Story Of The Struggle Of Butterfly

Inspirational Story Of The Struggle Of Butterfly. Once a man was walking in his garden, a butterfly cockcone was hanging from a twig. Now the man started seeing him every day, and one day he noticed that a small hole was formed in that cocoon.On that day he sat down and watched him for hours.

He saw that the butterfly was trying very hard to get out of that shell, but after trying for a long time, he could not get out of that hole, and then he became absolutely calm as if he had given up.

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So the man decided that he would help that butterfly. He raised a scissor and made the cocoon’s opening so big that the butterfly could come out easily. And this happened, the butterfly came out easily without any other conflict, but her body was swollen, and the feathers were dry.

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The man watched the butterfly thinking that he would start flying by spreading his wings at any time, but nothing like that happened. On the contrary, a poor butterfly could never fly and she had to spend the rest of her life jittering around it.

Story Of The Struggle Of Butterfly

Motivational and inspirational story

The man did not understand in his kindness and haste that in fact, the process of getting out of the cocoon has made nature so difficult, so that by doing so, the fluid present in the butterfly’s body can reach its wings and fly as soon as it comes out of the hole. .

In fact, sometimes the struggle in our life was the only thing we really needed. If we get everything without any struggle, then we will become like a crippled person. Without hard work and struggle, we can never become as strong as our capacity. Therefore, from a positive perspective, see the difficult moments in life, you will be taught something that will make your life’s flight possible.

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