Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians

Meeting In-laws for the First Time can be nerve-wracking. When it comes to meeting in-laws for the first time, it’s like a dangerous job. As people say, you don’t marry a person, but you marry their whole family.

You must be well aware of “The first impression lasts forever.” Right? If you’re looking forward to developing a solid relationship with your in-laws, here’s what you need to do.

You Agree To Meet Them Alone, And The In-Laws Come As a Family

The situation gets worse with each of these points when Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians:

  • You are Indian. The in-laws are Indian.
  • You are a non-vegetarian. The in-laws are vegetarians.
  • You think of yourself as the right mix of modern and traditional. The in-laws believe they are moderately traditional.
  • Finally, the icing on the cake and the cherry on top is that the boy chose you and not the in-laws.

Some people’s situations included all the above.  And to top, it all, suppose the boy is not with you to signal when you dig your grave or hold your hands.

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians
Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians.? Here is a list of dos and don’ts for the bride-to-be:

Don’t Seek Advice From Your Boy

Unless he has taken at least ten girls home saying she is the girl he wants to marry. He has your best interest at heart, yes. But the poor thing. He is so much in love with you that he can’t think straight. So let him be and use your judgment.

Please Don’t Take Anything Personally

When you meet someone from another culture, it is straightforward to misconstrue what they mean sometimes. As being from two different societies means that sometimes what is said isn’t what is meant. Furthermore, you both have different cultural norms; therefore, what might be seen as polite in their culture might be rude in your culture.

You Should Wear Saree

Don’t even think about it twice. Do you want to impress Indian parents? Just wear a saree. And guess what? You will look at your most beautiful self in a saree.  What more can you ask? 

Try To Be Yourself

Although it may seem that you aren’t yourself by doing all these things, it doesn’t mean you should lose who you are as a person. When you meet most people anyway, you are courteous and respectful to them until you know them better, which these hints and tips hope to achieve. So if you do drink and smoke, restraining yourself by not doing these things is just a way to show your respect until you know whether they find it offensive or not.

This post is to share the wisdom we gained from meeting the in-laws for the first time and messing it up in every possible way.

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians

But despite being courteous, you should always stay true to who you are as a person. It would help if you didn’t lose your identity to impress your in-laws. So if you can’t stand vindaloo curry, you don’t have to love it just because it’s your father in laws favorite meal. You want to be authentic in who you are as a person, which will make the best impression on them.

Try To Don’t Talk Much

When you talk too much, and you are a blabber-mouth like me, then you will end up saying things you will regret later. Too much information is always wrong. 

Yes Smile a Lot Please

I know you will be unbelievably nervous. But tell yourself to smile more. Pleasant smile. Not this ridiculous ha-ha-ha laughter. That will scare them away. You wouldn’t want to do that. Be the coy bride-to-be.

Learn About Their Interests Before You Meet

Why not ask your partner what his/her parents are interested in so that you can do a little research into their interests. This not only shows interest in who they are but gives you something in common to talk about so that you can avoid long awkward silences. This only really applies to those in-laws who can speak English.

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians
Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians

It can be as simple as watching their favorite Bollywood Movie and taking note of a couple of scenes you enjoyed. Then talking about those scenes with them when you meet. Your father in law might be into cricket. Actually, he will most certainly be into cricket. So you could watch a match if it is a cricket season, or find out the scores of their last season and how his favorite team faired. Little gestures like this go a long way to showing someone that you care.

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time? Follow These Extra Steps Also

I did all the things mentioned above, precisely opposite, and it did show all the possible effects. But then, they are sweet and generous, and SD was patiently adamant about me (he already regrets it). So it all worked out okay!

PRO TIPS – Meeting In-Laws For The First Time

How to Impress Your In-Laws?

Maybe your in-laws are great (lucky!), or maybe you’re a little scared of them. Either way, you’re out to win them over. Whether you have met them before or are meeting them for the first time, impressing your in-laws can seem daunting. Your actions reflect the type of person you are, and they will also set the foundation of your relationship with them in the future. 

What do you need to know before meeting your in-laws for the first time?

Make sure you know a bit about the parents before you ever meet them. And by a bit, we mean a lot. Learn about their interests, especially the things they love.

How To Impress Your In-Laws Of A Different Cultural background?

Making a good impression the first time you meet your in-laws is essential, so give yourself a few easy points by showing up with a small gift. In most cultures, a handshake, eye contact, and a smile are normal, while a kiss on each cheek can do the magic.

Show Your Interest

Once the conversation starts between you and your in-laws, “be attentive.” Your in-laws might ask you to repeat the sentence. Who knows? Just be alert. And, yes, don’t tap your foot. This shows that you’re disinterested in the conversation or too nervous.

Compliments Make Thing Easy

His daddy could be previously charmed simply by you since he feels you’re sufficient to have produced his child settle down.

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians

Who also doesn’t just like compliments? Ensure you compliment their mother adequately; as they say, mums and daughters-in-law need to get alongside. May go overboard with all the compliments. Folks, through their particular experience, realize enough concerning fake flattery. So, a couple of genuine kind comments should do a critical factor for you.

Please Don’t Fake It

Yes, impressing doesn’t mean showing off or faking off as well. Just be who you are, and don’t overact on things. Not even a try. Just understand your in-laws can be much smarter than you, my friend. So, take it easy, and be you.

Take these suggestions and prepare yourself in: 27 minutes.

So in case you are going to meet your fiance’s parents for the first time, best of luck to you. May it take only a look for them to fall in love with you.

  1. How to dress to impress his mother?

    Wear simple jewellery on the first meeting. Don’t show off.

  2. How to be polite when meeting in-laws for the first time?

    Always smile. Blushing is even cuter. Always try to agree with his mother, unless she tells you to quit working, which probably she won’t.

  3. How to pretend to be a good cook?

    Pretend to be a good cook even if you already aren’t. This is a bit of a doubtful, but if the mothers know that their sons will be well fed after the wedding, it improves your image.

  4. How to impress in-laws for the first time with laugh?

    Laugh at their jokes, even if they barely qualify as jokes and deserve 2 mins of silence.

How Was Your First Meeting With In-Laws?

You have to keep in mind when you are meeting your in-laws for the first time.

We would love to hear from you, so please share your first time meeting your in-laws with us. How did you make a good first impression?

@ Feminists: Please don’t be mad at us. We are just practical here.

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