing The URL to the webpage that represents the breadcrumb.
nameText The title of the breadcrumb displayed for the user.
positionInteger The position of the breadcrumb in the breadcrumb trail. Position 1 signifies the beginning of the trail.
How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results

Source: Google Docs

The good news is, Google shows breadcrumbs below the meta title in the search results. It can increase your CTR.

How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results

Breadcrumb is a routing system that allows a user to route from wherever they are online to the web site’s home page. It helps customers get around the website and helps search engines like google to understand the site’s actual structure.

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Google BreadCrumb Tail for WordPress is working well and easy to add. WordPress users will be happy if they use this tutorial. The search result will change, and Google will replace the BreadCrumb link in your search result, powered by this script code to show breadcrumbs in google search results.

<script type='application/ld+json'>
  "@context": "",
  "@type": "BreadcrumbList",
  "itemListElement": [{
    "@type": "ListItem",
    "position": 1,
    "item": {
      "@id": "Place URL Here",
      "name": "Place Title Here"
    "@type": "ListItem",
    "position": 2,
    "item": {
      "@id": "Place URL Here",
      "name": "Place Title Here"
    "@type": "ListItem",
    "position": 3,
    "item": {
      "@id": "Place URL Here",
      "name": "Place Title Here"

Source: Credits by Google Developer

  1. Now Log in to your website.
  2. Go to Appearance › Editor › footer.php
  3. Search for body tag </body>
  4. Then copy the above Script Code and paste it above.
  5. Replace a link (URL) of your Blog Category or page instead of “Place URL Here” and Replace Page Title text on “Place Title Here.”
  6. Then press the Update File Button and wait to see the result.

NOTE: Google does not guarantee to show structure data in search results, and Google generally shows structure data for some of the particular categories like for products, events, books, movies, etc.

How to Show Google Breadcrumbs for Blogger Blog?

How to Show Breadcrumbs In Google Search Results - 4 Easy Ways

If you are using Blogger SMC, this tutorial will be helpful for you. You can add the above script code (Credits by Google Developer) into your Blogger Blog body section area and follow the below guideline, and soon you will see what happen in Google search result.

Login first: Login to your Blogger blog.

Go to dashboard: Direct to you blog Dashboard › Template › Edit HTML.

Open body tag: Search for body tag <body>

Copy code: Copy above Breadcrumb script then pastes below it.

Replace link: Replace a link (URL) of your blog category or page instead of “Place URL Here” and replace page title text instead of “Place Title Here.”

Save changes: Then press Save Template button, Then wait for results. 

Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results With Thrive Themes

At first, you need to check if there is an option in your theme to display breadcrumbs. For example, I am using Thrive Themes, and it has a built-in option for displaying breadcrumbs.

If you are using Thrive Themes, go to Thrive Themes Options Panel and enable breadcrumbs from General Setting.

How To Show Breadcrumbs In Google Search Results
Thrive Themes Settings – How to Show Breadcrumbs In Google Results

If your theme doesn’t have any such option, don’t worry. Like everything, we will do it by using a plugin.

Though there are some dedicated plugins for showing breadcrumbs only, like Breadcrumb NavXT, I’d recommend you use the Yoast SEO plugin. Cause it’s the best WordPress SEO plugin.

Now you need to install and activate Yoast SEO plugin.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, go to WordPress Admin Panel > SEO
(1) Search Appearance
(2) Enable breadcrumbs
(3)  Then, you will find several options. I think the default options are good. You don’t need to change anything here.

How To Show Breadcrumbs In Google Search Results
Enable Breadcrumbs – How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google Results

Then click on “Save Change”.

Now go to a single post to check whether the breadcrumb is showing or not. The breadcrumbs will be something like this:

Yoast Breadcrumb Display in WordPress Twenty Fifteen Theme

How To Show Breadcrumbs In Google Search Results
Default Theme – How to Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results

If Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs is not working, you need to add a code to your WordPress theme. Just add the following code in your theme’s header.php file. You should add the code at the end of the file.

<?php if ( function_exists('yoast_breadcrumb') ) {
	yoast_breadcrumb('<p id="breadcrumbs">','</p>');
} ?>

In addition, you can manually add the breadcrumb shortcode to individual posts or pages.


After adding the code, you will see the breadcrumbs in action.

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Customizing Breadcrumbs with CSS

Adding the PHP code will create bare breadcrumbs with links. You can add custom CSS classes to decorate your breadcrumbs; otherwise, use the same PHP code in “single.php” and add the following CSS code under your theme’s “style.css” file or under the custom theme section of your theme options (if your theme supports).

However, Google might take some time to show the breadcrumbs on search results.

How to Show Breadcrumbs In Google Search Results

CSS Breadcrumbs – Learn how to create breadcrumb navigation with CSS.

#breadcrumbs {
box-shadow: 1px 1px #d5d4d4;
background: #eeeded;
border: 1px solid #eeeded;
border-radius: 5px;
padding: 0 5px 0 10px;
font-size: 16px;

SOURCE: W3 Schools

When will Google BreadCrumbs Show in Search Results?

You will be waiting for a result after you following the above tutorial, which we provided. You will be wondering when the result of the BreadCrumbs will show on Google Search Result? Well, this is depending on Google Crawler. It would be taking about 3 to 5 days after you added script code.

Your site or website users could be amazed after notice what happens to be changing on the site lookup result with the BreadCrumb link, which is listed through parents to children.

FAQs About Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results

  1. What are breadcrumbs?

    A breadcrumb trail is a set of links (breadcrumbs) that can help users understand and navigate your site’s hierarchy.

  2. How do I add breadcrumbs to the Google search page?

    You cannot add breadcrumbs on the Google search page. You can only add it to your website.

  3. What is breadcrumbs for website or blog?

    A breadcrumb indicates the current page’s location within a navigational hierarchy that automatically adds separators via CSS.

Final Words on Show Breadcrumbs in Google Search Results

As Google figures out what the final breadcrumb product will look like within the SERPs, it is certainly a good idea to add this to your site.

We hope this post helped you to show breadcrumbs in Google search results. If you have faced any issues, let us know via comment.

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