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Approaching a girl at a bar can be a nerve-racking ordeal if you do not come to some quick realizations. So how to impress a girl in a bar?

In a crowded, noisy bar with a lot of people wandering around, there’s not much opportunity to talk about personal matters. The sound system’s cacophony will make things even crazier. Furthermore, finding a woman who isn’t already chatting to someone else is very impossible.

Girls who go bar hopping usually come in groups. Then, a couple of guys join the set as soon as the women enter. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a woman on the bar by herself, but most of the time, guys have relied on the good old ‘let’s go out for some fresh air to get some alone time.

In this scenario, can you impress a girl, how to impress a girl? If you’re just learning how to impress a girl, going into the club scene to practice will take a lot of guts and skills. You might think you’re better off hitting on girls in coffee shops or less noisy places.

However, it is in the bar scene that pick-up occurs. Women expect to be approached, hit on, and picked up in bars and nightclubs. That’s why they’re there in the first place. Of course, most girls will act as if they’re just out having fun with their friends. You, on the other hand, know better.

How to Impress a Girl in a Bar – 5 Killer Tips

For first dates and making new “friends,” bars are an obvious choice. However, performing your best in a setting that encourages the antithesis of good behavior might be difficult at times. Here are a few ideas to help you stay on the right side of impressive the next time you’re attempting to capture someone’s attention at the neighborhood bar.

1. Appear as if You Are Having Fun

How to Impress a Girl in a Bar
Stay Normal: How to Impress a Girl in a Bar

Women, at the end of the day, just want to have a good time. Don’t just stand around looking bored with your buddies, waiting for anything fun to happen when you’re out with them.

Have fun with your pals by laughing, dancing, and having a wonderful time. This type of positive energy attracts women, and they want to be a part of it.

Make sure your place is clean and suitable for company, woman company. 

Make sure there are minimal to no dishes in the sink and absolutely no dishes and cups scattered throughout the house; clothing, dirty and clean, should be in their proper places. This means the hamper or drawers, not the floor or under the bed, and shoved in the closet.

2. Go Out Alone

You see most guys fluffing each other before approaching a group. You see them giving each other a leg up when one guy can’t handle the conversation. This is the usual dynamics in a bar scene. Guys arrive in groups, act as each other’s wingmen, and bounce to another place with a group of women in tow.

So, how to impress a girl when you’re all alone? You’d be surprised how some men can pull this off.

How to Impress a Girl in a Bar

The key is to be completely comfortable with the fact that you’re not with your buddies, which means you get all the spoils if you play your cards right. This also means you have to think fast on your feet because no one has your back.

Having the guts to go out alone tells of your confidence and charisma. Strolling to the bar and acting nonchalant and ordering your drink tells everyone that you’re just there for that and you’re leaving soon. It also communicates to a woman that you’re in that particular bar because you live nearby and you’re a regular there.

If you act like being out alone doesn’t bother you at all, the women around come to their conclusions and get instantly attracted. You don’t need to think of more ways on how to impress a girl. After all, she’s already intrigued.

But here’s another killer move to impress a girl in a bar to seal the deal:

3. Try to Get the Bartender’s Attention

How to Impress a Girl in a Bar
Bartender’s Attention: How to Impress a Girl in a Bar

When you’re trying to get a busy bartender to take your order, please don’t snap your fingers or wave money at them. This will make you appear uncool and will also irritate your bartender.

4. Do Your Own Hard Work

Do it all by yourself if you like someone and want to approach them. Send your pals over to tell the woman “how cute his friend thinks she is” or “would you want to have a drink with my friend.” Women find that stupid and cowardly, and they don’t find the amusement in it. If you like her, keep your buddies at bay and be subtle about it. They can undoubtedly assist you as a wingman, but wouldn’t it be better to demonstrate to the woman how in command of the situation you are?

5. Entertain with Magic Skills

Showing something that most guys can only dream of learning is an instant hit in bars. Imagine talking to women then nonchalantly doing magic as you do it normally every single day. Pretty soon, the girls around you will compete for your attention and will fall all over themselves trying to get your number. How does that sound? Pretty slick, indeed.

Using Magic is a surefire way to increase your success with women, even if you’re inexperienced and you’re still in the process of learning how to impress a girl.

Final Words on How to Impress a Girl in a Bar

It’s not rocket science really. It’s just you putting your best game face on and being the gentleman that you are to approach the girl who actually took your breath away, at first glance.

What do you think of these tricks to impress a girl in a bar? Have you tried any?