Things to Watch for in New Dating Relationship

7 Things to Watch for in New Dating Relationship

When starting a new dating relationship, everything is new. You will tend to see things through rose-colored glasses. There are things you will overlook because you’ve decided that you have captured the guy of your dreams. But, here are things to watch for in a new dating relationship.

Always Ask

He makes all of the decisions. If he doesn’t ask you where you would like to go, what you would like to order, or how you would like to do things, there may be a problem. Sure, a strong, decisive man is attractive. And, you love that he takes charge.

But are you setting yourself up for problems later in your dating relationship when you find out he is a control freak?

About equality

He doesn’t value or even belittles your opinion. Dating relationships should be about equality and give and take. If it seems that you never have anything of value to offer at the beginning of the relationship, why should things change down the road?

If you want opinions in your relationship, you must establish your right to them upfront.

Self Respect

He puts you down in front of your friends and family. It is just not incredible, and this verbal abuse could lead to physical abuse. Don’t let him get away with putting you down; if your friends tell you it is a problem, listen to them.

Be Comfortable

If he’s rough during lovemaking and makes you do things you don’t want to, this could signal problems soon. Establish that there are things that you don’t want to do, and there are ways you expect to be loved. If he doesn’t accommodate, show him the door.

Space for Separate Life

He alienates you from your friends and family. If he wants you to spend all of your time with him and pouts when you wish to spend time with your girlfriends or family, this is a warning sign in a dating relationship. You deserve to have a life separate from him, and if he can’t handle this, you are in for big problems shortly.

Bad Behavior

If he flirts with other women and then calls you jealous when you call him on it, your dating relationship could be in trouble. Don’t put up with bad behavior. But even more importantly, don’t let him turn the tables of his bad behavior on you.

Watch Closely

He loses his temper over trivial matters. Remember, early on in dating relationships; people are on their best behavior. You can only expect things to get worse. So, if he has an explosive personality, this could spell trouble – and even dangerous for you.

Don’t look at every new relationship through rose-colored glasses. Be aware of signs of trouble. While you don’t want all of your dating relationships to be marred by paranoia, having a healthy sense of what could become dangerous is an intelligent woman’s way of handling the world.

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