Smart Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers With Proven Tips

Today we will discuss how to get more YouTube subscribers to your channel and keep them growing!

YouTube is ‘the’ place for video blogging, business opportunities, driving traffic to websites and mobile applications, among other things. A useful tool and is a common mode to express oneself to millions of viewers at the comfort of your own home with a mere click of a button.

You might be a new YouTuber or already existing in the arena. Your objective might be to share knowledge, promote your business, entertain, or even support a cause. Whatever that may be, It won’t be fulfilled until you get views to your Videos and attain loyal subscribers.

Need constantly increasing views? Want a new kick for your channel? Let us tell you how.

Today we share simple but effective ways by which you can increase your YouTube Subscribers.

Steps to Get More YouTube Subscribers:


Being consistent and regular with your videos is one of the key ways to attract a large base of subscribers and followers.

This can be carried out as per a schedule or plan, e.g., allocating one particular day of the week to draw your audience to your channel.

This will ensure repeat visits as the audience will look forward to the same day every week compared to random placements, which leads to lesser views.

Ensure you have user engagement after people subscribe to you.

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Useful Content

Not only being consistent, what one needs to understand is the quality of content has to be useful and appealing to the end-user.

Regular, as well as meaningful content, is a basic necessity for any end-user. Now when we say useful, it is from the perspective of the subscriber. What might be useful for you might not be for the other person. Always think from the perspective of the viewer in what they exactly want.

So the value adds, or the key takeaway that the subscriber gets you consistent and repeated views.

This also, in turn, ensures new viewers as current users talk highly about the content that you provide and leads your follower base to grow and, in turn, your business.

User Engagement

Connect to the end-user by your creativity and engage the audience through your videos.

Your content might be great and make actual sense. However, if you do not combine that with passion, enthusiasm, and good presentation skills, the engagement levels cannot be maintained and might defeat the purpose.

Use your resources and efforts to achieve and deliver the maximum to your viewers.
Informative does not mean that you do not make your videos entertaining. A balance between both will rule out the chances of losing a subscriber.

For the best possible coverage, a combination of burst and evergreen videos should help. One only doesn’t need instant hits with a burst. It has to be time and again with evergreen ones.

Script your videos

Planning your channel and structuring your videos helps give a clear picture and structure to reach your target audience better.

It also helps in better organization and helps you in tracking in what direction you are heading. One can govern the flow and direction of the video. Planning is of utmost importance before actual delivery.

This helps decide on dialogue as well as the exact language you want to use. Also, one can plan and decide on your body language and align it with your end-user to focus and does not go off course.

Sharing tools

Apart from the above, one needs to use the right sharing tools to have more views on your video or channel, as the case might be.

Tools help automate the process, optimize videos, connect to users, and promote your content in a better fashion.

Some of the useful tools like TubeBuddy. Also, post sharing the video on YouTube, one can use other platforms like Facebook and its own native video uploader for YouTube.

Annotations- Call for Action

It is like very basic, and a call for action in a sense ask for subscribers.

Use the subscribe button on your videos to your maximum advantage. Like they say, when in doubt, always ask. One should never assume that every viewer is on the same page and understands exactly as your presenting.

Ask them how what, and why to do. Add a call to action button like this: “For more cool and informative videos and to receive latest updates, subscribe to the channel at.”

Leave further links to your other videos: “Check out my other videos at”.

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Customize your channel

YouTube offers a lot of customization, and one should make the best use of it.

Since you are trying to drive your business through your YouTube channel, the highest degree’s professionalism needs to be maintained. It would help if you made it visually appealing as well.

Custom URLs can be used to your greatest disposal. Keeping the bio short bits of help, and you can always leverage to make use of a more detailed one by keeping separate pointers to your detailed blog.

Unique Thumbnails

Create a thumbnail for each of your videos. Do not let it get automatically get picked up at random.

Reason being that this is the interface or the first impression that the user gets of what to expect from the video.

The first impression is the last! It majorly decides whether a potential subscriber will view the video or not.

Video Length

Just as you spend time optimizing your video for better results; similarly, one needs to make sure their video or channel is the optimal length of minutes. It has to be crisp, to the point, and make sure they do not miss out on any relevant information at the same time.


Having featured channels linked at the end of your own channel and vice-versa helps increase viewership when people give more weight to your channel as a recommended video or blog.

Interaction with End-users

It is a place to host the channel or blog for viewership and interact with your end audience on their views and opinions for their needs and get feedback to bring out more value.

By using the basic steps mentioned above, one can easily improve their channel’s reach. You’ll get more YouTube subscribers to your channel by using these simple yet effective tips.

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