Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians

Meeting In-laws for the First Time can be nerve-wracking. When it comes to meeting in-laws for the first time it’s like a very risky job. As people say, you just don’t marry a person, but you marry their whole family.

The situation gets worse with each of these points when Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians:

  • You are Indian. The in-laws are Indian.
  • You are a non-vegetarian. The in-laws are vegetarians.
  • You think yourself as the right mix of modern and traditional. The in-laws think they are moderately traditional.
  • You agree to meet them alone. And the in-laws come as a family.
  • Finally, the icing on the cake and the cherry on top is that the boy chose you. And not the in-laws.

My situation included all the above.  And to top it all, he was not with me to signal when I was digging my grave or to just hold my hands.

This post is to share the wisdom I gained from meeting the in-laws for the first time and messing it up in every possible way.

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time For Indians.?
Here is a list of do’s and don’ts for the bride-to-be:

  • Don’t seek advice from your boy. Unless he has taken at least ten girls home saying she is the girl he wants to marry. He has your best interest at heart, yes. But poor thing.. he is so much in love with you that he can’t think straight. So let him be and use your judgement.
  • Wear a saree. Don’t even think about it twice. You want to impress Indian parents? Just wear a saree. And guess what… you will look your most beautiful self in a saree.  What more can you ask for? 
  • Don’t talk much. When you talk too much and you are a blabber-mouth like me, then you will end up saying things you will regret later. Too much information is always bad. 
  • Smile a LOT. I know you will be unbelievably nervous. But tell yourself to smile more. Pleasant smile. Not this ridiculous ha-ha-ha laughter. That will just scare them away. You wouldn’t want to do that. Be the coy bride-to-be.

I did all the above mentioned things exactly opposite and it did show all possible effects. But then, they are sweet and generous and SD was patiently adamant about me (he already regrets it). So it all worked out good!

Meeting In-Laws For The First Time.? Compliments Make Thing Easy

Who also doesn’t just like compliments? Ensure you compliment his or her mother adequate, as they say mums and daughter-in-laws need to get alongside. His daddy could be previously charmed simply by you since he feels you’re sufficient to have produced his child settle down. May go overboard with all the compliments. Folks, through their particular experience, realize enough concerning fake flattery. So , a couple of genuine kind comments should do the key.

So in case you are going to meet your fiance’s parents for the first time… best of luck to you! May it take only a look for them to fall in love with you! 

@ Feminists: Please don’t be mad at us. We are just being practical here.

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