14 Surprising Compostable Things You Can Compost

Composting is a great green thing to do for your garden. It provides organic nutrients for the soil, which could help it produce more. You can compost leaves, grass clippings, fruits and vegetable peelings. But, these are not the only compostable items. The following are surprising things you can compost, and you may not know they are compostable.

Coffee grounds and filters

Keep your coffee grounds and filter when you finish your last cup of coffee, and clean the filter to get your coffee maker ready for the next pot. Toss them in a bowl or bucket to be taken to the compost pile the next time you go out there.

Tea and Paper bags

You can also compost your tea bags if you enjoy a cup or gallon of tea. Some grocery stores still give paper bags. Tear the bags up and add them to the compost pile.

Plain cooked pasta

Did you cook too much pasta but not enough for leftovers? Instead of tossing it out, add it to the bowl to be taken out and composted.

Stale bread and Paper goods

Let’s face it; stale bread does not taste good. You can break the bread up into smaller pieces and compost it instead.

You can also use paper napkins, paper towels and plates (non-waxed). Paper goods will quickly decompose.

Stale pretzels, cereal and crackers

These things are not appealing as stale bread. Adding them to the compost pile, rather than tossing them, will at least be of benefit to the plants, and you will not feel like you have wasted your money.

Pizza crusts

Some people dislike eating pizza crust but throwing it away would be wasteful. Add this to the compost pile like you do other bread or pasta.


Nutshells provide additional nutrients to the compost mixture. It is, however, vital that you keep walnut shells out of the compost because the shells are toxic to plants.

Moldy cheese and Eggshells

Usually, you would not compost meats and cheeses, but the fact this is moldy makes it all right. Eggshells are a great addition to your compost pile if you wash them first. You wash eggshells before adding them because salmonella may be on the outside of the egg, which would be transferred to your compost and spread to your garden.

100% cotton balls and Old loofah sponges

‘you should not add cotton balls’ made of other content than cotton to the compost pile because they most likely will not decompose. Loofah sponges are also organic matter and, therefore, can be added with other items.

Dryer lint

If you wash and dry your clothes, you will have dryer lint. Instead of throwing it away, add it to the compost pile.

Old cotton clothing

Clothing can be composted as long as it is 100% cotton. It will compost better if it is torn or cut up into smaller pieces before being it into the pile.

Paper, you have shredded

It is possible to add shredded paper for composting, which will keep your personal information out of the landfill.

When thinking about things you can compost, you may not have known about these. These are not the only items, either. Any organic material can be composted. The things you will want to keep out of your compost pile include used cooking oil, diseased plants, treated wood shavings, milk products and any meat.

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