How Can You Meditate to Unlock Your Hidden Potential

How Can You Meditate to Unlock Your Hidden Potential?

Meditation is often misunderstood by those who do not practice it. I often hear meditation referred to as “altered states of consciousness.” That sounds more like intoxicants rather than bringing clarity to a cluttered mind. So how can you meditate to unlock your hidden potential?

Without going too deep into what meditation is or is not, let’s focus on one of the many things, a daily meditation practice can do for you.

Meditation is commonly seen in many Yoga classes. Still, it has been practiced by various cultures, including Roman Catholic priests and Japanese Samurai, who practiced Zen meditation. I mention this to see the full spectrum of meditation and its many facets.

There are wide varieties and types of meditation, but the most straightforward form to learn is “breath awareness meditation.” Compared to many other meditation techniques, this will enable anyone to experience the benefits of meditation in much less time.

Now, let’s consider that meditation and Yoga teachers often compare the mind to a monkey. Many thoughts are running through your brain simultaneously, and it is hard to control all of your impulses – let alone sit still and meditate. So why go through all this trouble?

Meditation has many rewards, and we will now consider one of extreme value. Through daily practice of meditation, you will release the unlimited potential of your mind. The ability to change, or alter the universe, starts as a single thought within your mind.

One human decided to harness the power of fire, and did they foresee the global warming effect? How could they imagine where we are now? It is just one of many examples of Karma – the law of cause and effect. Therefore, one seemingly small change of any kind will ripple effect on the universe.

Some of the seeds to change the universe rests locked up in your mind, but you can shape the future by any minor changes you make.

Let’s say you have a friend, family member, or associate, who cares for you deeply, but up to now, you have always taken it for granted. Can you imagine what would happen if you took the time to groom that relationship?
The answer is you would have a loyal ally; all you had to show was kindness or appreciation.

You can alter your personality and affect the world around you. Hopefully, your character will always continue to change for the better; if so, this will qualify everyone around you for the best.

You can be the creator of your manifest destiny. Through daily meditation practice and focus on changing your life for the better. You can redefine yourself in any direction you desire. The power that you can cultivate is limited only by your imagination.

As I have mentioned, this will change the lives of people you contact frequently. Therefore, you must always be kind, trustworthy, and considerate to others. It would be best if you changed that direction at this very moment.

Why the sudden need for character improvement? It goes hand-in-hand with using power and influence wisely. Remember Lord Acton’s saying: “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” The power of your mind can alter reality. Therefore, this is a power that you must control.

How is this possible? Here is an example: If you had two identical twin boys, who hadn’t eaten for two days, and you put an apple in front of them, what would they do?

Most likely, they would fight over it, and the winner would eat most or all of it. You and I know they should divide it equally, but each of them has felt starvation, which is a reality you and I do not think at the moment. So we are not talking about imagination, but three legitimate points of view, that each becomes our reality.

Meditation will allow your mind to see multiple points of view without judgment. If you can see only one point of view, you haven’t meditated long enough. The best leaders, negotiators, and diplomats know that you must understand the opposing viewpoint to move forward on any issue. Any argument will always have justifications on both sides, but a genuine compromise involves meeting the opposition in a different situation from where you both began.

If you could travel in the space shuttle, your view of earth from within your space vehicle would be much different from the person living in poverty within a refugee camp. You could not see or feel that person’s pain, and each of you would have a vivid picture of life on earth.

You can meditate from a mountain top, but once you have seen the complete picture, you should help humanity with acts of kindness. Once you have discovered how easy it is to help others, you are no longer struggling with; “who is right and who is wrong.”

Your new reality becomes, “how can I help?”

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