Motivational Story Of a Blind Horse

Inspirational and Motivational Story Of a Blind Horse

Two horses were used in a farmhouse near the city. On seeing from a distance, they both looked alike, but on passing, it discovered that a horse from them was blind.

Story Of Two Horses

Despite being blind, the farm owner had not taken him out of there but kept him with much more security and comfort. If someone gave a little more attention, he would also know that the master had tied a bell in the neck of another horse, whose voice reached, and the blind horse rushed into the enclosure and followed him behind in the compound.

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How Another Horse Helps Blind Horse

The horse with a bell also understands the problem of his blind friend; he looks back in the middle and turns to ensure that he does not wander along the way. He also provides that his friend is safe; Go back to their place, and then only they move towards their location.

Moral Of Story

Friends, like the owner of the enclosure, God does not leave us just because we have any faults or drawbacks inside us. He takes care of us, and whenever we need someone, he sends someone to help us.

Motivational Story Of a Blind Horse

Sometimes we are blind horses who cross our problems with the help of the bell built by God, and sometimes we are used to showing the way to others by sound bound in our throat.

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