15 Best Tips on the Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO and How it Works

For many SEO experts, social bookmarking is one of the most popular ways to increase traffic to their site. However, over the years, this technique has lost the power it used to have. However, search engines still see web pages bookmarked at social bookmarking services as having quality backlinks. And thus, if used wisely, one can still make the most out of this technique. So, today, we’ll discuss why you must use social bookmarking for SEO and how social bookmarking works.

Social bookmarking websites are marketing websites using which the marketer, bloggers, content writers, and YouTubers share their web pages, blog posts, videos, articles, and images using links for more audience and more considerable exposure. Let's find out why these bookmarking sites are important and why you should regularly use social bookmarking for SEO.

On these social bookmarking platforms, use social bookmarking for SEO, and you can create, enlist, publish, and share all your recent web content or add new links for free to maximize social traffic.

Social Bookmarking for SEO is easy and effective and helps you not only improve your site’s traffic but also provides you with the opportunity to make your content go viral and helps you to acquire quality backlinks from authority sites.

Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO

Active social bookmarking sites are the best place to enlist or share your webpage, articles, images, content, and videos with the online community.

Best Practices in Social Bookmarking

Marketing Channels Traffic
Marketing Channels Traffic

Like everything you do on the web, best practices lead to better results in using social bookmarking for SEO. Here are things to consider when using social bookmarking to improve SEO.

  • Always Choose Quality Sites: Spend your time and efforts on respected sites. Don’t waste time on low-authority sites. Posting on questionable or spammy sites can hurt your domain authority. A low domain authority means a reduced ranking in search engine results.
  • Always Complete Your Profile on Social Bookmarking Sites: Claim your profile on every social bookmarking site you use. Add complete information about your company. Be consistent across the internet. Clear, concise, and comprehensive information helps search engines index your site.
  • Try to Engage With Your Audience: Don’t fill out your profile and disappear. Social sites operate like social media platforms. Interact with other users and take part when possible. Social bookmarking works best when you’re active. Don’t try to be everywhere. Please choose one or two core sites and stay connected to them.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

What are the benefits of social bookmarking? The list below consists of the top reasons why social bookmarking is still a proper off-page Whitehat SEO technique and how it can help boost your SEO campaign.

Bookmarking sites allow users to save and share website links or engaging pages for more audience reach. Social bookmarking is concurrently tagging a website's links so anyone can quickly revisit it later. It is one of the simple ways to save and manage links. Most of the time, people bookmark so related users can quickly reach the required content.

Usually, people used to use these sites as a library of interesting articles as these sites allow the user to find the web page that they find helpful and essential to read later. In contrast, digital marketers use social bookmarking sites as link-sharing tools to get quality backlinks and massive traffic, along with better branding, advertising, and search indexing benefits.

Listed below are the top reasons, benefits, and advantages of the use of social bookmarking for SEO:

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Bookmarking Sites Extend Marketing Strategy

Social Bookmarking Sites help give your content more traffic exposure and extend your marketing strategy efforts. Bookmarking is a simple way to sort and maintain things for later follow-up or to revisit regularly.

Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO
Increase in Traffic – Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO

One of the most trending sites is Reddit, one of the internet's top social sharing sites. It is one of the popular bookmarking sites where you can share links to articles, webpages, polls, stories, questions, images, videos, and more.

It helps bloggers, marketing people, or users search, save, sort, store, or manage the content they are interested in and enables them to share it across networks to gain more traffic.

Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO and How Social Bookmarking Works
Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO and How Social Bookmarking Works

Using social bookmarks is an excellent tool for search engine optimization. A marketing strategy that utilizes social bookmarks is vital for many reasons. It helps to build links, and it also drives traffic to your website, improving brand visibility. You can use bookmarking in search engine optimization to push traffic to a website and increase page rank. It can also increase links and make social content much simpler to share with others. Bookmarking is a cheap, easy, and effective search engine optimization strategy to advertise a business’s website.

  • Social bookmarking is one of the more innovative ways to earn quality backlinks.
  • You can easily outreach and promote your best content everywhere for more users to read your pages.
  • Link sharing is the easiest way to build links.
  • Social bookmarking is the quickest way to acquire high-quality backlinks.

Respect Search Engine Algorithms

Backlinks are an essential ranking factor in the SERPs, and social sharing helps boost your social awareness to get higher positions in SERPs.

Quality linking informs search engine algorithms that your content is valuable. To maximize your chances of building a high-quality backlink, you must reach maximum users, and social bookmarking helps archive it quickly.

More Subscriptions

The more exciting stuff you post on these bookmarking sites, the better your chances of acquiring valuable traffic. Readers who find your helpful content are more likely to subscribe to your blog, resulting in high-quality traffic.

Additionally, when you consistently publish high-quality content that is engaging and beneficial, your links become more visible, and readers are more likely to view your business as a trustworthy brand, promoting brand loyalty and increasing direct sales.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Your backlinks are one of the most effective search ranking factors for Google or any search engine.

Your content shared through bookmarking sites can quickly drive social traffic to your site.

Social bookmarking sites list play a significant part in successful SEO strategy today. It helps to boost the search engine rankings of the blog or video link you share with the online public.

Improve Domain Authority and SEO

Domain Authority is essential in SEO, but improving a site’s domain authority is difficult. Domain authority depends on many factors, such as the site’s page speed, download time, Moz Rank, user experience, traffic, social signals, backlink metrics, etc., and it requires much time to build.

Legit backlinks are essential in achieving page-one rankings on search engines: social bookmarking help to optimize your site and its content.

Social websites have higher domain authority and are very valuable from the SEO point of view. As a result, social bookmarks increase your domain authority fast.

However, as search engines give a lot of importance to high-authority sites, submitting your links or content on social bookmarking sites will help you get link juice (backlinks) from various authority sites, improving your domain authority.

To determine the domain authority of the websites you wish to receive links from, you can utilize free tools like Open Site Explorer or Ahrefs Website Authority Checker. It will also provide information about essential SEO metrics, such as Page Link Metrics and Page Social Metrics, to help you in your link-building effort.

Boost Your Page Authority: The number of social shares is crucial in improving your website's page rank. Your page rank will increase due to your efforts to improve SEO and increase domain authority.

Increase Your Credibility

While you can do many things through outreach and social media methods, social bookmarking sites are still powerful tools for spreading the word about your brand, products, and services to your target audience.

Pinterest - Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO
Pinterest – Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO

You can build a solid network for your business by posting content regularly on these sites. Still, you can also generate more traffic, mainly targeted traffic.

And while it may require a lot of work than other social channels, as you need to bookmark all of your web pages by logging into a site and adding URLs, descriptions, and keywords or tags, the result will give a tremendous boost to your SEO efforts.

Social bookmarking sites also help create more brand awareness for businesses and grow content promotion for a larger audience. More links mean more popularity. It will increase the credibility of your website in the eyes of visitors.

Free and Targeted Social Web Traffic

Social shares drive more users so that user interaction will improve over time. Also, those built links are crucial in growing the targeted traffic. And so the search engine rankings of your site traffic will increase like never before.

Social Shares - Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO
Social Shares – Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO

Social signals (likes and shares) work as a recommendation. Once you have gained the trust of your prior visitors through bookmarking quality and relevant content, you are likely to generate more web traffic, resulting in more brand credibility and popularity of your website.

Additionally, since search engines use data from social sites to determine your website’s ranking, the more social signals (recommendations) your content receives, the more referral traffic you get. It will result in more authority and a high ranking on search engines.

It helps in Promoting Your Blog to a Larger Audience

Social bookmarking, especially do follow sites, helps improve your site's search engine result position and your blog posts.

Social Media Traffic Chart
Social Media Traffic Chart

We recommend using bookmarking sites to share all your popular links to help give your content more exposure and boost your social marketing strategy efforts.

Increase the Popularity of Your Blog

The most popular social bookmarking sites are the best for sharing captivating content with a highly engaged audience, which will help boost blog readership and increase traffic to your blog.

Social shares help to get more readers who love your content.

Targeted Website Rankings

Social bookmarking sites might be helpful in your link-building strategy. It will boost your search engine rankings for specific keywords related to your business.

Targeted Website Rankings
Targeted Website Rankings

Social bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon or Reddit can find content based on a tag or a keyword. For example, if you are interested in “Good Health,” you could type in the word “Good Health” in the search bar, providing you with a list of sites.

It may be advantageous from an SEO standpoint since you may add various tags or keywords to your link depending on the category of the links. The benefit is that it will ensure that only people interested in what you are sharing will click on your link, thereby reducing the bounce rate.

When people like what you have shared, they are likely to share it with others resulting in more referral traffic. You can also improve your website rankings using the simple and quick tips we mentioned below in the image:

How to Improve Your Website Rankings
How to Improve Your Website Rankings

Many social bookmarking websites allow users to rank (star rating) the pages, links, and websites. That will help to have a better rating for each of your links shared on social media, so the page ranks helps improve your search engine results positions.

Create Internet Buzz

Creating a social media marketing strategy following social bookmarking can increase blog traffic and help build your brand reputation.

Social share increases the number of users visiting your site, and your online buzz retains their attention longer. Social sharing creates buzz about your business, brand, products, or services.

Make Your Content Go Viral

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, and Digg, are highly ranked by search engine algorithms. The more web links shared on these sites from your website, the more popularity of your content will grow. Social sites help your content go viral.

Helps to Earn More Organic Backlinks

Another vital benefit of using social bookmarking sites is that it helps you to earn quality backlinks from high-ranking pages.

Since backlinks play an important role in SEO, they help you increase your site’s domain authority and traffic; building quality backlinks is very important. You can earn those links by using bookmarking sites, improving your ranking on search engine result pages.

Add all your quality and engaging blog posts to popular social bookmarking sites. It is one of the best methods to earn your blog's popularity—and more organic backlinks from other web publishers.

Helps Faster Google Indexing

Social bookmarking sites are authoritative sites. Search engine bot spiders and web crawlers check every time and crawl the web all index popular social sharing sites regularly, and thus, count your social shares too.

Backlinks are part of off-page SEO. More social share tells search engines how much you are popular in a particular field, and eventually, your search indexing goes faster.

Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO

As soon as you start promoting your content on social bookmarking sites, you’ll notice a steady rise in visitors. And the reason for this is quite simple.

Furthermore, faster indexing of web pages also makes your site user-friendly, leading to a better user experience and more profit.

Know Latest Trends

Social bookmarking sites easily find what's popular and trending in a particular industry. Popular social bookmarking sites build communities and grab more users with excellent ideas that decide the latest digital trends and breaking news.

Reddit Trends - Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO
Reddit Trends – Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO

Social sharing sites not just help to share the content you see valuable easily but also find new trends in the market; so according to that, you can create more content to share on these social bookmarking sites.

10 Popular Social Bookmarking Sites

Twitter Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Yes, Twitter. It’s not a social bookmarking site, but it is. Most people use Twitter to post the links, content, and images they want to see.

Pinterest Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Pinterest averages 250 million monthly users, 80% of whom are women.

Mix Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Popular social bookmarking site StumbleUpon is now called Mix. The more intuitive websites you use, the more you can learn.

Dribble Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Dribble is a great bookmark site for designers. If you have a design team, it’s a great place to find inspiration and traffic.

Digg Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Digg is a highly authoritative website. If your content is so popular that it appears on your home page, expect a lot of traffic.

Reddit Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Reddit has something for everyone. Please note that top-rated sites have rules. Users list bookmarks when they comment, vote, or oppose.

Facebook Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Facebook is known to change its algorithms to reduce its natural range constantly. However, good posts can still generate a lot of traffic.

Tumblr Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Tumblr is a popular microblogging network. Short blogs allow users to post multimedia content.

Pocket Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Pocket is a social bookmarking site with an app that lets you plug in articles on the go. You can also search by interest.

Slashdot Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO:

Slashdot is like Reddit. Composed of a social news site for event, industry, entertainment, science, and technology news.

Conclusion on Use of Social Bookmarking for SEO and How Social Bookmarking Works

Social bookmarking is a method of bookmarking your favorite websites online rather than on your local browser. That way, you can access your bookmarks from anywhere. Even when surfing your home machine, having your bookmarks on a social bookmarking site means you won’t lose them if your computer crashes.

From an SEO perspective, social bookmarking plays a vital role in how search engines rank web pages in search results. Social bookmarking sites are not self-contained. They hold valuable spots in search engine results. The most popular bookmarking sites have a page rank of 4 or higher.

So in final words, social bookmarks give search engine algorithms a sense of the quality of your content. They give you more authority and credibility. It helps you rank higher for business-related keywords.

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