Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

There isn’t a wonder why single people are more successful and healthy in the long run, but Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones. Today we have brought some facts that prove in terms of science that a long and healthy life is the key to being single.

We have brought Facts about why single people are happier than committed ones. These facts of why single people are more comfortable than committed ones will blow your mind and surely will give you enough of the reasons to be alone soon.

No Formality, No Guilt and No Judgement

While it is always so difficult to maintain a standard and have proper etiquette to be with someone who admires you, another freedom is to be single and live life just the way we want. That means we don’t have to act like the way the other person wishes us to be but being truly real with ourselves.

If you are in a relationship and found its not for you, there’s no need to feel wrong about that. You might just be better off single.

Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

Your Life Your Rules

Now it is all upon us to either get waxed for the weekend or just to stay in pajamas. However, we are going to spend the day ourselves. I have seen people getting slouchy for a weekend in Pajamas with a packet of chips and some apple juice watching NETFLIX all the fu*king time. Aaah! That’s relaxing.

The Bed is Yours

Well, I find it quite relaxing to have a bed of my own without a hassle of sharing it with someone. You are all free to lay down in the middle of the big damn bed with all your space.

Be a Homemaker Or Don’t Be

It’s all upon you to either do laundry or clean home because you are free to live the way you want. No Double standards-The End. The simple reason why single people are happier than committed ones.

Wear It Or Not

Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

Now you are all free to be in your inners all day without the stress of someone watching you. It’s relaxing out of this way to be in your pair of lingerie and do some work with a glass of wine.

No Dramas And No Fights

You don’t have to stoop down to the mellow drama and act as if you care. To be honest, I don’t. There isn’t a better thing than being stress-free and drama-free from the terrible dialogues that get encountered.

Research has found that single peoples are more likely to support and stay in touch with their family and socialize with others. So while couples remain trapped in their love, single people are there for participating in their community and staying close to loved ones.

Shopping For Yourself

Here you are free to shop for your self than of your other part. You can go on a journey or buy as many clothes as you wish to. No Boundations.

Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

Dating Without Guilt

Now you can go on as many dates as you want without feeling guilty because life is a rollercoaster, and times are a part of it. It’s all a part of adulthood and some emotions if you yet left with any.

FACTS: Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

  • They have time to themselves.
  • Completely free about how to live a good life.
  • They are the director of their lives.
  • They are taking advantage of the flexibility that is more available to single people.
  • They are mastering the tasks of life, without relying on someone else.
  • They are taking advantage of the opportunities that are only available to single people.

No Link? No Problem

We are super carefree to be with someone who is also carefree—got that? Neah? Me too, It’s all about your self without hesitating.

Pro Thought On Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones.
We don’t think to be happy single or in relationship type of things matter. We believe not all single people are so glad. Most of the time, they feel lonely because they have no one to share their feelings and thoughts. Sometimes when they see their friends are busy with their partners that single time people also wish that there would be someone in their life too. Someone who makes them feel like they are also important so much in someone’s life. Someone ready to do anything for them. So We don’t think single people are mostly happy and also we believe happiness is a matter of satisfaction with your life.

Live The Life As You Want

You are all free to live life as you want to without the judgment, comments, and remarks of someone. I know I am fantastic, and you are NOT needed. There’s no saving money for Valentine’s Day because there are more critical things like Doughnuts and KFC. Yes, I love myself.

”If you are not happy being single, you will never be happy in a relationship. Get your own life first; then share it.”

Why Single People are Happier than Committed Ones

There isn’t a doubt of how much compassion we SINGLE give to ourselves. We groom, become confident, shop, and are who we want to be. There isn’t faking or being untrue with our selves. It is all you have to be to your fullest potential.

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